Go to bed with a clean slate. {A Fresh Start}

A Fresh Start ~  from AmysFinerThings.com

I spent the first hour of my morning trying to clean my kitchen, in between serving up breakfast and helping the kids get ready for school.  In other words, I really should have titled this post What NOT To Do. 

I was tired last night, and had already stayed up too late.  After “mostly” cleaning up the kitchen and “mostly” putting groceries away, I threw in the towel for a hot bath and warm bed.  (A warm bed I ended up lying awake in until after 1am, due to various children crying out, either awake or in their sleep, and needing me, or not, for 2 full hours.  Was there a full moon last night?!)

Anywhooooo, it was a rough night.  Waking up tired is one thing, but waking up tired and with a kitchen to clean first thing in the morning is a surefire way to get the day started with a heaping dose of Mom Grump.

Don’t do it.  😉



  1. Thankfully, God’s grace and strength is sufficient to sustain us even when we are exhausted. I think God give mother’s with small children an extra dose of His grace and strength! You sure need it with raising those precious human souls.

  2. Aw, yet another reason I need to be your neighbor. I’d love to be able to pop over and lend a hand…

  3. too late. *sigh*

  4. There had to be full moon! My kids had an awful night last night as well! Awful!

  5. Yes there must have been a full moon, my crew was ridiculous last night too! Im so wiped out from the last few weeks we have had, that Im just snuggling with the baby and letting the others play. Im turning a blind eye to the messes:)

  6. My kids had a good night but definitely a bad morning and day so far. I like to go to bed with clean slate too but it seems like there is always more work than there is time or energy. Sometimes I feel like I need a week just to catch up. It seems like the slate is never clean.

  7. I’ve been doing the dishes as part of my a.m. routine, but I’m rethinking that. Getting up to an already-clean kitchen would be a pretty nice way to start the day.

    Last night was my FIRST night in quite a while to sleep through the night. Here’s hoping that tonight’s a restful one for you. 🙂

  8. Made me smile– I had a late night, too (plumbing problesm) & our youngest cried out “Mooooooom!” at 1:54am last night & was sound asleep when I went to her room. Must have been something in the air/atmosphere/moon etc! For once I was glad for late start at school– I needed some extra zzzzzzz’s!

  9. Was it the moon??? My youngest teared into our room at 3:56 terrified and didn’t go back to sleep until after 4:30 and the alarm went off at 5 and we fell back to sleep until after 6. I too hadn’t finished everything as I’ve been trying to in the kitchen last night – trying to catch up now. You know, just have to accept that life happens!

  10. I almost never regret staying up to clean the kitchen. I almost always complain the whole time that I stay up to clean the kitchen.

    You can’t win 🙂

    But, on a brighter note, if I clean the kitchen most of the time before bed, and then there’s a day when I legitimately am too tired, I can psych myself up for it and it’s not NEARLY as bad as when I know I was lazy.

    But you are so right–nothing gets my Grump going like waking up to a messy kitchen. Hoping the rest of your day goes better!

    • I am a clean the kitchen before bed no matter how tired you are girl too. Getting up to a mess just ruins the next day. I like the ‘fresh start’

  11. Rough night here too… and I only have one little one. Up twice because of bad dreams, once more to help him go potty. At least this morning was smooth (and I just ignored my kitchen so we could get out the door on time).

    Yesterday morning… completely different story! He work up with the grumps x10. Mad that Dad was leaving town, mad that we weren’t going to stay home all day, mad that I put his milk on the table before he was ready (REALLY!) and he dumped his whole glass of milk on the floor. I waited for him to realize what he’d done (without saying anything), I got 3 towels out of the drawer and said, “looks like you have a big mess to clean up before breakfast” and left the room (with the soaked rugs). I needed a mommy break before 7:30am, not our best morning but as long as the rest this week are better than that, I’m good 🙂

  12. Truly must have been the phase of the moon, I had a rough night last night & I don’t even have a little one anymore!

  13. I always enjoy your posts so much! But had to comment on this one, lol!

    I totally agree with waking up to a clean kitchen. I have been sick the last few days but one of the things I’ve done is try and make sure the kitchen stays clean.

    It’s really hard when you’re not feeling well but it’s worse to face it in the morning. Thanks so much for this reminder!

  14. Oh Amy! Seriously, it is it about kids at night?? I was terribly mistaken to think that once your baby starts sleeping through the night they will always sleep through the night. Ugh.

    My mom tells me that I’ll get a full nights sleep again… when the kids are in college! Double ugh!

  15. Gail Hebert says:

    I have enjoyed your blog but I just don’t have the time to read them all. Thanks!

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