Grateful to be Home

Tonight at the supper table my five-year-old daughter announced “I think I just want to be a Mommy because I don’t know how to get a real job.”

I’ll let that sink in for a moment…

Finished laughing? Good.

After composing myself enough to look up from my plate, I glanced toward my husband, who was having similar trouble containing his amusement.  He did, however, find a few words about Mommy being a teacher before she was a Mommy, etc.  He also said a few kind things about how he’s sure glad Mommy is staying home to raise the kids and cook for us, and take care of us, and who else would do all that…

After all his rambling gushing explaining, what did the young girl have to say for herself?  “So, how did you get your teaching job, Mommy?”

Ahem. Clearly, my Mom job isn’t terribly inspiring to my kindergartner at the moment.  Although our words in praise of all things Mom may fall on deaf child-ears tonight, we know that I am doing the most important job in the world.

This is a tough job, but I am grateful. It’s not always easy to make the frayed ends of a teacher’s salary meet, but I’m grateful for the opportunity.  It’s not easy to be patient and kind and loving with needy youngsters throughout the day, especially when one of those little people kept me up half the night with a fever and cough, but I’m grateful to be given the chance.

It was hard to lose my professional self and all that I was to become a full-time Mommy, but I’m grateful for finding my best self in Motherhood.

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  1. Yes, it’s such a blessing to be at home…even when you have been up all night the night before!

    We are clearly fulfilling our God-give roles.

    So glad I read your post today!

  2. Yes it is such a blessing to be home. I didn’t always feel that way though. Coming home after having a career I worked so hard for was hard for me to swallow. But about our life before coming home really makes me appricate how much I love being home where I belong. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. My daughter has told me that before. I tried really hard not to go find the first job available and not to have my feelings hurt. Now she understands more, I teach her I am home because I choose to be, not by default!

  4. It’s the most thankless job you’ll ever love:-)

  5. Yes, I agree; I am so thankful for the stay at home mommy job! It is so much more work than my career world job I had before being a mommy, but so much more rewarding!

  6. I’m jealous. I got to play SAHM mom yesterday and seriously considered just quitting my job. I even sat down and worked out a new budget. We’re not there yet, but are working towards it.

  7. Melanie Mixon says:

    Amy, when you are typing, how do you cross out/draw a line through words?


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