Future Homekeeper

She loves to help. When I stall my own eye-rolling and this is going to be a mess attitude, I let her.  And I see it.

I see the pride in helping mama.

I see the contentment in working side-by-side with me.

I see the enthusiasm in completing an assigned task.

I see the joy in a job well done.

I see the fun in my own mundane duties.

Viewing life through her binoculars works for me!

Do your small children like to help around the house?  What are their favorite tasks?

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  1. YES!! My almost 4 year old daughter LOVES to “make” with Mommy. Like you, once I steel myself for the mess and the delay in the process, it is so sweet to have her help me. I try to let her mix things. I bought a set of Pampered Chef small wooden spoons and they are perfect for her.

  2. Oh, thanks for the kick in the pants (I mean encouragement). My kids love to help too but I usually scoot them out in favor of speedy completion. (Bad me)

  3. Absolutely!! Love your attitude! And she looks like a fantastic helper! Even though I only have a one year old he does help…if you count getting in and out of the dishwasher as I’m unloading it, pulling flour out of the fridge and onto the floor when I open the door, opening all of the cabinet doors, etc. I figure, he’s learning and having fun!

  4. My oldest, Ava, is very task-oriented and loves to be by my side every moment. So, I have learned to help it work for both of us!! Since she looooooves helping, I let her! She helps me cook, empty the dishwasher, “ordonize” the pantry closet (which consists of pulling all the canned goods out and putting them back in—un-“ordonized”, I might add), setting the table, wiping the table…….oh, the list could go on. At four, she’s an amazing helper and LOVES to do it………Works for me!!! 🙂

  5. Loved finding your blog…A night of blog hopping….Hope you will stop by and visit me….Enjoyed reading your blog tonight…


  6. What a good reminder! I needed it!

  7. Oh, my wee ones love to work and help, too. And, lately, all the messes they have made whne “helping” have paid off in that, having made them and learned they can be “helpers”, theya re now (even at 2 and 4) more ready to take initiative to help. After making a crumb mess just yesterday, my son grabbed the vaccuum and got ready to clean it up. My daughter readily takes broom and dustpan in hand at (2) to do ehr best at cleaning up. And spray bottles and cloths are a favorite! Plus cooking! Your psot has inspried me to get back to my Food Labs (as I post about at our traininghappyhearts.blogspot.com blog). I have let them get busied out too long, and the kids do love to cook. Thank you for your inspiration! Hope your daughter keeps helping and you keep the right lenses on when she does. 🙂

  8. This is so true! They love to help, my daughter just turned 4 and she’s a pretty good stirring and plastic-knife-chopper.

  9. So very very true, my kids love to help.

  10. My 4 yo niece loves to help with laundry! I drop it onto the dryer door and she pushes it into the dryer. I used to use sorting the laundry to teach/practice colors also. She’s not so keen on folding though…

  11. Both my daughters love to help me bake. My youngested helped with the crust of my latest Ironcupcake win:-)

  12. That is great! I did the same with my daughter, yesterday. Putting aside my “this is going to be a mess” and let her “wash the lunch dishes. Yes, I had to “re-wash” them after her. But, oh the joy and pride she exuded when she was done. 🙂

  13. Michelle B says:

    Jack loves to help unload the dishwasher with me. Sure, it takes me twice as long but I know he likes helping me. But, I do wait to load it until he’s busy. Otherwise, he tries to unload everything I just put in…lol.

  14. Sweet picture and wonderful reminder for me to slow down and let the kids help.

  15. She is so cute! I love how she was trying to help when we were in your kitchen. 😀 Definitely a future homekeeper!! 😀

  16. My kids love to help around the house. My 3 and 5 year olds sort laundry and my 8 year old takes out the trash. They all help load the dishwasher from time to time and each puts their own clothes away.

    Kids helping does work for me! 🙂

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