Garden Beginnings

If you’ve been reading here much at all, you know I’m a fledgling gardener.  Last summer, guided by my generous neighbors, we had fun planting and harvesting potatoes and onions (wanted to start with a sure thing).  After we dug those up early in July we capitalized on our already prepared growing area and tried our hand at tomatoes and bell peppers. Success!  And… fun!

This year we are expanding, considering in the process some helpful advice from my blog readers.  With the windows thrown open to the spring breeze last week, the churning of our neighbor’s rototiller lured us out to the garden.

It is time!  Our garden areas are side by side, separated only by a few white posts that supported the fence that used to divide our properties.  Grinning as, one by one, my children settled into the newly tilled dirt with their little rakes and shovels, our neighbor gave me the raised eyebrow that asked “Want me to do your side, too?”  Seriously!  It was just that easy to tackle garden tilling – round one.

We all got in on the action.  Lance put pressure on the front end of the tiller, encouraging it to tear up grass and roots to expand our planting area.  I then yanked at roots while the kids dug to China.

Meanwhile, my blogging friend Phoebe has been busy planting and nurturing her Heirloom seeds. It seems she had a few extra, and how blessed am I that she sent me some! Here they are, soaking on the kitchen counter.

Yesterday the kids and I got busy planting seeds in our miniature greenhouse.  I’ve not had much luck with seeds in the past… between the “oops, I lost that one” and the finger poking and the flooding over-watering I figure if 1/2 of them sprout we’ll break out the happy dance.

I didn’t have any plastic thingies (told ya, novice gardener) that would remind me what I planted where, so I improvised. Using shiny star stickers, I labeled a piece of paper with each seed name and then put a matching star by the seeds in the greenhouse.

As long as my cheat sheet stays with the greenhouse, and the 30 little fingers in our home don’t disrupt the order of the stickers, we should be good to go.

I am absolutely grateful today for our neighbors and awesome blogging friends who gave me helpful gardening advice and even some seeds!  Visit Laura’s blog for more Gratituesday.

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  1. Great gardening tackle:-)

  2. how fun! we’re not quite warm enough to garden yet….

  3. Seedlings! I love them! Last year I didn’t have the little plastic thingies either so I improvised – toothpicks, paper and tape. I cut a little strip of paper, wrote the plant name, wrapped the paper around the toothpick to make a flag, and sealed it with some tape. They survived til the plants went in the ground. They also helped hold up the plastic wrap on one of the containers that didn’t have a hard top for incubating the seeds.

  4. What a great start for a garden!

  5. Great tackle! I’ve got the garden fever too!! That banana melon sounds interesting.

  6. Wow, what a great neighbor! Can’t wait to see how your garden turns out this year.

  7. Thou shalt not covet right? I am having a tough time on this one. We are at least 2 months away from planting here. I hope everyone grows.

  8. Can you tell me more about your miniature greenhouse? My seeds just came in the mail yesterday. Now you’ve gone and inspired me to plant them with the kiddies when I get home tonight!

  9. How awesome of your neighbor to help till your garden!

    Hope all goes well with your seedlings.

  10. I try a little gardening every year, and every year we end up with tomatoes only. 😉 Oh well…

    Looks like you’ll have a few mystery plants in the end. I tease cuz I know how it goes!

  11. It’s to cold to do anything outside but I will be starting my starter seeds.

  12. Great job! I’m impressed with your little helpers, too! 🙂

  13. I have to tell you Amy, if you read my post you will see why I am SO JEALOUS right now!

  14. I’m jealous. We are having more snow today and gardening is a long way off in my future. This will be my first year having a garden and I’m looking forward to it.

  15. Congrats on starting your garden! I have a brown thumb but my son has been talking about wanting to plant tall blue flowers so I may have to give it another go. Love the picture of your kids playing in the garden.

  16. Great job, Amy! 😀 I can’t wait to get ours started, too. 😀

  17. Oh ya! I love planting seeds. If the weather is nice this weekend I hope to get my snow peas and spinach planted. I can’t wait!

  18. Yea for a garden, and love the greenhouse technique. We are going to plant our garden next week I think.

  19. Thanks for the motivating push to get some seeds started. I still have another month or so before I can even think about real gardening as snowdrops are just up around here. You might consider lasagna gardening in the future to make your garden no-till.

  20. How exciting to be starting your garden! I am hoping and praying for us to be ready by next year. Sounds like you have the same experience with seeds as I do! But I am determined as I want to grow heirlooms as well. Good luck!

  21. Funny you thought potatoes and onions were a “sure thing.” LOL, we haven’t grown them yet because of doubting how they would do! We usually stick to tomatoes and cucumbers but I’m hoping we can branch out a little more this year.


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