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Get Moving {A Fresh Start}

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A Fresh Start ~  from AmysFinerThings.com

As I type this, I’m sitting in the library doing my monthly volunteer hours.  Twice already I’ve been asked if I walked here, because “we didn’t see a car and thought the library was closed.”  Oh.  Also, it’s 27° outside.  (And yes, there have only been two people in the library this morning.)

Yes.  I walked.  Don’t be impressed, as the library is a mere two blocks from home.  Even my coffee survived the trek.  😉

Last week I giggled at a “city” friend’s Facebook status:  “You know it’s January when the gym parking lot is full at 2pm.  Keep it up, America!”


It’s that time of year!  Without any research I’m pretty sure losing weight and/or getting healthy tops many a New Year’s Resolution list, as well it should.  {ahem}  Also without any research, I’m guessing that’s the resolution most often dropped.

It’s too expensive to join the gym.  Exercise is boring.  I can’t fit it into my day.  There’s no time.  I have nowhere to exercise.  It hurts.  It’s too hard. 

Yada.  Yada.  Yada.

Here’s the thing.  Unless you need a special regimen to prepare yourself for some ironman triathlon or other (you go!) the key is to get moving.  That’s all.

Walk instead of drive.  March or do crunches while watching your favorite show.  Chase the kids up and down the jungle gym at the playground, or utilize the walking path while they play.  Take the baby for a walk in the stroller, or strap her to you and do some lunges.

Borrow an exercise dvd from the library, then swap it for a different one when you get bored.  Wear a pedometer and keep moving until you hit 10,000 steps in a day.  Make date night a bicycle ride night.  Chat with your BFF on a power walk instead of around a fast food table.

I get that we’re busy.  I get that it’s cold outside.  I get that it’s hard to get up early.  I get that the day disappears without intentional exercise.  Been there, done that.  (and still doing it some days!)

But really?  It’s all excuses.  Some valid, others way lame.   I don’t care how you make time.  I don’t care when you do it.  It doesn’t matter to me if you shell out for a gym membership or don’t pay a penny.  I do want you to move, though, because it’s good for you!  I care about you and want you to be healthy and strong for yourself and your family!

How will you get moving this year?  (What works for you?  Or… what do you hope will work for you?  Share some ideas!)