Halloween 2016

What a great night for trick or treating! I started out in a sweatshirt pushing the stroller, but had to ditch it because I got too hot! Sure didn’t feel like fall, but sure was nice to not have coats covering up costumes!

We’re on year two of “impossible to get a full group shot because our kids are going in every direction and they aren’t all here at the same time.” Exhibit A, B, and C.


We’re also on year 13 of “take lots of blurry pictures because someone is always moving.” Guess who it was this year?!

By the way, here’s our cop. She took off early to make sure everyone was behaving themselves on the community hay rack ride through town.


Our big two took off on foot with a pack of friends, the cop rode the trailer with another pack of friends, and I toured town with the littles and the stroller. My husband took candy duty this year.


These two didn’t mind twinning this year.


Oh, Dorothy. The picture of innocence. You know better, right? RIGHT?! Also, poor child was so worried about her lipstick. “Is my lipstick still on? Does my lipstick look good?” All.Day. A glimpse into my future? Goodness.

When I posted pictures to Facebook last night, I took note of ALL the super cute kiddos and costumes. It was so FUN scrolling through! Then I posted the following request: “LOVE scrolling through all the super cute Halloween photos today. Thanks, Facebook! Could we all post them again on November 8, pretty please?

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