Gifts for Her ~ Christmas Gift Guide {Giveaway, too!}


Ohhh, this is gonna be fun!  Jen and I have collected what we think are great gifts for Her (You.  Me.  Us.).  Things one (or both!) of us would be thrilled to find under the tree or in our stocking.  Best of all?  We’re sharing a lot of it with one of you!

1.  MadeOn Hard Lotion

You’ve heard me brag on it before.  MadeOn Hard Lotion Bars are my absolute favorite product for dry, cracked hands and heels.  And their peppermint lip balm?  Divine.  And their tinted lip balm?  My new favorite.  I could go on!  What’s more?  You can feel good about buying quality products from this small family business (they write the date their products are “made on”, hence the name).  They use very few ingredients, and if your little ones would happen to take a bite?  No worries.  It’s all safe to eat (though not terribly tasty!).

2.  Layering Cami

Perhaps I’m the only mom of little people who finds herself tugging at her clothing to make sure everything is long enough and covering enough?  Or maybe not.  With a layering tee from Deborah & Co. there is no need to worry about coverage.  Plus, I like the pretty 3″ lace at the bottom.  As a bonus, this cami hugs my form, which in turn reminds me to “suck it in” and be mindful of my posture.  They have nursing tanks, too!

3.  Stamped Necklace

Heart on Your Sleeve Design offers fun, meaningful, and inspirational items at incredible prices.  I have the stamped It is Well necklace.  A simple reminder casual enough to wear around the house and elegant enough for church.  Heart on Your Sleeve Design is offering our readers a Free Shipping Code ~  HOYSD1.  Enjoy!

4.  Meesh & Mia Fashion

Many of my friends and family “bleed purple” for the Kansas State Wildcats, especially during football season.  You can show your spirit with Meesh & Mia without succumbing to yet another t-shirt.  A women’s collegiate apparel company focusing on merging the latest women’s fashion with college logos, they specialize in helping women of all ages find their inner fashionista while supporting their Alma Mater.  For the more subdued fan, you can pick a pretty outfit in team colors without a logo.

5.  I “Like” My Husband T-Shirt

I’ll take one of everything, please!  Comfy tees are my uniform, and I am constantly getting comments and compliments on my Union 28 t-shirts.  Their newest offering is a fun twist for Facebook Fans:  I “Like” My Husband (on Facebook blue).  So fun!  Finer Things readers can score 15% off a Union 28 purchase with code U28AFT15. 

6.  God’s Heart for You

Every gal needs some encouragement from time to time. Holley Gerth is a wellspring of encouraging words! In God’s Heart for You, Holley offers insightful devotions, reflective questions, and captivating words to reveal how, through God’s love, you are accepted, empowered, beautiful, and more. That’s a powerful reminder.

7.  Kindle Fire

Want to know an embarrassing story?  I own a Kindle Fire.  It’s in a box, in my basement, where it has been for 6 months.  {blush}  I simply never got around to figuring out how to use it.  Jen’s gonna kick my tail if I don’t get that sucker out soon.  She loves her Kindle!  Apparently, you can read, check email, write notes to yourself, play music, and play games on it. Jen’s impressed with the battery life, and just read that they extended that. You can turn off the Internet through the built-in parental controls. The newer version comes with Kindle FreeTime. It allows you to set a profile for each child and choose which books, apps, games, and videos they have access to.

8.  Vera Bradley E Reader Sleeve

Um, since my Kindle is in the basement, in the box, I suppose you know I don’t have one of these handy sleeves, huh.  (I am such a mess.)  Jen got this Vera Bradley E Reader Sleeve earlier this year to protect her Kindle Fire. She’s impressed with the quality and durability of the sleeve, and doesn’t have to worry about the Kindle being dropped or shoved in a drawer. Hmm, perhaps I’ll reward myself with a sleeve when I finally get the Kindle up and running?!

9. Huffy Women’s Ocean Deluxe Bike

How much do I love this bike?!  Seriously, now.  Kids shouldn’t be the only ones waking up on Christmas morning with a new bike.  The pretty color and retro style make me want to cruise the park on wheels.  Actually, when it warms up again, perhaps I should take my (perfectly good) old bike down from the garage ceiling and give it a spin?  (But if you don’t have one, I vote for getting this one!)

10. Paraffin Hand Bath

I have one of these, and although it doesn’t get as much use as I’d like, it truly is the ultimate in pampering.  I love to dip my hands in the hot wax, strap on some gloves, and relax while the wax cools and hardens just a bit.  Then, as I remove the wax, I squish it around like a warm stress ball, and it leaves my hands silky smooth.  I thought my husband was a little nutty when he gave it to me for Christmas early in our married life, but oh, he was right!  (He likes to see that phrase in print. 😉  )

11.  Origami Owl Locket

Who knew that you could tell a story with jewelry? These lockets from Origami Owl are one-of-a-kind. You choose your locket, your  charms, your chain, and your accessories. The charms (which go inside the locket) include birthstones, hobbies, jobs, travel, animals, faith, causes, holidays, and more. You can customize your locket to reflect your interests and your own story. Not only do you have a beautiful piece of jewelry, but you also have a great conversation starter. What story will you tell?

The Giveaway

You’re all so good to me.  I’m beyond excited to be able to give one of you an early Christmas gift!  Keep it for yourself or share with your friends.  I hope you are blessed!

Who wants to win…

Winner take all!  Simply leave a comment:  What do you want for Christmas?  From the sentimental to the outlandish to the practical.  No judging here.  All in good fun!

***One comment per person, please.  I want all of you to have an equal chance at the goodies this time!***

Giveaway ends Tuesday, December 4, at 11:59 pm.  Winner will be randomly drawn and notified by email.  US addresses only, please. 

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  1. Thanks, Amy! I would love an iPad, Kindle, or laptop. Not really picky. 🙂

  2. I’m hoping for a new camera. Or some warm fuzzy slippers! 🙂

  3. I’d love to get a massage gift certificate for Christmas.

  4. I’d love to get a grain mill as a gift.

  5. I’m hoping for some new shoes – workout shoes and black dress shoes. I also received a massage last year from my salon / spa and hope I get it again! It was wonderful! 🙂

  6. Even though I promised myself not to get on the bandwagon, I secretly want a Keurig for Christmas…and one of those My Husband Rocks t-shirts!

  7. Honestly, what I WANT is an iPhone. What I’ll get…quality time with family and not much emphasis on the gifts. 😉

  8. I really can’t think of anything I need but my family to be around me – that Kindle Fire is nice though 🙂

  9. I am hoping for a few more pieces to my nativity set!

  10. I want a Blendtec blender. But since my Bosch seems adequate I can’t handle spending that much on a replacement. Make it do or do without, right?

  11. Slippers! Thanks for the giveaway

  12. I am hoping for a new laptop this year!

  13. I’d love a steamer for Christmas. I hate ironing, but I think I might actually use one of those!

  14. This year for Christmas I want my sisters to get together. We haven’t been together for 7 years.

  15. I would love a layering cami! Seriously that is exactly what I need!

  16. I’d love for my little babe to wait until after Christmas to arrive. A quiet Christmas with my son, rather than being in the hospital delivering, would make my day.

  17. Well, I’m due any day now with baby #3…so honestly, that’s all I really want, is to hold him after a peaceful delivery 🙂 BUT, I can say that winning your giveaway would make my day!

  18. Fun giveaway! What I’d like for Christmas is a Kindle fire or the new iPad mini.

  19. Kristy Grandstaff says:

    I love this giveaway! The origami owl is so neat! We are redoing our bathroom for Christmas…yay!

  20. I’d like a food processor!

  21. We are hoping for a full-time job for my husband.

  22. I want all 7 family members (and extended family) to be well! We’ve been sick for 2 weeks!

  23. I would love to have a year of good health for my children and grandchildren.

  24. I would love a new quilt for the bed.

  25. I want a quiet enjoyable day with my family.

  26. I would love to have a night away with my husband! (…and an ipad!)

  27. I wanted a new pair of jeans, since I had to try them on first to make sure they fit, I know I am getting a new pair of jeans 🙂 Would love to have a relaxing Christmas spent with family and not rushing to all these different gatherings.

  28. My downstairs bathroom to be completed! It is torn up now. I can’t wait to see what it looks like complete.

  29. Carmen Erickson says:

    I really want a Berkey water filter! Doubt I will get it, but I’m hoping to at least use some Christmas money to save toward it! 🙂

  30. I would like a week free of responsibilities!

  31. How wonderful!! I am so excited for Christmas this year because our little boy will be celebrating his first Christmas! All I really want I’d to experience the magic through him.

  32. Leslee Wright says:

    I want to just sit back and watch my two little ones enjoy this time of year.

  33. I will take that Kindle Fire you have still in the box..Ha, Ha! Actually that is what I want for Christmas, but I won’t steal yours.

  34. I want my family to be happy and healthy! Typical Mom answer I know, but funds are tight and my husband and I are doing what we can.

  35. Anne Marie says:

    I would love peace on earth!!!

  36. I would really like a rolling chair for my sewing table. But I always love just having everyone together at home for several days. Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. I asked for a Roku so that I can listen to Pandora radio in the house. 🙂 My husband found it on Groupon one day and I”m already using it. WOOT! 🙂

  38. Meg Oursler says:

    great gift ideas, now to have it pop up by accident on a certain somebody’s computer screen 😉

  39. I”m asking for a new cake stand. The very pretty one I got for our wedding broke right before my daugter’s birthday, so I had to serve the cake on a plate (gasp!).

  40. I would like to have an irobot roomba for Christmas but really love love the time spent with my family as always. Thank you!

  41. This is a wonderful giveaway! Please enter me 🙂

  42. I would like to get a set of new sheets or gift cards.

  43. I want clothes!! I need clothes 🙂

  44. This year we are on a very tight budget, but I would love a new black sweater, mine is old and I love some of the new styles now.

  45. Joan Nissley says:

    I’m hoping for a gift certificate for a mani/pedi. I’m also just looking forward to some time off work to spend with my friends and family. Merry Christmas everyone!

  46. I would like good health for me and my family.

  47. I would love to find thoes gifts under the tree with my name on it. With six children, I seem to forget about my “wants” and “needs”. Thanks and God Bless!

  48. I would like more time with my grandpa (he’s in his 90’s) and good health for myself and my family.

  49. Kim pollock says:

    I would love a king size bed! But maybe just some sweaters and boots would be more practical!

  50. Soft, warm jammies (that don’t look like old lady PJ’s)

  51. Donna Walters says:

    Can’t wait to see my grand children’s eyes light up!

  52. I’d love to receive a kindle this year!

  53. Sheila Laurence says:

    Peace within.

  54. Sherry Lochner says:

    I know I’m probably being practical but a new vacuum cleaner would be great. Funny how priorities change through the years as I would have never asked for that years ago.

  55. Anna Mills says:

    I am thinking about getting another dog pound dog. At least that is what I am being told from the huge one sitting beside me.

  56. I would like a laptop or a Kindle.

  57. Amber Barkley says:

    I know it’s such a cliche, but all I want for Christmas this year is to see my 9phone year old happy. The last few months she has been thru a horrific trial that doesn’t look to be ending soon. All she keeps saying lately is, “I can’t wait for Christmas!” This Christmas more than usual we will focus on Christ and the hope he gives us. Hope for healing nor just physically but spiritually and a promise that someday He’ll wipe every tear away from our eyes and we will hurt no more. Now there’s a gift.

  58. I am looking forward to visiting the McGuire’s for Christmas and of course can’t wait to see my family. So what I want to most for Christmas is every one of use to be healthy and to have safe travels so that can happen!

    • Woo-Hoo! (I’m terribly behind on my comments. Again.) We’re hoping for good health here, too. Been fighting sniffles with lots of vitamins and oils. Some of the grade school classes have 1/2 of their kids missing. 🙁

  59. I would like to go out to dinner with my husband.

  60. Jennifer Caldwell says:

    An all-expenses paid weekend at a luxurious place with my husband 🙂

  61. I’d like a new pair of pjs and a long night of sleep!!

  62. I would LOVE to get a gift card for a massage. I don’t manage to fit them into my budget often enough!

  63. I would LOVE to have BOTH of my children home with me for the holidays!

  64. I want a French bread pan!

  65. Jennifer G says:

    I would like to have a nice and quiet Christmas where the true meaning is celebrated and stress and pressure of all the decorating, shopping and gift giving are not the only focus. As a mother and wife, I believe most know what I’m saying, when it all falls on you. I would just like to have a nice family dinner and let just being together be the gift for everyone. With money so tight for everyone this would be the Christmas wish I would want!! Happy Holidays!

  66. I would love an ipad or a kindle.

  67. Thank you for all the information and stories you share with us your readers. I so enjoy each day seeing what the new email of the day contains from you. I especially enjoy emails like today as they help me broaden my horizons of shopping and see new things to shop for.

    To answer your Christmas wish: I enjoy watching and listening through the year for tips and hints of things the people on my list want or really need. The joy on a recipients face when they receive that item they long hoped for or didn’t even know they needed is so very fun to watch. I love it when that favor is returned to me.

  68. Rebecca Elwell says:

    I would love a vita mix!! It’s out of the budget this year 🙂 but I’m sure my wonderful husband will surprise me with something I love!

  69. Laura Miller says:

    I want a pair of trendy boots for Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway Amy!

  70. I want a treadmill! I love to run but the cold dark mornings here in PA aren’t really conducive to running for my fair-weather, afraid of the dark self. It’s dark when hubby leaves for work in the morning and dark when he gets home. With 3 little ones, I’m finding it impossible to run anymore.

  71. Ashley bell says:

    I’d love any chocolate !

  72. I would really like a Young Living diffuser!

  73. Suzanne Bahar says:

    I would love a Kindle Fire.

  74. Can’t think of a lot that I want this year, I just cannot wait for my son to be home (12/20), having everyone home is Christmas to me and I cannot wait…3 weeks from today………..

  75. I’d love some sort of tablet computer…the new Kindle Fire HD looks just right.

  76. I have a new watch picked out. It’s ridiculously expensive and I would actually be really upset if my husband actually bought it for me. Doesn’t keep me from having it pinned in Pinterest though. 🙂

  77. Hmmm.. Well, I think the truth is that I want to have things more together than usual this Christmas and have a nice day relaxing and celebrating with my family and friends. But mainly a real focus on Christ. Thanks!

  78. Honestly, I would love to find a church I can call home. We have been visiting a new one every month! I wouldn’t mind some charms for my bracelet either!

  79. I would like new bedding for my bedroom!

  80. Wishful thinking – laser eye surgery. I was actually scheduled to do it last year, but they don’t do it on preggos. :>) Not sure if it’s in the cards for this year or not. Thanks for the chance, great giveaway!

  81. Really just having my family together for some unscheduled, relaxing fun is what I crave. If I had to pick a “thing,” it would be pillows for my bed.

  82. I would like a Kindle Fire. I haven’t gotten one for myself because I am not sure it would be convenient or an easy “time waster,” but if someone got it for me…:)

  83. First on my list this year is a replacement mixing bowl for bread. I make homemade bread/rolls and the recipe I use needs a very large bowl. I just broke my regular bread bowl last week, so this is tops on my list!

  84. I want a spin bike!

  85. I’ve read too much Jen Hatmaker this year and it’s messing with me. I want a heart that really is more concerned with the people around me than the gifts under the tree.

    • I’m a little scared to read that book, but I need to… Ugh. Do you have a copy or did you borrow it? (If you own it, mind if I borrow it?)

  86. Stud earrings. My almost 6 month old keeps pulling at my good hoops that I wear all.the.time.

  87. I would like to have a stress free holiday season with family enjoying the different holiday festivities. However, I secretly wish for a Kindle Fire.

  88. Good list! I have a hard time coming up with things that don’t go in the kitchen or that are just for me.

  89. I really, really want a bottle of this Cabernet lotion that I discovered. It has the most luscious non-faky-sweet grape smell to it… but it’s more than I’d ever spend on myself. 🙂

  90. I really want a bike and I love the one that you have featured in this post!

  91. My outlandish gift would be an all expense paid trip to NYC for me and my hubby. Our anniversary is in December and some day I want do that in celebration.

    My actual christmas wish is for a few kitchen items. I really want to do more baking and homemade items and I’m lacking a few simple tools.

  92. Lots of rain (or SNOW) would be an amazing gift (we’ll even take it early if possible!)- and family gatherings with no one sick would be divine!

    • Wouldn’t that be fabulous?! *If* no one is sick, we should all be south on Christmas Eve. The first time we’ve all been together since 2 Easters ago. We NEED to all be together… (the latest news isn’t good).

  93. Various craft supplies/equipment top my list.

  94. Nancy Thyfault says:

    I would love a Vitamix blender, but my old (15 years old) $5 blender just won’t die… am now thinking of giving it to my College age daughter… and splurging on myself. Doubt it will happen though, I’m too frugal. Thanks for the opportunity to win, everything looks awesome!!!

  95. Aubrey Franzone says:

    I would love any of these items! My kids are praying for snow (Florida) and it would tickle me pink for this to happen. 😉

  96. A night away for our 11th anniversary, which is right after Christmas. It might actually happen this year as we’ll be at my parents’ for Christmas that day. Sleepover at Grandma’s for the kiddo and a night away for us!

    My “over the moon” wish is for some positive adoption news. We haven’t been waiting that long but waiting is just so hard.

  97. I would love to have a working dishwasher. Imagine how easy clean up after meals would be!

  98. I want everyone in our family to be healthy.

  99. I would like a food processor!

  100. I would love to be able to sleep in one morning! 🙂

  101. a kindle fire is the big thing on my list. and I guess I would need the vera bradley sleeve to protect it 🙂

  102. I want a treadmill to keep up my running this winter and would love a grainmill too!

  103. Kitchen Aid mixer is # 1 on my list this year ! Thanks for the giveaway !

  104. I would like to make-over our bed like a hotel with all new down-filled goodies and a new mattress someday! I would love to have a cozy hotel bed and a day or two to enjoy it!

  105. A trip to visit grandparents – they’ll be 93 and 87 this year! And they live far away…a trip is quite the production. 🙂

  106. I would love some Frye boots!

  107. I would love to receive official word that we can adopt my nearly-three-year-old foster son Scott. Getting to adopt his one-year-old brother John as well would be lovely, too.

  108. I want a camera!!!! The one I have is SO slow my kids are in the next room before it snaps, lol!!!

  109. I would like a sleepT robe from lands end for Christmas and maybe one of those Kindle fires:-)

  110. I would love have a weekend away with my husband.

  111. i would LOVE some warm fuzzy slippers, there is just something about slippers in the am with that first cup of coffee….of course i would also like a new family computer…all my vcr tapes turned into DVD’s…and the tv in my bedroom fixed…just the little things…:)

  112. I want a soda stream

  113. I want a new pair of shoes and a giftcard for a haircut.

  114. I would love a pampering day at the spa!

  115. I would like a Kitchen Aid mixer… or a nice nap.

  116. I would like a new phone.

  117. I would like to have a few days with all my family together. That would be a blessed gift. 🙂

  118. My heart is set on the New Bunn MCU Single-Serve Coffee Maker.

    Happy Holidays!

  119. This year all I want for Christmas is to have my recently departed mom’s stuff organized and put away.

  120. i would love the Pioneer Woman’s cookbooks! 🙂 thanks for this giveaway!!

  121. Amanda Newton says:

    I really want the Blu-ray set of ” Band of Brothers.” I love that series.

  122. I think all I would really like for Christmas this year is healthy kids, breakfast ready to pop in the oven and be eaten on paper plates, and to spend a morning in my fuzzy, warm Christmas tree pj’s.

  123. A gift card to buy shoes. I don’t like spending money on shoes.

  124. I would love a new (used is fine) car. Our 1995 Volvo just died.

  125. I am strongly desiring that our five children will be home at the same time somewhere near Christmas to celebrate. Oh and a special friend of our oldest that we are hoping will be our #6 sometime in the future.

  126. I’m a bit emotional today, but the truth is I just want my sister to be healthy. She is in her last 24 hours of her last round of biochemotherapy (fighting stage 3 melanoma) and I just want her to be here for decades to come. She’s got 3 kids and a husband who need her, not to mention me, my kids, my husband, our parents, all her friends and extended family, etc, etc. Things look good and right now she feels like road kill (her words) but she’ll be home tomorrow night and we are praying like mad that this has worked and all will be well. That is really all I want for Christmas for the next 40 years or so…

    • Um, I think my baby just hit reply or something… Anyway, praying that your sister is well on her way to recovery and health.

  127. A crown charm for my charm bracelet to represent my baby boy, David.

  128. I want my whole family to actually enjoy each other during the Christmas season, instead of the kids picking at each other and me nagging them to be kind. Oh, and it would be a total splurge that I would never ask for, but I’m sort of secretly hoping my husband gets me a kindle. 😉

  129. I’m hoping for a really cool tote bag and a new fleece!

  130. I wish for an overnight away with my husband 🙂

  131. A gift card for scrapbooking supplies.

  132. I just want a couple Sally Clarkson books and maybe some chocolate! 🙂

  133. I want a free day to just clean and organize our bedroom…it has become a dumping ground!

  134. I can’t really decide between something I want and something I need so I’ll list both. I need new boots and I really want a facial. Both would make me really happy. With that said, so would any of the gifts on the gift guide – thanks for sharing.

  135. Cheryl Armstrong says:

    I would like a stress free Christmas and time with family and friends!

  136. Geraldine R says:

    For Christmas this year, I’d like….a sewing machine. I’d like my kids and family to remember the Real reason for Christmas most of all though.

  137. Ramie Schulteis says:

    I would love to get something new to wear…or my huge dream gift is a grain mill. Thanks for the chance to win!

  138. I would love an outing to get my hair done. All by myself. Not one of my four adorable children with me. 🙂

  139. I would love a new sofa. One that doesn’t have a hole in the cushion and marker stains courtesy of my toddler son!

  140. Thank you so much for your generous gifts. I want a car for my teenager because coordinating schedules for 4 people and one car is hard.

  141. I want an immersion blender. It would be so much fun. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  142. A week of not having any responsibility….that and a Kitchen Aid mixer:)

  143. We probably won’t have much Christmas, but my wish is for things to ease up a little.

  144. I would love a vacation to a warm island…anyone I’m not picky. But that’s not going to happen so I would be happy if my family is happy!

  145. I want our travel plans to go smoothly.

  146. I actually want a Wii for Christmas. I think it’s something my husband and kids would enjoy too. 🙂

  147. I want a small battery operated clock for my bathroom. I can’t change the hour and it shows four hours ahead. 😎

  148. I would like some extracts and essential oils to jump start my long intended trials of some DIY household and beauty products. And I would love to have both my brothers be able to make it to my parents’ for Christmas…it’s been several years since all 3 of us were in one place at one time!

  149. Abigail Gunter says:

    I love getting gift cards of all kinds because then I get to go shopping and buy the outlandish things that I would never think about getting for myself with our hard earned money.

  150. Hippie4ever says:

    An iPad, and an iPhone for my husband would be awesome.

  151. Crystal Griepentrog says:

    I would love peace in our home and the knowledge that my two sons are walking with the Lord. I would also love for my husband to know how much I love him.

    Christmas blessings to you.

  152. 4. One of those lip balms! (I’m hooked on Alba lip gloss but love to try different high quality lip glosses).
    3. One of the Origami Owl lockets – how gorgeous! I’ve never seen anything like that.
    2. Another miracle baby – I never give up hope. If God can do it once, He can do it again!
    1. Finally “figuring out” the solution to how to stay at home with my 3 year old son, while still honoring our debts – now THAT would be the ultimate present!

  153. Rebecca L. says:

    My husband already gave me an Ipad so I would hate to ask for anything else. However, all the above things look great!!

  154. Faith Dossett says:

    Most of all, I would like my son’s ex-wife to stop being so childish and thoughless to him and his ladyfriend. When children are involved, it truly pays for exes to try to act like adults and be civil to one another. I pray for this every day.

  155. I want to be pregnant with my first… Thanks for your fun, and real, blog, even for those of us without kids! 😉

  156. I would like a new phone.

  157. I would love a bigger slow cooker–not glamorous, I know, but it would be so useful!

  158. I want a Kindle, too. And then I can get a pretty sleeve to carry it in 🙂

  159. Kelly Dorpinghaus says:

    I would love an addition to my kitchen and while that addition is being done, I would like to take a vacation to a tropical island. Very unrealistic and NOT going to happen, but I can dream right?? 🙂
    That bike is really cool and a kindle would be awesome but any of the gift would be fantastic to receive!

  160. The decor to finish the last bare wall in my living room that was repainted in March!!! It would make my day, er, Christmas!!! The giveaway sounds fun too!!

  161. Honestly I haven’t thought about what I want. But several things in this giveaway would be fun!!!

  162. I am so blessed, I really can’t think of anything I need. I did see a a cute pair erranings recently though,so it’s a possibility:-) What an awesome giveaway~thanks!

  163. I would like some organizing containers and tools.

  164. Tracy Perusin says:

    I’d love to have a Kindle! Thanks for the above list! Ordered a few things for my own stocking, yep, that’s the way things go at this house! Do you have a gift idea list for men?

  165. I would love to go home to Missouri and see my family. Haven’t been there for a while!

  166. Brown boots!

  167. A yogurt maker!! And most of all a happy and healthy 2013!!

  168. i’d really like a DSLR camera!


  169. For Christmas, I would love a weekend away with my hubby.

  170. I want new boots- not the practical kind- the cute, stylish kind 😉

  171. A Bosch mixer would be nice. It’s not happening this year, though.

  172. I want a new camera for Christmas–a nice one!

  173. I REALLY need a new kitchen table! It has been through 4 kids. The finish is almost all off and its covered in marker, glue, glitter and anything else you can think of. Thanks!

  174. All I want is to win this giveaway!!!

  175. Dawn Kirsch says:

    I want a new food processor (and to win this prize package!)

  176. Mary Johnson says:

    I would love to sleep in!! But I would settle for a new pair of boots 🙂

  177. I’m hoping for a new camera! That would be fun!

  178. Hmmmm, well, I’d like the gift of 10lbs lighter 🙂 a Union28 tee, and a B&B getaway with my sweetheart! In all seriousness though, I’m one happy woman right now, so blessed!

  179. I would like a winning lottery ticket.

  180. I’d love to have this baby for Christmas. I’m so tired of being, well, tired!

  181. Becky Blankenship says:

    I’d love to have someone come decorate my house for Christmas!! I don’t mean Christmas decorations, I mean just put up some pictures already! It will be 2 years that we’ve been here soon, and still I haven’t really *done* anything decorating-wise!! Just not my thing!

  182. I really want a new desktop computer, mine constantly crashes and locks up

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  183. I would love health for my family for Christmas! I would love peace and happiness! I would love Jesus to come again! The bike looks really fun! My bike is a green Schwinn and is 43 years old!!!!

  184. I’d love a nice radio for my kitchen counter that has great sound and doesn’t take up lots of room!

  185. I’m due with my 2nd child Jan. 5. All I want for Christmas is a smooth delivery and a great start to breastfeeding! 🙂

  186. I just had my 2nd baby, so I would love a quiet Christmas with our little family of four 🙂

  187. If I had the money, I’d splurge on a Kindle Fire for myself. Practically, though, I’d much rather have a job for my husband, before things get any tighter around here.

  188. I really want a mr potato head. My son is getting one for Christmas, and its hiding under my bed – BUT I KEEP PLAYING WITH IT during naptime !

  189. I would love plane tickets for the hubs & I to go visit my oldest son who recently moved to Bermuda for his job!

  190. I’d love a plane ticket to Ohio to see my family.

  191. I would love a new bike to cruise around the neighborhood!

  192. What a great gift guide! I would like some new towels.They don’t seem to last long around here.
    monk5 at charter dot net

  193. Francisca Susanto says:

    For christmas I’d want a vacation 😀

  194. Jennifer Pawlowski says:

    I would love a new camera to take sharp pictures of my sweeties.

  195. I want a stress-free, relaxing day with my family.

    A food processor wouldn’t hurt either…the blender works for most of the things I make, but a food processor would make it so much easier.

  196. Lisa Cameron says:

    I want a drop spindle and DVD showing me how to use it.

  197. I want the coat I know my mom bought me.

  198. Maria perez says:

    A camera would be great.

  199. My baby! He was born last Saturday at 35 weeks due to complications with the pregnancy. He has been in NICU for a week,will spend a minimum of at least another week but could be much longer. I just want him home for Christmas.

  200. For Christmas I would love a real date out with my husband without worrying how much the babysitting and meal costs. We do dates at home, but it’s just not the same as going out. Our last date was in Feb. 🙂 Or I would love a sectional couch that is big enough for our family of 7.

  201. I want my house to sell, my husband to find a new job, and for us to finally move to FL.

  202. Blessed beyond measure, but hoping for measuring cups and spoons! Oh, and stainless steel spatulas. That’s all! 🙂

  203. Vanessa W. says:

    I would really appreciate a day of relaxation. Maybe at a spa or something 😉

  204. A new guitar!

  205. I would love a new computer! I just might catch up on the digital photo books of the kids or at least organise the photos.

  206. I want a necklace.

  207. Charlotte (Shay) Brewer says:

    I really would like to pay off our van. Or if I had to pick something just for me…I really would like some new jeans or a beautiful mommy ring 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

  208. rachelle jones says:

    i would love a circuit for Christmas!

  209. For Christmas I want a cover for my kindle. I’m also going to check out the bike on your list of suggestions. That looks like fun!

  210. I want a relaxed, happy, smiling family.

  211. Stainless Steel measuring cups!

  212. domestic diva says:

    I want cloth diapers for our soon-coming little one. (Pragmatic, but true).

  213. I would like new pots and pans.

  214. I want a compact massage chair. Not one of the toppers you put on a regular chair, but an honest-to-goodness massage chair, that isn’t too big. Does such a thing even exist?

  215. A little quiet time with my husband! So thankful for our little ones, but a real date would be lovely.

  216. I want a Union 28 shirt 😉

    Actually, I’m getting a gift that I’ve waited over 20 years for and that’s the joy of adopting a child! Our 4th son, Keeven, will become an official member of the family on Dec. 14th!

  217. I want to see my family…

  218. I would love some yarn for knitting. I would love some leather boots. I would love a nice winter dress coat. I would love a few books. In addition I would love some new toilets for the bathrooms my husband is redoing.

  219. I want Photo Shop and the Stamp package at Costco…I hate feeling stingy at when mailing stuff! And then maybe I’ll let my kids mail something instead of telling them that stamps are too expensive!

  220. I would really love a new living room set, but not in the works for this year. Soon, maybe!

  221. I want a job for Christmas! I want my husband to love and respect me, I want a happy, healthy family, I want my own diamond ring, I want to make my kids and family happy this Christmas!

  222. I’d really like a pair of warm slippers and a night away by myself. The first I can buy myself if necessary, the second? That takes some coordination!!

  223. I would like the practical things that don’t normally fit in the grocery budget; k-cups, Downy Unstoppables and quinoa! 🙂

  224. I don’t get anything for Christmas cause I will be in the middle of a move due to husband getting moved. So I want this package.

  225. For Christmas I would love all of the family together! As far as a gift, maybe some new clothes! I would live to win one of the items listed above!

  226. I want to see my parents!

  227. Jennifer Harper says:

    I would love a getaway for me and my husband. Nothing big just a little vacation for just me and him. It would be great to focus on each other without the kids sometimes.

  228. A food processor or a pasta machine 🙂

  229. I would love to get a kitten for Christmas.

  230. I would will a Cameo and time to scrapbook.

  231. I want a car!! My poor 1999 Buick LeSabre is on its way out and it is time to trade that puppy in.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  232. All I want for Christmas is for my twins, who are seniors in high school, to get 4-year full ride scholarships to college. 🙂 (And a bag of chocolates for me wouldn’t hurt either!) Thanks for the giveaway!

  233. Gloria Davenport says:

    Thanks! I would like to have a KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Or some new slippers.

  234. Kendyll berggren says:

    I am really hoping for a one hour massage!! Sounds heavenly..

  235. Thanks for the giveaway! For Christmas I just want a quiet night with my hubby 🙂

  236. Ben made me make a Christmas list for him…I had a hard time coming up with things! I’d love a copy of Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook. 🙂

  237. Robin Beal says:

    Wow!! I would love an iPad mini!!! Cool toy!!

  238. I would like to have a personal shopper for a year so that I can take that time and spend it with my family.

  239. An Extreme Home ORGANIZING Make-over!!!! Then everything would have a place and we would all know where to put things.

  240. A bike and a bike trailer to go on bike rides with my 4 kids!

  241. I want my sweet baby girl, who is due in a few weeks, to be healthy and happy! 🙂

  242. A haircut. I haven’t had one in two years. Thanks for the giveaway.

  243. Megan Schuele says:

    A gift certificate for a REALLY GOOD haircut. The kind of thing I would never buy for myself.

  244. I want to sleep in 🙂 That would be the best gift ever!

  245. amanda burke says:

    For Christmas I would like to give my mom some peace and relaxation. She has been taking care of my step grandfather for months and he passed away this week. She needs a rest. I love her so!

  246. An expense paid night out with my hubby.
    But, I’d settle for a pair of rubber boots so that I can go puddle splashing with the kids this spring since they are a much more feasible item.

  247. I would love a bread machine and a compact DSLR camera!

  248. I would very much enjoy a date night with the hubby. Our anniversary is near Christmas and it would just be nice to have a night to ourselves for a change! (And to not have to cook supper and clean it up! HA)

  249. Well, I would love a Bosch kitchen machine, but don’t see it happening this year!

  250. I want a quiet Christmas at home with the family and to go to midnight Mass.

  251. Just to spend the day with my family!

  252. Michelle Gatlin says:

    Look like some great prizes!

  253. Melissa Stout says:

    I’d love a kid free day!

  254. For Christmas, I someone to hand me a work-at-home job that provides the same income I have now, and allows me to be a mom all at the same time!!!! 🙂

  255. All the trim finished in my living room and around my hearth!

  256. Rochelle B. says:

    I would love to get a sewing machine for Christmas.

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