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Gifts for Her ~ Christmas Gift Guide {Giveaway, too!}



Ohhh, this is gonna be fun!  Jen [4] and I have collected what we think are great gifts for Her (You.  Me.  Us.).  Things one (or both!) of us would be thrilled to find under the tree or in our stocking.  Best of all?  We’re sharing a lot of it with one of you!

1.  MadeOn Hard Lotion [5]

You’ve heard me brag on it before.  MadeOn Hard Lotion Bars [5] are my absolute favorite product for dry, cracked hands and heels.  And their peppermint lip balm?  Divine.  And their tinted lip balm?  My new favorite.  I could go on!  What’s more?  You can feel good about buying quality products from this small family business (they write the date their products are “made on”, hence the name).  They use very few ingredients, and if your little ones would happen to take a bite?  No worries.  It’s all safe to eat (though not terribly tasty!).

2.  Layering Cami [6]

Perhaps I’m the only mom of little people who finds herself tugging at her clothing to make sure everything is long enough and covering enough?  Or maybe not.  With a layering tee from Deborah & Co. [6] there is no need to worry about coverage.  Plus, I like the pretty 3″ lace at the bottom.  As a bonus, this cami hugs my form, which in turn reminds me to “suck it in” and be mindful of my posture.  They have nursing tanks, too!

3.  Stamped Necklace [7]

Heart on Your Sleeve Design [7] offers fun, meaningful, and inspirational items at incredible prices.  I have the stamped It is Well necklace [8].  A simple reminder casual enough to wear around the house and elegant enough for church.  Heart on Your Sleeve Design is offering our readers a Free Shipping Code ~  HOYSD1.  Enjoy!

4.  Meesh & Mia Fashion [9]

Many of my friends and family “bleed purple” for the Kansas State Wildcats, especially during football season.  You can show your spirit with Meesh & Mia [9] without succumbing to yet another t-shirt.  A women’s collegiate apparel company focusing on merging the latest women’s fashion with college logos, they specialize in helping women of all ages find their inner fashionista while supporting their Alma Mater.  For the more subdued fan, you can pick a pretty outfit in team colors without a logo.

5.  I “Like” My Husband T-Shirt [10]

I’ll take one of everything, please!  Comfy tees are my uniform, and I am constantly getting comments and compliments on my Union 28 t-shirts [10].  Their newest offering is a fun twist for Facebook Fans:  I “Like” My Husband (on Facebook blue).  So fun!  Finer Things readers can score 15% off a Union 28 purchase with code U28AFT15. 

6.  God’s Heart for You [11]

Every gal needs some encouragement from time to time. Holley Gerth is a wellspring of encouraging words! In God’s Heart for You, [11] Holley offers insightful devotions, reflective questions, and captivating words to reveal how, through God’s love, you are accepted, empowered, beautiful, and more. That’s a powerful reminder.

7.  Kindle Fire [12]

Want to know an embarrassing story?  I own a Kindle Fire [12].  It’s in a box, in my basement, where it has been for 6 months.  {blush}  I simply never got around to figuring out how to use it.  Jen’s gonna kick my tail if I don’t get that sucker out soon.  She loves her Kindle!  Apparently, you can read, check email, write notes to yourself, play music, and play games on it. Jen’s impressed with the battery life, and just read that they extended that. You can turn off the Internet through the built-in parental controls. The newer version comes with Kindle FreeTime. It allows you to set a profile for each child and choose which books, apps, games, and videos they have access to.

8.  Vera Bradley E Reader Sleeve [13]

Um, since my Kindle is in the basement, in the box, I suppose you know I don’t have one of these handy sleeves, huh.  (I am such a mess.)  Jen got this Vera Bradley E Reader Sleeve [13] earlier this year to protect her Kindle Fire. She’s impressed with the quality and durability of the sleeve, and doesn’t have to worry about the Kindle being dropped or shoved in a drawer. Hmm, perhaps I’ll reward myself with a sleeve when I finally get the Kindle up and running?!

9. Huffy Women’s Ocean Deluxe Bike [14]

How much do I love this bike?!  Seriously, now.  Kids shouldn’t be the only ones waking up on Christmas morning with a new bike.  The pretty color and retro style make me want to cruise the park on wheels.  Actually, when it warms up again, perhaps I should take my (perfectly good) old bike down from the garage ceiling and give it a spin?  (But if you don’t have one, I vote for getting this one!)

10. Paraffin Hand Bath [15]

I have one of these, and although it doesn’t get as much use as I’d like, it truly is the ultimate in pampering.  I love to dip my hands in the hot wax, strap on some gloves, and relax while the wax cools and hardens just a bit.  Then, as I remove the wax, I squish it around like a warm stress ball, and it leaves my hands silky smooth.  I thought my husband was a little nutty when he gave it to me for Christmas early in our married life, but oh, he was right!  (He likes to see that phrase in print. 😉  )

11.  Origami Owl Locket [16]

Who knew that you could tell a story with jewelry? These lockets from Origami Owl [16] are one-of-a-kind. You choose your locket, your  charms, your chain, and your accessories. The charms (which go inside the locket) include birthstones, hobbies, jobs, travel, animals, faith, causes, holidays, and more. You can customize your locket to reflect your interests and your own story. Not only do you have a beautiful piece of jewelry, but you also have a great conversation starter. What story will you tell?

The Giveaway

You’re all so good to me.  I’m beyond excited to be able to give one of you an early Christmas gift!  Keep it for yourself or share with your friends.  I hope you are blessed!

Who wants to win…

Winner take all!  Simply leave a comment:  What do you want for Christmas?  From the sentimental to the outlandish to the practical.  No judging here.  All in good fun!

***One comment per person, please.  I want all of you to have an equal chance at the goodies this time!***

Giveaway ends Tuesday, December 4, at 11:59 pm.  Winner will be randomly drawn and notified by email.  US addresses only, please.