Give with Your Garden {Busy Mom’s Guide}

You know what feels pitiful?  Tinkering around in my garden, watering (a lot) in the midst of the driest, hottest Kansas summer I can remember, coaxing production out of plants that do not make or break my diet, or my life, while farmers all around us, including my own in-laws, are making hard decisions about livestock under their care.

Our neighbor’s cabbage is ready.  Bring on the bierocks!

We feel so helpless to assist those who most need it in this extreme heat and dry weather, but thankfully, my clever eight-year-old came up with a way to make our garden more than a jungle of more zucchini, peppers, and pumpkins than we’ll ever eat.

Walking home from church on Sunday, she introduced a proposal.  “Mom, you know how our refrigerator is full of squash and zucchini and we keep giving it away?”  Oh, yes.  I know.  “Do you remember that my Sunday School class wants to buy a water buffalo for those kids and we’re trying to make our own money for it?”  Yes, I remember that, too.  “Well, I have an idea.”

The jist of it is that my children will take over the garden watering and harvesting in exchange for filling  “donation baskets” full of produce for people at church.  They don’t aspire to earn the full $250 cost of a water buffalo, but I’m proud of them for giving it a go, and I’m excited to have some willing helpers digging through this jungle with me!

(Pumpkins, and some squash, and who knows what else!)

What’s happening in your garden this week?  Be sure to link up your progress.  I’m guessing many of you are feasting on fresh produce by now, and maybe even canning and freezing some of it!  Don’t forget to visit Getting Freedom and Smockity Frocks to see what they’ve been up to in their gardens.


  1. My very small garden got attacked by 100s of striped blister beetles 🙁 Totally decimated my tomatoes & green beans.

  2. This just made me say “Awww”, aloud sitting in my dining room all alone. Sure sounds like you are raising thoughtful, kind children!

  3. That is AWESOME! I just love when our kiddos “get it”!
    Your garden looks awesome! We’re pretty dry here too, and HOT! Rain would be a welcome sight. Good luck with the project! I hope they are pleasantly surprised!!!!

  4. What a sweet idea. It’s so good to see kids willing to give generously of their time and effort as well as money.

  5. What a GREAT idea! They may not be planning or expecting to raise the entire sum from this endeavor, but you never know what God will do . . .

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