Get Out and Play!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Quaker Oats for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Just yesterday I received this text from a friend: “And summer has arrived!!! The boys racing to the pool. (They were too fast for me to snap a picture!) The junior high girls casually walking strutting their shades! Aren’t we lucky to live in this small town.”

Yes! Yes, we are!

We’ve been out of school for a week, and it has been constant bikes in my yard, pick up ballgames of every sort, doors open and shut in rapid fire motion, and snacks flying out of the pantry and fridge. When it’s not raining, that is.

It’s a perpetual play date around here, friends!

I love it, though. With baseball tournaments this weekend and next, VBS every morning next week, 3 evening ballgames and 3 practices to prepare, sometimes our summer schedule has me spinning. But when the kids can just run and play and laugh? When they can be “free range?” That is the stuff of summer!


Last week Quaker challenged our family to have a Family Play Date with others. Once the rain eased up (what is with all the rain lately?!) it was game on! I’m not fancy (you’d never guess, right?) so it was simply a matter pulling our our new toys in the sunshine and shouting, “Have fun!” Even the baby got in on some bubble action.


Our competitive big boys (you have no idea!) played Bocce Ball, one of my all-time family favorites. There’s room for plenty of competition, but even my littles understand the rules and can toss their ball in the right direction.


When they got hungry, I tossed some Quaker® Chewy® Granola Bars on the picnic table and let them have at it! Granola bars are a hassle-free snack that provide families with the fuel they want to help keep playing and sharing the fun together. Quaker Chewy Granola Bars contain 8 grams of whole grains in every bar and come in fun flavors like Chocolate Chip, S’mores, and Oatmeal Raisin. There’s something for everyone!


To help inspire families’ playtime together and fuel fun, Quaker is inviting parents to participate in its Keep Playing! With Chewy promotion for a chance to win $25,000 to make over their family’s play space. To enter, visit and submit a photo of your family’s favorite play space along with how you would like to see that space made over and why. (We have a big yard ~ 3 town lots ~ with ZERO landscaping and no play set. Maybe I’ll enter!)


Want to laugh at my expense? I took a couple dozen photos for this post while my kids were out playing. It was sunny and VERY difficult to even see my screen as I was snapping away. When I got inside to scroll through and make sure I captured some good ones, this is what I found.


Two dozen DRAWINGS/SKETCHES of our playdate! Ha! It was funny only because I could go out and take more photos, after I figured out how to correct whatever crazy settings the 2yo managed to set on my phone. Oy!

I have something super fun for one of my readers, courtesy of Quaker. Want to win a Quaker Chewy Playdate Kit?

You’ll receive a $100 Quaker Chewy Playdate Kit featuring a variety of indoor and outdoor play items, including:

  • A Chewy Playdate invitation pack to plan your next playdate
  • A classic Bocce Ball set for endless hours of outdoor summer play (our favorite!)
  • A Gazillion Bubble Monsoon bubble machine for the whole family to enjoy
  • Sidewalk chalk set to get creative outdoors
  • A puzzle perfect for indoor or outdoor play
  • A red storage bin for storing your family’s favorite toys
  • A NERF Bash Ball for easy family fun
  • A variety of Chewy Granola Bars to help fuel family play, including, Big Chewy Sweet Salty Bars and Chewy Granola Bars Variety Pack

To enter, simply leave a comment. Any comment will do, but I’d love to hear about how your crew stays entertained during the summer. How would you design your perfect play place if you won the $25,000 contest? (Can you even imagine?!)

Giveaway ends Friday, June 5. Winner will be notified by email.

Quaker is providing the prizes for this program at no cost to me. This program is not administered or sponsored by Quaker or its affiliates, but solely by

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  1. Those granola bars are my weakness 🙂 I don’t know what I do to keep the kids entertained. They play, like yours it sounds like 🙂

  2. Mary Johnson says:

    My kids love those granola bars ! We ride bikes, sidewalk chalk swing etc I would love to fix my backyard!!

  3. bikes, balls, and books

  4. Heather says:

    No, I can’t imagine…for $25,000 I’d want to do a lot more than a play set…more raised beds (for playing in the dirt), fruit trees (for climbing), see they’d all be for the kids, right? We stay entertained playing in the sandbox and the swing set and twice a month park days with our homeschool group.

  5. My crew would love the bocce ball set.

  6. We brought our 4th baby home on the last day of school. It’s a back yard summer for us. My oldest boys would love Bocce and my 2 year old son would love the bubble machine.

  7. We like to go camping. Bringing along outdoor toys is always fun.

  8. How fun! We live in Florida, so we pretty much stay in the pool all summer to avoid this heat! And Quaker granola bars are a favorite around our house. My boys just don’t get as excited about the generic ones. 🙂

  9. We do a lot of the same things….play with bubbles, balls, jump ropes, big wheels, chalk, etc. I also try to take them to a real playground at least once a week as we don’t have any playground equipment at our house.

  10. Charity says:

    We love to do lots of free activities…library summer reading program, parks, parks and more parks.

  11. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    As a mom to four children we stay busy throughout the summer by visiting the neighborhood pool and going to our local parks. It looks like you guys had so much fun! Thanks for the chance.

  12. Amanda N says:

    We love sidewalk chalk. Our deck has constant decoration from all the playdates during summer.

  13. We have a great network of trails in our area, so we go on family bike rides. Right now the kids aren’t embarrassed to be seen in public with us, but in five years they won’t be so willing to ride!!

  14. The kids AND harvest crew would love the granola bars! 🙂 And, we’ve never played bocce ball…. sounds fun!

  15. Our Library has fun activities all summer for all different ages and every Friday night they show a movie in the park. It’s so fun to spread a blanket, pack some snacks and enjoy a summer evening!

  16. Lots of water/sprinkler time! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Christie says:

    Bubbles, chalk, and water!

  18. Lots of parks, outdoor time, and playdates for my busy toddler! Our yard needs a lot of help too, it is just a weedy, rocky mess. Oh well!

  19. Our summer plan has lots of time for the library, park, and trips to grandma’s 😉

  20. We love playing on the back porch. A little pool to cool off in and chalk on the concrete!

  21. Myeshia U. says:

    We have had the most fun so far at the library and at the park. I think we may do a park hop at some point!

  22. Rebecca S. says:

    We love summer days! Our favorites are running through the sprinklers, playing with the new puppy or goats, and swinging. Thanks

  23. Doreen sowers says:

    Pool, library activities, playing with neighbors, park and vbs!

  24. We love spending time outdoors. We usually start summer with a camping trip. We love to ride bikes, play softball, hike, eat meals outside, swim, anything to enjoy the fresh air.

  25. Jenny Z says:

    Oh! Our backyard is falling apart, everything needs fixed at once. We currently have no play set either! They love riding bikes, sidewalk chalk, volleyball, etc!

  26. This summer i am not planning anything. We are going to go unstructured with as little screen time as possible. My kids are going to be bored (purposely) and they will need to use their imaginations to have fun.

  27. Still have 7 more days of school here and then it will be lots of playing outside with friends, going to the pool, and local amusement park.
    My kids range in age from 10 months to 8 years so it sounds like there would be something for everyone in this prize pack!

  28. It gets hot here, so lots of sprinkler and water play for us! 🙂

  29. i have never played bocce ball, but have always wanted to.

  30. Melissa says:

    Bikes, bikes, bikes!!

  31. I can’t say enough about having a playscape. With more funds? Oh, the things we could create! That’s my favorite place to send the kiddos in the summer. They climb, swing, slide, read, create, plant, etc. Perfect! 🙂

  32. Jessica says:

    We spend a lot of time outside in the summer. We have a swing set and sand box that our 3 year old loves 🙂

  33. Kimberly says:

    We spend as much time in the yard as possible. My toddlers love their play house, slide and water table. I think they would be very impressed with the bubble machine!

  34. shelly peterson says:

    We love to go to the park and play ball and go swimming. This would be great to win to keep the kids entertained this summer.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  35. We love playing in the back yard, and going to the library.

  36. It is all about bikes, music lessons, chores, ice cream and friends.

  37. We go swimming at my parent’s pool, VBS, ride bikes, go to parks, go to the North GA mountains to cool off. I would put in a sandbox, playset, veggie and flower garden and have lots of kids and families over!

  38. We love camping in early summer (before it’s too hot), and spend lots of time swimming, reading books, and going on fun family day trips. 🙂 Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, balls and games make summer so much fun — growing up Bocce ball was a favorite, I need to introduce it to my family! 😀

  39. We just discovered Bocce ball a couple of years ago and now it’s a favorite to pull out during summer and camping trips! adding granola bars would just make it that much better for the kids!

  40. Corrie Gerrity says:

    My kids would love this.

  41. Rebecca says:

    I cannot even imagine what I would do with the $25,000! Mind boggling! I don’t entertain my children on purpose, I think they need to use their minds and abilities to do that. But our summers are full of fun and intentional learning. We do a little bit of school to keep fresh (would hate to forget our multiplication tables or waste free time but not reading all summer), we swim (we have a pool), we garden, play outside, a few softball tournaments, tennis lessons, VBS, camp, sleep in, catch lightening bugs, tye-dye tshirts, eat ice cream for lunch….just have fun and enjoy my kids!

  42. My two middle boys are playing summer baseball.

  43. Kelly Hess says:

    I love the fact that there is always a basketball game going on in our driveway or a soccer game in the front yard!

  44. Hmmm….$25,000?!? Think I could get an inground pool, a fancy wooden playground & a zip line for that?

    We love going to the beach on these lazy summer days.

  45. Hannah Beth Reid says:

    Love the unexpected pictures!
    This summer my two big kids have swimming lessons at the local rec center with a 30 minute break in between, so I hope we get to play at the park next to the pool during that time!

  46. Abigail Gunter says:

    We have a small backyard so my kids love sidewalk chalk and they especially love our water table that we fill with dishsoap bubbles or they make a restaurant and create all kinds of mixtures to serve to each other.

  47. Cheryl V says:

    Our oldest is close to driving (yikes!) so I’m sure we will be practicing a lot. We are also helping with VBS , reading, biking, camping, and trying to stay cool. Happy Summer!

  48. Melissa M says:

    We love to go camping and fishing.

  49. Our boys just love to be outside; thankfully we live in the country, so there’s plenty of spce, as well as chores to do too.

  50. amy williams says:

    I would make a place for the whole family, my backyard is just plain so there is nothing for us to do. I would have a basket ball court, and a big play area and make and area where the whole family could come over because I would have a big grill area for my husband.

  51. Katherine says:

    We love to spend the summer reading and swimming.

  52. We’re spending about 9 weeks out of town this summer for my husband’s music teaching gigs. How DO I keep two small children occupied, away from home, in three different locations, with three different schedules?

    Walks, food, playgrounds, shopping, crafts, books. I’m sure we’ll all survive, somehow.

    • Oh my goodness. THAT is an adventure! (I need pictures before your little ones grow up and leave the home!)

  53. We also have a big backyard in a tiny town. Our kids and the neighbor love to dig in the dirt, ride bikes, play on the swing set, etc. Love summer!

  54. Laura Oller says:

    We made a loose daily schedule like Water Wednesday and Adventure Friday. It helps me say yes to fun and gives the kids structure and something to look forward to. It also gives me permission to say no, we will do that ____day.

  55. I have 4 kids ages 8, 6, 3 and 7 months. We go to the library, the zoo, the park, free splash park and then lots of free time in the back yard. The amount of snacks we go through now that everyone is home is crazy.

  56. Amy Schaffer says:

    I love summertime! We love at stay busy with lots of family time, water play, and books!

  57. We spend lots of time on baseball and soccer fields in the summer and it seems that when there is downtime, we tend to do more of the same as well as bike rides, reading, etc. We love, love, love the “unstructuredness” of summer, even though my husband and I still have to go to work!

  58. We spend our summers trying to take advantage of whatever free things are in the area – library activities, free movies, free bowling, parks, etc. I try to remember each day that I am trying to make memories and they won’t be little for long – that helps me (mostly) keep my sanity. 😉

  59. We are huge fans of the local splash pad. The library is also great for those hot days when you just don’t want to be outside.

  60. Laura J says:

    We love to theme our playdates with family and friends! We love to make fun snacks in our theme and make up games to play with things we have on hand! Love to recycle things! Always have so much fun and make wonderful memories in the process!

  61. My kids love chewy bars! 🙂 We go to the library, park, carnival, just play outside, baby pool and do crafts to stay busy during the summer.

  62. We spend the summer trying to stay cool! Playing in the sprinkler, swimming in the pool, and visiting our library.

  63. Sherri Y. says:

    We just bought a new house with a beautiful wooded backyard. Unfortunately, no play set like our old house 🙁 So for now, they get to use their imaginations & sticks 🙂

  64. Elisabeth says:

    We love to visit our state parks and go hiking!

  65. yuliana arriaga (lovely love) says:

    love to play football soccer only one hour per day with my son

  66. We have summer reading program at the library and swimming lessons at the lake, but other than that the kids keep themselves occupied digging in the dirt and chasing each other around the yard. If only they would feed themselves too. I guess I need to get some granola bars!

  67. Jessica N. says:

    Vbs, books, and anything outside! (Pool, swing-set, chalk, etc.) The kiddos enjoy “helping” water the garden/flowers– my 2yo especially enjoys giving the flowers a “drink,” as she refers to it.

  68. We like to camp and attend summer library programs, play ball, and the kids keep themselves entertained outside in the sandbox, biking, climbing trees, and going on adventures in our field!

  69. This Grandma loves granola bars!! Would love to win and get my backyard ready for my grandkids….swing set, baby pool, sandbox, garden area to grow things. Back in the day our boys were busy playing any sport they could talk their friends into playing, going to the library for Summer Reading, 4-H projects, swimming(except for the summer my oldest broke his wrist), visiting the Big Well at Greensburg, catching fireflys……

  70. Rebecca Schlabach says:

    My girls love to swim! We only have a 12 foot pool, but they spend hours in there. Also riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline, sandbox, swings and bubbles.

  71. We like to go outside and keep active, go on hikes, play outside, and garden

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