Get it Together ~ Day 13 Check In

Well, how’s it going?  Are you getting it together? 

Obviously, our week at the hospital thwarted my big plans a bit, but in the end I was where I needed to be, doing what I needed to do.  That’s the ultimate goal, right?  😉   My problem this week has been re-entry.  It’s amazing to me how my momentum screeches to a halt and I end up back at ground zero.  I’ve kept my head above water this week, but am certainly not making progress.

Get it Together Fails

  • Not sure I’ve been to bed before 11 all week.  My goal is 10:00.
  • I’ve been getting up when the kids get up.  That is not working for the morning productivity. (surprise surprise)
  • I didn’t get any extra cleaning done this week.  (It’s not going away…)
  • Exercise?  What’s that?  Does chasing the toddler count?
  • Quiet time/devotional/reading… non-existent this week.  (Oh, the shame.)

Get it Together Successes

  • My husband helped me work hard last weekend once we got home to catch up on some things (laundry, kitchen, etc.) so my week could start less stressful.
  • I tried to keep first things first (more on that soon) and spent significant time chasing the toddler outside and reading lots of “Kkkkkkkkkkkk” (books, for those who don’t do toddler-speak)
  • I’ve got cooked pintos and extra veggie beef soup in the freezer, along with some chicken.  We used our food well this week.
  • I co-presented a coupon workshop Monday night.  Never mind that I typed up my notes just 5 hours in advance.
  • I made good on my own challenge to do something and mailed a package to a friend recovering from surgery.

Immediate Goals

  • In bed by 10, up by 6.
  • Start the day with encouraging words from The Word
  • Do something with the 40 pounds of apples I bought this week.  Yes… I did.
  • Chop and freeze the rest of the bell peppers before they go bad.
  • Clear the clutter on the desk and window table.

Join me?  Let’s encourage each other in our Get it Together efforts.  What went well?  What… notsomuch?  😉  What do you want to change for next week?

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  1. Amy,

    Well, I must say. So nice to see another mom struggling like me. I mean, not glad that you are struggling :-), but glad that I am not alone.

    I have been getting to bed WAY too late this week and my clutter, while getting better, still needs a TON of work. My husband keeps reminding me that I can’t do everything. He’s right.

    Blessings on you and your home. Go easy on yourself.


  2. Amy,

    i’ve been trying to get it together for a long time! It seems I start making strides towards having it together and then something happens that throws me off completely!

    Right now I’m trying to get things together and streamline my household chores, meal planning, etc. to hopefully make the transition to two kiddos easier for our entire family! I’ve spent the last few weeks feeling so discouraged and like I’d never be able to get anything together. After praying specifically with my husband Wednesday evening, I’m feeling recharged and not so overwhelmed with some of the things that I was beating myself up over.

    And, I’m realizing there is no such thing as really having it together, at least not all together! 🙂

    Thanks for the encouragement through this series. Since you’re transparently sharing your moments of having it not so together, it’s showing me that I’m really not the only one struggling! 🙂

    • “And, I’m realizing there is no such thing as really having it together, at least not all together!” Oh my goodness, SO very true!

  3. This is great. I need to get me a list of successes to help motivate myself. It is the finer things that make or break my days. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Just found your site…love the idea of the 31 day challenge! I just might try it too.

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