Girls’ Day Out

I’m having so much fun plotting and planning Large Family Life posts based on your questions and suggestions. I’m also giggling a little because um, you’re going to be quite disappointed in some of my answers, I’m afraid.

Question: “How do you eat a hot meal with the family when you have a baby?”

Answer: “I don’t.” 😉

Encouraging and helpful, I know.

As our family has grown, we’ve really tried to focus on giving our older children the time and attention they need and deserve. It’s crazy how all of the little people can suck the life right out of a person with their constant physical needs, leaving little left for anyone or anything else. With some sacrifice and intentionality, though, everyone can get their time. And time is what my big kids need.

I want to write more about the ins and outs of how and why we do this on a regular basis, but for today let’s go on a little trip.


She had just turned 11 years old when I told her to pack her bags after breakfast. I’d been plotting and planning for months and finally found a free 30 hours. A few days earlier I loaded The Body Book (The Lily Series) to both her ipod and my kindle. I told her to read it, that I would read it, too, and then we’d discuss some of the questions she’s had lately and some that she didn’t even know to ask.


What I didn’t tell her was that we’d be “discussing the book” on a Overnight Girls ONLY trip. Just her and me. Eating out. Shopping. Hotel. Ice cream. Big Girl chats.

girls3It was time. My big girl is growing up, changes have started, and more changes are sure to come in rapid fire succession. Also? With greater privileges and independence (which she receives) come many responsibilities, which she has taken on beautifully. I knew that with the baby coming I would be relying on her help, and I longed for a special time with Just Us when we could talk girl stuff and shop for girl stuff and enjoy each other.


It was awesome. (No, we did not buy the shoes. 😉 )


Yes, the puberty topics were important, as was the shopping for girl stuff.


But the time alone? That was priceless.

After hearing the details of our trip the next day, I know my husband is already looking forward to taking our son in a couple of years. I’ve got him beat, though, because over time I’ll get four special overnighters with four girls!

One on one time doesn’t come easily in our big, bustling family, but making special moments happen is worth it!


  1. What a wonderful event! Do you know if a book like this (christian based, maybe by same author) exists for Boys? I just searched amazon and couldn’t find anything but am going to keep an eye out — planning for a couple years down the road! Thanks and happy baby cuddles!

    • I don’t, but I hope someone else is able to chime in, because we’ll be looking for THAT book in a couple of years, too!

  2. Love, love, love this! My oldest is 8 and I know what’s coming with the questions and I want to address it, rather than keep quiet about those important topics. Thank you for the great idea!

    • I knew that she and her friends had been talking, and I wanted her to come to ME for that stuff! If I’m quiet, the other voices just get louder. 🙂

  3. You are one great momma! Those one on one times are precious!

  4. We used the “God’s Design for Sex” series for our girls, and I feel it would be great for boys as well. It is four books that are age appropriate starting around age 4. We read all of them as they “aged” into them, except the last one, where I let them read it themselves, and then we talked over any and every thing! We ordered them from Christian Book Distributors, since we don’t have any Christian book stores nearby. We started the discussion pretty early, so it wouldn’t be AS embarrassing for them, and so they would hopefully come to us as they heard “stuff” at school. Our oldest is almost 16, and so far we have been able to keep the lines of communication open. We are facing the scary unknowns of dating soon……. yikes!!!

  5. I did the same thing with my now 16 year old when she was younger. We went camping, by ourselves, for an entire weekend. It was lovely……..

  6. My husband is taking our firstborn to a weekend trip next week, he also turned 11 this July and he’s going to start middle school this September. We are using passport to purity.

  7. What a great mom you are! Looks like a fun trip.

  8. Brilliant! I’ll have to remember to do this as mine get older.

  9. And now it’s my turn to get teary eyed over *your* kids… 🙂

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