FTF: When Cyber Friends Become Real Life Friends


In a completely spontaneous, rapid-fire emailing, quick-decision making turn of events, I got to spend Tuesday with two of my favorite bloggers!  See?!

While Laura and I did meet at a birthday party once (Laura may remember nothing aside from her cooler ride that evening…), Crystal and I had been trying, unsuccessfully, to set up a get together for months.  But with her sweet, 3-week-old baby and her precious girlies in tow, she made the trip to Tiny Town to join us for a day of park-playing, picnicing, and visiting.  So much fun!

Check this out. See one of Laura’s guys in the back there, holding up his picnic lunch? Proud of that frozen pizza, oh yes he was. 😉 And me? I think all the kids want to come back to Miss Amy’s house, because I had snacks… pre-packaged, high fructose corn syrup laden, granola bar snacks.

Not such a proud moment for me, but for all of you who were wondering, I’ll let you in on a little secret.  Laura and Crystal are real mommies. I know! Real mommies with real (very well behaved) children (who sometimes eat not-so-healthy food) who talk about average, ordinary, real things.  How about that?!

Laura and I had a little email contest challenge discussion about who would get to hold Silas first.  She won, but only because I was tending to a minor batting injury.  (Kids:  never walk behind someone who is carrying a bat.  They don’t know you are there.  They might swing the bat and hit your nose.  It will bleed.  Yuck!)

Anyhow, I still got my baby fix.  He is a sweetie!

It’s a Finer Thing when blogging, cyber-friends get together and become real life friends!

So… who’s next?  I’d love to meet you all!  Want to come to Tiny Town?!  😉

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  1. Awww, I’m jealous! In a good way, not in a breaking the 10 commandments sort of way. Glad you all got to meet up!

  2. So glad you got to meet up…I hope it’s a regular event for you guys! Our group here can’t seem to go 2 weeks without planning an event! It’s been a HUGE blessing and support to me!

    Can’t wait to read about the next one!

  3. I’m so happy ya’ll got to meet up!!!

    I love our local network of bloggy friends who are now some of my dearest friends! We share so many of the same interests and values. God ordained it all and I consider myself so blessed to know each of them!!

    I hope you girls get to come together more often!! Even with those high fructose syrup snacks 🙂

  4. and I guess my girl (Erin) was commenting when I was too!!! She’s one of those gems I was talking about!! hehe

  5. Sounds like a great day!

  6. many of my bloggy friends have turned into IRL friends too! great to have that support and friendship.

    Love baby silas…he is a doll! Ya’ll look GREAT!

  7. First, I’d like to thank you again for reminding everyone about my “cooler ride”. We certainly wouldn’t want anyone to forget it.

    Second, let’s remind everyone that I GOT TO HOLD SILAS FIRST!!!!

    Third, I loved every minute of my time with you. Thanks so much for putting it all together!

  8. How awesome is that? Ok, so I am a little jealous too. Thank you for exposing the deep, dark secret about those *real mommies*.

    I would love to visit Tiny Town, someday! Meeting bloggy friends is indeed, a finer thing!

  9. Very fun… I am on an airplane to Texas on Saturday morning to meet up with one of my cyber-friends who became a “live” friend years ago. Can’t wait!!

    Glad you ladies all had such a fun time!

  10. So fun! Now how can I figure out something I simply must do in Kansas . . . :>) I really need to put more time into thinking about FTF – I never can think of anything when Friday rolls around!

  11. One day I will make my way to Tiny Town! So far I have yet to find any bloggers that are close to me.

    Definitely a finer thing to meet bloggy friends. Still jealous… 🙂

  12. How cool is that! What a wonderful way to spend a sunny day!

  13. So great you got to meet up in real life! How fun!

  14. What a wonderful Finer Thing! I so wish I lived closer to some of the wonderful bloggy gals I’ve met online. Thanks for sharing the fun pictures, too! 🙂

  15. I’m so glad you got to get together and hang out! I absolutely loved meeting bloggers a couple weeks ago while at Disney (Andrea was one of the highlights!) It was great putting faces to names and really getting to know them out from behind the screen. Yay for bloggy meetups!

  16. What fun! I am glad that you guys were able to get together! It is special when OLFs become RLFs!

  17. It was so fun to *finally* meet you, Amy!

    I’ll take HFCS-laden granola bars and frozen pizza any day it means I get to spend it with you. 🙂

  18. I would love love love to meet a blogger in real life someday! Any mom bloggers in the Northeast? 🙂 Glad you guys got to meet up and have fun. Little Silas is SOOO sweet I love his green striped shirt!

  19. I’m amazed that you all figured out you lived in the same area! What a treat to meet online friends. You all look so young! I keep thinking that some of the blogs I read must be more seasoned mommies than me b/c you have such wisdom to share. What a fun day!

  20. Oh, how true! I was so excited to meet Toni and Kate last February. I’ve met so many great bloggy friends in the last year. Wish I could meet all of them IRL too!

    If you’re ever down Texas way…

  21. You are lucky!

    It looks like a wonderful day! God bless!

  22. Looks like you all had a great time!! Little envious y’all live that close to one another! Great memories is what it’s all about!

  23. Sounds like alot of fun! How neat to finally meet up:)

  24. Wow, what a blessing it must have been to enjoy the time together. New friends, babies and sunshiny days at the park are all definitly finer things aren’t they?

    I’ve just subscribed to your blog…it looks great!

  25. Oh yes, I’m with Toni in the jealous in a completely Godly sort of way. How fun..I wish I had more bloggers close by. Such fun. :)But I am going to plan something in NC this summer…unfortunately a really long way from tiny town. 🙂
    And I need to stop doing my frugal FAshionista things on Friday so I can link up for your neat finer things meme….I love it. 🙂

  26. Sounds fun! What a treat!
    Darling baby!

  27. how fun!
    I also have a 3 week old baby and he has the same blanket 🙂

  28. So glad y’all got to meet up! We still need to get together. I’m thinking we might need to take a trip to the farm. 😀

  29. I love meeting bloggy friends in real life and I’m blessed to have two absolutely wonderful blogging mamas in my area that I am proud to call friends: http://metropolitanmama.net/2009/05/national-moms-nite-out-2009tucson-style/.

    P.S. I can’t believe Cathy just had a baby three weeks ago. She looks fantastic. 🙂


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