Good Golly, I’m Old Fashioned

As if you didn’t already know!  Last week my husband sent me an article about 20 Things that Became Obsolete this Decade. Obsolete?!  I must have missed the memo.  While I embrace the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and nearly all things internet, here are 10 things I’m struggling to release to the past.

1.  VCRs and VHS tapes

Yep.  We still have ’em.  Still use ’em.  In fact, I love our VCR because I can find video tapes for the kids for next to nothing at garage sales.  Cheap entertainment, folks!  Comes in especially handy since we refuse to pay for cable.  (Yes, we have and use a dvd player, also.)

2.  Maps

So here’s where you find out I’m both old fashioned and a geek.  We still have an atlas (a paper one!) tucked into the door of our 2001 mini-van, and we like it that way.  A GPS?  Sounds like a fun gadget, and if I lived in or visited a city with any frequency, it might even come in handy.  But for us?  Nah.

3.  Calling

Shhh, don’t tell, but I’ve never sent a text message. If I did, I might have to pay more than $8.34 per month for my cell phone, and we wouldn’t want that now, would we?!  Besides, I think it’s important to maintain phone skills and pass them on to my children.  I like that they know how to answer the phone and carry on a polite conversation.  Not all children (or adults) do!

4.  CDs

Good grief, and I thought everyone would be proud of me for upgrading my broken Amy Grant Christmas cassette with a cd this year!  Humph.

5.  Landline Phones

Again, I may be a victim of location here with spotty cell service, but I have no intention of giving up my landline. And honestly?  I have to work hard to not get cranky with people when I can’t look up their phone number.  Or when I’m trying to carry on a conversation with their spotty cell service.  My main issue, though?  Safety.  Just can’t get past that one.

6.  Address Books

Yes, we still have one, and yes, I still flip through it for phone numbers and addresses.  We even have a (very rarely used) phone book in our desk drawer!

7.  Wires

The best investment I made all year was my very first laptop and wireless internet.  I use it (way too often) every single day.  I even bought myself a wireless all-in-one printer for Christmas.  It’s getting lots of use in its original packaging on the floor beside my desk.  {rolls eyes}  But seriously?  Good riddance to wires!

8.  Hand-written Letters

Old-fashioned?  Maybe.  But there are some things that email and texting simply can’t replace.  I hope my children receive and send love letters like the stash I have from my husband when we were dating.  I’m just not ready to shell out the money for him to text sweet nothings into a cell phone that I really don’t ever turn on for days at a time.

9.  Bookstores

Ok.  For me it’s not so much bookstores, but libraries.  Libraries filled with books!  I think the Kindle is a fascinating tool, really, and can totally see the benefits, but wow… books.  It makes me sad that they may someday be replaced.

10.  Video Cameras

This one wasn’t on the list, but we still take family videos… with a video tape recorder.  I know we should switch to digital, but I have a hard time messing with systems that aren’t broken, you know?  Be proud, though.  I took my first ever digital video today on my Flip UltraHD Video Camera that my friend Alyssa gave me when the baby was born.  It pays to have friends in high places, folks!  Never mind my embarrassment last night when she asked if we were using it. Ahem, as of today… yes. Yes, I am using it and loving it!  Need proof?

In an effort to climb out of the 20th century, one of my blogging goals this year is to post some vlogs, so digital video will actually come in quite handy.  😉  Now, what on earth should I vlog about?!

Can someone give me some company please?  What old-fashioned antiquities are you clinging to?

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  1. Books, books, books!

    And you know, I don’t have one but I do love a good address book. All those blanks—I just love filling them in! 🙂

  2. Ugh I’m a dinosaur..I hate vlogs. I just want to read…if it’s a blog, then on a device; if it’s a book then on paper. We definitely keep our landline too!

  3. I’m with you on everything! I have more VHS tapes than DVDs, and don’t even have an mp3 player (unless you count that my computer can probably play them). I much prefer a REAL book in my hands so I can feel it, smell it, and hold it, and although my hubbie has a GPS, I still read the map because I just don’t trust it! lol

  4. Oh, goodness, I think I’m with you on every single one of these… well, hubby did get a GPS just this past year, but it came with the job because they have him driving all over the state to every school. I definitely still have an address book- matter of fact, you’re in it! 🙂

  5. I am totally with you on cds, bookstores, handwritten letters, and address books!

  6. Great list! I have (and frequently use) an address book, too!

  7. I’m pretty much right there with you on most of those. I do text though. We don’t have cable TV. We use rabbit ears to bring in the signal. I think that’s pretty old fashioned.

  8. Amy, we must BOTH be old fashion because I could have written this post!

    I’m still using an atlas, CD’s, VHS tapes, books, address books, etc. etc. We don’t have a land line — only cell phones, but we have the cheapest plan with no texting, data, etc.

    Oh, and we still have the Amy Grant Christmas cassette — and we listened to it this Christmas!!

    • I nearly cried when I went to put my cassette in the van to sing along and saw that the tape was all wrinkled up in there. Such a sad, sad day. LOL. I *almost* replaced it with another cassette from Amazon “Just because.” HA!

  9. Well, here is where we differ. However, I will say that my tech geeky husband has drug me into the 21st century (sometimes screaming). I no longer have an address book (although I miss it). I do have every card/letter my husband has ever written me, but I have also saved all his sweet texts and several voicemails.

    I am LOST without my iPhone and its Google Maps app. We got rid of our land line over a year ago and have only missed it once when the babysitter had her cell phone taken away so she didn’t have hers and we had to leave hubby’s with her.

    I am with you on books. I LOVE LOVE LOVE books and magazines. That being said, I’ve read two books and am now reading the Bible in 90 days on my phone. I thought it would drive me nuts, but it’s SO convenient. Not ready to buy a reader yet.

    Oh, and ADORABLE video of the baby. Proud of you for that one mama.
    And, yes this is the longest comment ever…. sigh…

    • Truth? I would likely become very addicted to an iPhone if ever given the chance. It’s probably better for my whole family if I stay far, far away. 🙂 I’m just sad that people can’t even function if they aren’t WITH their technology every single second. 🙁

  10. Amy, you are not old fashioned! I really think that these articles take what’s true for a percentage of the population and try to say it’s true for most people. And there are some things on your list that I definitely don’t want to let go of. Like books…and maps. We use an atlas in the car as well as a stack of various state maps. I just like to have an idea of where we are, and I think you lose that when you let a GPS tell you where to go.

    • Ah, glad to know someone understands my obsession with maps. 🙂 I like the BIG picture, and I don’t think you can get that with a GPS.

  11. I use all of those, but I want to comment on 2. I have never texted either and some friends tell me not to call only text??? Well, hard to keep in touch that way. Also, my husband purchased me a nice new address book for Christmas. I couldn’t live without it!

  12. I’m old-fashioned, too. I LOVE my VCR! 🙂 We just recently got a texting plan on our cell phones, and I kind of hate it. Texting in general is just so annoying to me.

    And I looooove books. Holding them, turning their pages, even smelling them! I’m a big library user, my first job was actually IN a library, and it makes me sad to think of libraries someday going by the wayside.

    • Didn’t you just tweet about skyping (like actually talking) for the first time? hehehe I haven’t done that yet, only because the person on the other end couldn’t hear me. LOL

  13. Books of course. I also still use an old school address book. I use bookmarks, not a reader, for my daily blog visits, which is antiquated in a very modern way. No DVD player in our car, but then we haven’t gone longer than 3 or so hours in the car so far (six kids).

  14. Great list and I am with you on so many things, I still have and won’t give up my landline, cd’s and books. Just about everything else I have converted to. As far as a address book, I have an excel file, or several excel files.

  15. I am holding on to our phone books but only as a precaution if the internet goes out:-) Hee, hee, hee!

    • Oh, I know! And some of the places around here I HAVE to look up in the phone book because they are too old fashioned to have an internet listing. HA!

  16. I actually requested a new address book from my co-worker for our gift exchange. I also bought myself a really nice planner. I’ve seen a lot of reviews for online calendars but I want my schedule on paper.

  17. Can I ask what kind of wireless printer you bought? I’m in the market for one now. I’d ask how you like it, but since you said it’s still in its pacckaging………………. 😉

    • I bought an HP wireless all-in-one, but after reading the reviews (which I didn’t think to read before I bought it, of course) I’m thinking it might just stay in the box. Apparently it’s an ink guzzler. Hmmm

      • Interesting. I wonder if the ink-guzzling thing is specific to that printer. We have an HP wired printer and it’s pretty easy on the ink. I’m partial to HP products because we’ve had good luck with them. Guess I’d better check out some reviews. Thanks!

  18. I LOVE my road atlas. We had a ten-year-old one only to discover that some of the roads weren’t on it, so we actually paid good money to get a new one. And it is FANTASTIC. My husband was actually on a hiking trip (yes, hiking, where you’d think one would need and use maps and be able to read them, right?) and one friend asked what he would do for directions because his iphone didn’t get reception!
    My 6-year-old niece recently found a real camera and asked for batteries to make it work. She was really confused (and then amused and interested) when my sister explained it wouldn’t work because it didn’t have film – and what film is.

  19. I’m with you on almost all accounts!

  20. I love writing letters and nice thank you notes but I rarely get any in return. I keep an address book and like going to the bookstore. We don’t have a land line but we live near a city. We do have a GPS, my hubby bought it for me when we were first dating because I am directionally challenged and he was worried about me getting lost. It’s helpful because I am not from the city we live in and I am still getting use to living here.

    • Your comment is a kick in the seat of the pants for me. I MUST get my baby thank yous addressed and mailed. They’re written… sitting in a box in my bedroom. 🙁

    • I haven’t seen that, but am GLAD for the study. I totally agree that some technology makes our brains completely LAZY and we are losing skills because of it. Kinda scary.

  21. LOl – hon I still have a record player and records!

  22. Augustine just keep signing MORE – PLEASE to see the video.

  23. We still have our landline phone…and I use mapquest and print out our directions and map. GPS doesn’t work out here in the country! LOVE, love, love our VHS tapes (just wish they didn’t take up so much room!) We have the device with both the VHS and DVD player…God help us if that breaks! Use our address book all the time, and still use our huge phone book, too. I nver thought I would like texting… until now. Everything for our high school sports teams is though texting… cancellations, schedule changes, etc. If you don’t text, you don’t get the message. So since my husband is the coach, and we’re on the family share plan, I started this past year. I do love it, I must say. I love to be able to just send a quick note or a few words without disturbing with a phone call. However, I still call everyone everyday as well. Texting just between calls… And handwritten notes, especially thank-you’s, can never be replaced in my book! This was written on my huge desk-top computer!! 🙂

    • True! GPS and country folk don’t mix real well, but… they DO have combines and tractors equipped to practically drive themselves now. Crazy! I could totally see the benefits of texting… it’s just not “needed” for me right now. Don’t want to pay for something I don’t need. 🙂 I’m excited, though, about our school’s new automated calling system. Our snow day call and “school’s an hour late” call saved us all from sitting at the tv or refreshing the website 100 times to see if we had school. HA!

  24. I saw that article, too, and I think the author/editor may not understand the meaning of the word “obsolete.” CDs, for one, are still being produced and sold in the millions–just not as many as before the advent of downloadable music. I think someone needs to send that author/editor a link to online dictionary, LOL.

  25. Precious video of your little guy! We don’t actually have a landline yet but I use my cell phone for safety. I would never be able to travel without my cell, for fear that I might get into an accident (phone stays in my purse, don’t use it while I’m driving). I guess that’s the same reason we have a GPS, we go to the city sometimes and I’m horrible at reading maps. But I still like a little old fashioned in my life ;). I treasure those hand-written love notes from my hubby <3!

    • I think I must be older than you. 😉 I *forget* to take my cell with me the vast majority of time. I guess I’m more at ease since NO ONE had them until I was probably in college, and they weren’t really common until I had my first job. I traveled 3 hours one way home from college all the time without a phone and never thought a thing of it.

  26. I definitely agree about books! I could have used the Kindle or Nook in college for textbooks (would have saved my back!), but there is just something about a book….the smell, the feel of it in your hand, being able to write in it. Aahhhh, I adore books!

  27. I can totally relate on the VHS tapes. 🙂 Last year for Christmas my husband and I finally decided to get a TV after 4 years of marriage, but did not want to get cable so we got a VHS/DVD player and I’ve found a huge selection of great VHS tapes at next to nothing. I also love books. My husband and I are both collectors and have many shelves full in our home.

  28. This is an awesome post and I’m a fan of all 10, especially books and phone calls! I’m clinging to things of the “past” and hope my children won’t run too quickly to things of the future! I’m 31 and have never had a cell phone of my own (shared my husband’s for our first 4 months of marriage and then got rid of it due to finances).
    Thanks for sharing your old-fashioned side!

  29. Apparently I am also very old-fashioned. I also pay $25 for 3 months of cell service (GoPhone), never text, still like CDs and books (I spend enough time looking at a screen as is), real letters, and maps. I am ready to get rid of my VHS tapes (I see lots of used DVDs available now, as many folks are ditching that technology, but I hear you about the cheap VHS tapes — they just damage/ wear out too quickly for me). And I LOVE my Flip. Use it SO much more than I ever used the camcorder (currently gathering dust in the closet).

    • True, on the tapes. I don’t feel so bad when they do wear out, though, considering they cost me all of 25¢ in the first place. 😉

  30. Handwritten letters and bookstores – two things that will never become obsolete! I’m an old fashioned girl too even though I do text, etc. Love this post – so funny!

  31. we have VHS tapes(although we do need a new VCR!), I love booksand magazines(although Ive considered listening to books on cd so I can listen while I clean..or read another book, lol), we have an atlas AND a telephone book, I have a handwritten address book and recipe file. Our video camera records to discs.

    we do have some tech..laptops, PSPs, mp3 players, cell phone and no landline, digital cameras, dvd player, stream Netflix through the Wii, etc. we’ve discussed a bluray player but not sure If i want MORE discs on top of DVDs and VHS tapes!

    I kind of like the mix of old and new!

  32. I think you are in good company… I still use maps, have a landline, just bought several CDs, and still read good ol’ books. I do text, though, albeit limited, and LOVE my wireless router for my laptop and printer. So, one foot is still in the old school, and one is in the new school. 🙂

  33. More “old-fashioned” company here! My list would be almost identical to yours except for wires. My printer is sadly still “wired.” However, we did just upgrade (thanks for the Wal-Mart gift card for Christmas hubby’s Grandma!) to a nice Kodak all-in-one printer. Maybe I’ll even learn to print off pictures with it instead of trekking all the way to Wal-Mart each time I want pictures. Because pictures definitely have to be prints I can hold in my hands!

  34. Sue Klingseis says:

    I’m with you on many of these. I do use a GPS system for garage sales. It helps me get back out of some tracts! I love used book stores altho I think an e-reader would be great for cruises, plane trips, etc. My last video camera is shaped like a rifle. What, about 25 years old? Obviously not important to me.

  35. I use all 10 of the “things” on the list. Well number 10 we have my sister in laws, but never use it. Its just too much work for me. I don’t even remember to take my Tracfone with me, and if I do, I don’t remember to turn it on most of the time. I have had one for a few years now and I’m really not sure how to answer it. Do I flip it open and press talk and then speak or just flip it open and talk? I don’t ever answer it, I have my 9 and 7 year old kids answer for me. 99.999% of the time its my husband calling to pick something up. I don’t have voicemail set up and don’t plan to, nor have I ever sent a text. It’s not that I am opposed to it, I don’t really need to right now. I am home most of the time, so just call me at home. Our tracfones are really just for emergencies, and thats all.
    VHS- we have more VHS than CD’s. We are currently looking for a dirt cheap VCR to play the kids movies. I am not going to just buy DVD’s to replace the VHS’.
    Maps, use them all the time. Sometimes we get our map from google maps etc, but we always use a map. I see no use in getting a GPS, we would use it a few times a year, so not worth it. I used my SIL once and was not impressed. I did better with my map.
    Books, can’t live without them. I do love the library and if I love a book that much I will buy it just so I have it for reference and can write in it if I want to. I really do like them in my hand and don’t think I would like a kindle.
    I’m going to say that I won’t ever do/use any of the technology, its just that I don’t need to at this point. So I am not going to pay for it!! When I need to stay in contact with my kids using this technology, I will until then I will use the bare miminum.
    The other problem is that using all of this is relying on technology ALOT and my experience is that it isn’t all that reliable!! What if I can’t get to my address book on my computer because service is down or something? Then what? How can I type it into my GPS? I still use an address book ALOT and don’t think that will change.

    Handwritten letter? We do them! My kids write thank you letters for all gifts they receive and they write their cousins frequently.
    I guess I’m old fashioned! Looks like I am in good company!

    • “I don’t even remember to take my Tracfone with me, and if I do, I don’t remember to turn it on most of the time. ” Oh my goodness, me too!!!!!

  36. We have a landline phone and always will. My daughter has health issues and we simply can’t do without a reliable phone… our cell reception is terrible in the house. (On the other hand, we both have smartphones and use them all day long.)

    I have an online address book and calendar… and am seriously considering returning to the paper versions due to problems accessing them when needed. It’s so frustrating to get everything synced up (Blackberry/ laptop/ home PC) and then STILL not be able to access what you need. The paper version never fails. Argh.

  37. I just have to say I am struggling with the handwritten letter thing… although I am not great at sending mail, I love receiving mail… and I am trying to get a handmade/handstamped notecards business started… with very little success! 🙂

    • I used to be the thank you note queen, and I’m SUCH a slacker about that now. Need to make it part of my intentional living goals this year!

  38. Some of my favorite things are on this post–listed as obsolete!

    And one of my least favorite things is also discussed–the GPS!!! I went on a week-long choir tour where the coordinator had a new GPS he was trying out and the bus driver had his GPS and they were both on all the time! One is really bad–“Make legal U-turn as soon as possible”–but two was enough to do me in.

  39. I don’t even have a cell phone yet! I write old-fashioned letters still. But I did upgrade my video recorder to digital.

  40. We use and love our VCR complete with wonderful movies…like flipper 🙂
    I’ve never texted, I have intention of upgrading from my CDs and still have a cassette player and tapes, we use a landline (though I have a basic cell for emergencies), I have and use my address book to send my snail mail letters (mostly to seniors/shut-ins in the church), but I have to admit I love shopping via Book Depository because it’s free shipping worldwide and I can order from the comfort of my home 🙂

  41. VHS tapes? We don’t own any.

    Maps? I LOVE them for decorating, but – when I REALLY need a map or directions, I consult my laptop or my phone.

    Calling? I prefer text-messaging all the way.

    CDs, landline phones, address books, and wires are nowhere to be found in our house.

    We use our phones to take video.

    I still write handwritten letters and thank-you notes.

    I love the library! (So much).

    • You know, part of my reluctance to texting (other than the whole cheapskate part of me) is that I *know* I would love it and abuse it. 😉 I love twitter and facebook and skype… goodness, if I could text, too, I’d be in trouble for sure!

  42. I still use a pen and paper for lists, notes, things to remember, etc. Something so satisfying about crossing it off the list, not just deleting it!

  43. Being old fashioned is great especially if your value’s are old fashioned.
    I still prefer writing in address books, doing pen and paper lists for my boss instead of typing out lists for him on my computer.
    – You do however need a cell phone for safety as you said and if I can help and elaborate here:
    Tracfone prepaid plans are the cheapest out of pocket plans to be on, starting from $19.99/60 min./90 days.
    Tracfone have the cheapest phones starting from $10.
    – Tracfone offers the free ‘911 emergency locate assist’ feature to Tracfone users on their phones, if your car is stuck in the ice for example, you dial the 911 no. and help will be sent to you as soon as possible.
    Tracfone uses the major networks which is why reception on their phones is so good.
    I believe everyone from 10 years till seniors should have an emergency phone with them at all times.

    • Mine isn’t a tracfone, but I do just pay $100/year, so I’m good with that. 😉 Now if I could just remember to take the silly thing with me when I go somewhere!

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