Frugal Gardening: Mid-Summer Updates from Around the Web

Pretty sure I’ve been out to my garden just three times in the last week, rendering me useless for any update of my own!  Here’s what I learned from some of last week’s link ups.  Enjoy!

SarahElisabeth’s son has been busy calculating the cost effectiveness of their garden. What a great practical learning opportunity!


Gardening with Littles is the topic over at Church Mouse.  “The goal is to keep them busy doing productive (rather than destructive) things when they want to get involved in what you are doing.”

It never occurred to me to keep a running tally of garden expenses and estimated “harvest total value.”   Great idea from Frugal Experiments.

Growing in His Glory offers up 10 ways to use up a squash surplus.

And finally, go ahead and click through to see Jackie’s picturesque garden at Blessings Overflowing.  Absolutely beautiful!

Be sure to check out my friends’ gardens over at Getting Freedom and Smockity Frocks, then link up your own!



  1. I’m really enjoying watching all the gardens grow. I have just a two tomato plants and two pepper plants growing in pots. I’ve only got one sunny corner and black walnut trees that keep me from growing any more than that. But I dream while I visit all the gardening links….

  2. Thanks so much for linking to my blog, Amy! We are getting quite a few zucchini now and some cucumbers. Plus, I picked over a gallon of green beans. Now is when all of the work starts paying off. 🙂

  3. We went to children’s camp for several days and then had family visit and so I also have not been able to go out to the garden each day like I like to.
    It’s getting really hot here and so alot of the veggies have slowed down their production.

    Thanks for hosting each week, I love seeing what everyone else is growing.

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