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Today I’m choosing to be grateful.

… for the unconditional love of my husband, who works tirelessly, and often without thanks, to provide for our family.  He who sacrifices modern day “necessities” like cable tv [3] and a cell phone, so that I can be home.

… for the daily inspiration from my children, all five of the silly miracles [4].  Healthy, beautiful, and ornery.  Perfect distractions to the worries of the world.  (and great “job security”)  😉

… for the opportunity to vote with my dollars; to purchase healthful food from local families [5] and quality companies [6].

… for the privilege (and the surprise!) of turning both hobby and passion into a part-time income from home, easing the burden of teacher-salary living.

… for the ability to make a difference in a child’s life. [7]  To look past our own wants and needs and know that we are beyond blessed, that someone, somewhere wants what I have.  [8]

… for the example of those who do it right.  Loving through 65+ years [9].  Gritting through tough economic times [10]Powering through lean years [11] to sunshine on the other side.

… for the friendship of dear ones who don’t always think like me, believe like me, or vote like me.  😉  Friends who stretch me, and pray with me.  Who know me and love me anyway.

… for the knowledge that government can’t fix the important things.  Not gonna happen.  That’s up to you and me.  Will we do it?

… for the certain hope that always and everywhere, in every situation, God’s got this! [12]


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