Gifts for Him ~ 2012 Christmas Gift Guide {and a Giveaway}

Congratulations to Teh (dollhousecreation@) who won The Time Keeper from our Gifts for the Home giveaway.  If you’re still looking for a 2013 household planner, I highly recommend the beautiful, functional, simple Time Keeper (with lots of perforated grocery lists!).  Also, you’ll be supporting a small family business.  Win!

Ah, the guys.  My husband works hard to convince me that he is easy to buy for.  Easier than me.  Ummm, I’m not buyin’ it, but Jen and I have come up with a few things that are husband approved!

1.  Kindle Paperwhite

We’ve talked about the Kindle Fire, but have you heard of the Kindle Paperwhite? The Paperwhite is specifically for reading. It has a higher resolution and higher contrast for easier reading. You can even see it in bright sunlight. With its 8-week battery life and 1,100 book capacity, this could keep any guy stocked in books for quite a while. You can choose to get yours with or without special offers. The Paperwhite is in demand. If you want one, you’ll need to order soon and choose two-day delivery to get it in time for Christmas.

2.  Handyscan Handheld Scanner

Confession:  I’d never heard of this contraption until Jen asked about including it in the guide.  They have one of these Handheld Scanners, and it’s so easy to use that their young daughter now does all their scanning.  (Ooo, the decluttering possibilities!)  There’s no warm-up time. Just turn the unit on, scan, and connect via USB to your computer. You can even scan multiple things and then download them all at once. Be sure to pick up a microSD card (not include with scanner).

3.  2 Way Radios

Perhaps it’s because we don’t have cell phones attached to our hips, but a pair of 2 Way Radios comes in super handy sometimes and are just plain fun other times.  We used them when filling our attic with insulation, one of us in the house and one outside.  They’re also nice to have out on the farm.  Many 2-Way radio sets have up to a 10-20 mile radius.

4.  Timex Ironman Watch

The Timex Ironman is Lance’s favorite watch.  It holds up well to everyday activities and still looks sharp at school or while coaching.  This watch has multiple timers and alarms, and a stopwatch (which comes in handy when we need the kids to pick up their things right now.)

5.  LED Headlamp

The Honey Do list could be a bit easier when a flashlight turns hands-free. (And easier means faster, right?  Not to turn this into a gift guide for me or anything.)  This LED Headlamp would be great for any task that requires both hands.

6.  Gas Powered Blower

Lance’s gas powered leaf blower is likely one of our most used tools, even though we actually have very few leaves in the yard ever.  He uses it to blow off the sidewalks and driveway after mowing and trimming, and as a high-powered “broom” in the garage, making clean-up a breeze.  Hmmm, perhaps I should try it with the toys in the house sometime?!

7.  Oral-B Professional Electric Toothbrush

If you have a gadget geek or health nut, check out the Oral-B Professional Electric Toothbrush. It removes up to 100% more plaque than an manual brush. Plus there’s a $15 Oral-B mail-in rebate available through 12/31.

8.  Tool Logic Mulit-Tool

He says it’s a tool, I say it’s a toy.  😉  It’s the size of a credit card (slightly thicker but not much!) but has a 2-inch serrated knife, an 8x power lens (starting a fire anyone?), compass, can/bottle opener, flat screwdriver, tweezers, toothpick, and ruler. Whew. The Tool Logic Multi-Tool is like MacGyver in your wallet… minus the duct tape.

9.  Madden NFL 13

My football-loving sports fan is all over this one.  Must be the next best thing to actually playing in the NFL (or something like that).  Madden NFL 13 delivers world-class presentation with an all-new living front end, dynamic in-game transitions, a live ticker, and drastically improved usability. Every game has the feel of a nationally televised broadcast.

10.  Stainless Steel Hydration Bottle

Props to my husband.  The man puts down the water!  He starts his day with a huge glass of it, and keeps on with the habit while at school.  This Stainless Steel Hydration Bottle keeps drinks cool for up to 18 hours. He can pack them for work, hikes, or wherever he’s headed. Plus it has an unbreakable stainless steel interior and exterior.

11.  Team Folding Chairs

It might be a little chilly for tailgating (actually, what is with this crazy mild Kansas weather?!), but you can get him ready for next season. These folding chairs sport his favorite NFL or NCAA team. You can narrow it down to his favorite team by typing the team name in the search box on this page.

The Giveaway

One Finer Things winner will receive an Oral-B Professional Electric Toothbrush to give as a gift or keep for yourself!  To enter, simply leave a comment:  Who’s easier to buy for, you or him?

Giveaway ends Sunday, December 9, at 11:59 pm, CST.  Winner will be randomly chosen and emailed.  US addresses only, please. 


  1. My hubby is easy to buy for. He loves anything football related.

  2. I’m definitely easier to buy for!

  3. I think I am, but somehow every year I manage to come up with at least a few gifts for him, and he rarely gets anything for me. I’ve told him anything that is warm, soft, cute, pretty, or useful would be nice. He’s usually happy with a video game, but those can be pretty expensive.

  4. I think I’m easier to buy for, but probably most people feel that way 🙂

  5. Sheila Laurence says:

    I think my husband is easier to buy for, but I also think that’s because I spend time thinking about what he would like versus expecting it to just pop into my mind. 🙂

  6. Definitely me. He knows all the things I like but am too cheap to spend on for myself. He knows he can’t go wrong with any treatment at my favorite spa. My hubby doesn’t have any real hobbies, and isn’t into sports, so I have a hard time!

  7. Definitely me!

  8. I’m easier, but he would say that he is easier! : )

  9. Definitely my husband. He creates a list with part numbers and links to item he’d like. The only problem is that they tend to be more expensive items 🙂

  10. Definitely him!

  11. Me – my husband does not like receiving gifts…………ever. He will not tell you what he wants or needs.

  12. I’m easier to buy for, definitely.

  13. Jessica H says:

    I am much easier to buy for!

  14. My husband is probably easier to know what he would like, but his tastes are pretty expensive, so I think that makes me easier! 😉

  15. I am way easier, but he’d say that I’m not. He is very specific when he does come up with things he wants, but waiting for that day can be kind of hard!

    Mostly we don’t do a lot of gifts to each other and that makes it much easier on both of us!

  16. We don’t do “gifts” for Christmas. I think he is easier to buy for simply because I am more familiar with the items he likes than he is with what I like. I can’t imagine him buying fabric for me – unless I was very specific about what it is that I wanted.

  17. I’m definitely easier to buy for. The last few years before we got married, he even purchased his own gifts and gave them to his mother to wrap them for him. She reimbursed him and this was the only way he could be sure he’d get what he wanted.

  18. My hubby is easier to buy for (he usually provides a list!).

  19. I am easier to buy for, but I have more expensive tastes!

  20. He is!

  21. Me.

  22. I’m definitely easier to buy for than my husband! I never know what to get, but I will give him this toothbrush if I win 🙂 He would love to own one but doesn’t want me to spend money on it!

  23. Me — I ask for the same things every year or tell him exactly what I want. 🙂

  24. I’d say he is much easier to buy for! He’s not picky at all and would love everything on this giveaway list 🙂

  25. Me for sure!

  26. I’d say I am the easier of the two of us to buy gifts for.

  27. I am easier to buy for on a budget 😉 all of his stuff is way over budget!!

  28. I’d say me.

  29. I am so much easier! My dh is an awesome gift buyer, too!

  30. Carmen Erickson says:

    I’m easier to buy for!! 🙂 I think women have lots of smaller things that can be great gifts. But all of the items that guys want are way too expensive for a Christmas gift! 🙂

  31. Me, for sure. Anything Mickey/Disney or anything from my favorite old, black-and-white TV shows is the bomb! Poor husband reads sports and watches sports but doesn’t do sports. So, what to get him?

  32. Nia Hanna says:

    Me because I know what I want.

  33. I am easier to buy for. When u ask my husband what he wants, his response always is nothing!

  34. I am easier to buy for in my own mind, but I am probably the only one on that page.

  35. Myeshia U. says:

    My husband is much easier. He is so pleased with a simple gift card to eat out for lunch.

  36. I’m way easier to buy for, anything that’s pink or sparkly or smells good or that I can read.

  37. I’m WAY easier to buy for. 🙂

  38. Him! He always knows what he wants or needs.

  39. me me me!! He buys anything he wants, even in December! He will never forget the year he came home with a brand new football on December 20th and I made him unwrap the one under the tree that same time.

  40. I’m easier to buy for.

  41. I’m definitely the easier one to buy for (at least my presents are cheaper). I don’t require much. New socks, a candle for the kitchen, and a kitchen gadget or two and I’m good. I love my hubby and am happy to get him things that he needs/wants, but sometimes knowing which expensive toy/tool to pick is hard. That creditcard-sized tool you show is amazing. That might just end up under the tree.

  42. Anne Marie says:

    I think females are easier to buy for – men are hard.

  43. I am easier to get a surprise for, but he is easier to shop for being that he wants very specific things.

  44. Jennifer Wiggins says:

    I think the girls are always easier to buy for the girls. I have the shopping done for our moms but not our dads!

  45. I am easy to buy for! Just a simple piece of chocolate works for me!!

  46. Kim pollock says:

    My husband is not too bad he likes clothes, bowties and sweaters, but sometimes it is hard to get creative. He would say I am harder even though I like anything!

  47. He is easier to buy for – anything related to K-State Wildcats, golf or cooking.

  48. My husband has umpteen movies and cds he wants and Dodgers gear – so probably him. 🙂

  49. My husband is so easy to buy for.

  50. I am totally easier, but I knew he disagrees. I NEVER buy anything for myself, so I can think of a million things that I would like or could use. We don’t typically do gifts for each other at the holidays, but we do for birthdays, so at least we’re off the hook until next year.

  51. I think I am easier. Ask him what he wants and he says he wants nothing.

  52. I’m easier to buy for!

  53. I am easier to buy for too! My husband doesn’t want cheap things!

  54. He’s probably easier to buy for as he is happy with movie and restaurant gift cards.

  55. I would say me.

  56. I’m soo much easier!

  57. Cheryl Newton says:

    I’d have to say him. He’ll enthusiastically, sincerely like whatever I get him. Me? If I don’t love it, back it goes. Awful, right?

  58. Sheree McKane says:

    He is easier.

  59. He was easier to buy for.

  60. Andrea D. says:

    I am easier to shop for because he is pickier. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  61. Hippie4ever says:

    I would say we are both difficult to buy for,. We are both practical so there isn’t a whole lot of wants on either side…but I think I have his gift nai
    Ed down this year and I have hinted, ok told that I ‘d like some organizational tools 🙂

  62. I think that I am definitely easier to buy for, especially for the inexpensive stuff. My husband would probably like some expensive electronics, Madden, or a power tool, but its really hard to think of smaller items he is interested in.

    Btw, what is with men and those headlamps! My brother in law has one, my husband has one, and now all of my nephews have child sized lamps.

  63. Well, I don’t think he is TOO hard to buy for. But I make things a bit challenging because I always want practical gifts! 😉

  64. I have to admit I am not easy to shop for. I don’t buy myself a lot but what I want is very specific. Also i don’t like surprises.

  65. I am very much easier to buy for than my husband. I like lots and lots of things! He usually takes the things we buy him back! He is very hard to buy for.

  66. I think my husband is easier to buy for, but he is so predictable about what he wants each and every year that it kind of takes the fun out of giving him a gift…coffee, books, blades for his razor, repeat.
    I’m probably not easy at all to buy for. I want it to be practical but I don’t want it to be something that I think the normal family budget should cover. I want to be surprised, but I’m kind of particular about new items coming into our house. I need/really want new clothes but he hasn’t had success with his picks there. Never too old to work on being a gracious recipient. 🙂

  67. Jill Hartley says:

    OMGoodness him!! As we walk through the stores throughout the year, I take notes of what he mentions he likes and what store it’s in and the brand… lol then I just go back without him!

  68. Men only want big toys like table saws, air compressors, generators. Women are way easier !

  69. Yvonne Fortin says:

    the husband. He only ever wants one of two things. A new surfboard or a new wetsuit. Both are very expensive, so it makes it hard to fit one in the budget, but there is never any doubt what he wants.

  70. He is definitely easier to buy for. He is good about keeping a list of things he wants.
    I can never think of anything that I want. 🙂

  71. I’m more difficult to buy for. I can always come up with something for my husband, but he has a hard time deciding what to get for me.

  72. Him! I usually want clothes, but I need to try them on as one size is not the same across brands.

  73. I am definitely easier to buy for….he never tells me what he wants!! I, however, always have a list. 🙂

  74. I’m easier to buy for, but he would always be glad to get a gift card to Cabela’s.

  75. I think I’m definitely easier to buy for!

  76. Me 🙂