Frugal Gardening: I can’t use all my seeds, so I’m giving some away!

The good news?  There are seeds planted in my garden! The better news?  I have more seeds than I know what to do with, so I’m gonna share! Want some?

After my miserable fail of a garden last summer (I was very pregnant and it was very hot.  So there.) I decided to ease back into it with fewer plants that are pretty much no-brainers.  Last weekend I gathered my crew and we got dirty!

Coach made 8 “hills” for us on one side of the garden.  We planted 2 hills of zucchini, 2 hills of pickling cucumbers, 1 hill of eggplant (much to the dismay of our oldest and the delight of one neighbor — I told him I’d plant it if he’d fix us supper with it), and 1 hill of Texas Indian Moschata Squash.  Honestly, I have no idea what that even is, but it was in our organic seeds stash, so we’re going to try it!

For the mathematicians in the group, that’s only six filled hills.  I know.  With the other two, I’m hoping to plant some summer squash.  Need to put that on the next shopping list.

We also planted a short row of Thai Green Lettuce.  And that’s it!  (So far.)  I need to find some sweet bell pepper plants and jalapeno plants.  Not even going to attempt those from seed.  While we were out, my neighbor was planting more lettuce and okra, so we’re covered there.  We always have volunteer tomato plants pop up (plum?  cherry?) and he’s purchased a few other tomato plants to go in.  What’s a garden without fresh, juicy tomatoes?!

And now for the fun.  I want to share some of the 25 packs of Seeds of Change organic seeds I bought for $4.99.  I’ll never use them all!

Here’s what I have to share:

  • Sweet Valentine Lettuce (Open – you get what’s left that my 3yo did NOT dump out.)
  • Garlic Chives
  • Motherwort
  • Rocky Mountain Penstemon (zones 4-9)
  • Cinnamon (Mexican Spice) Basil (Hmmm, looks like this package is opened, too.  Wonder who did that?!)
  • Early Palla Rossa Radicchio
  • Persian Anise Basil
  • Texas Indian Moschata Squash (Open – I used a few of these seeds, but don’t need them all.)
  • Black Eggplant (Open – I’ll count on us not loving it enough to be sorry we didn’t plant more.)  😉
  • Peruvian Purple Chile
  • Victoria Sage (zones 7-10)
  • Integrata De Wild Lettuce

If I can find some of those itty bitty ziplock bags, I’d be happy to split seeds among winners.  Otherwise, you get the whole bag.  If you’re interested, just leave a comment with up to three choices. (If you’re reading this by email, please click the post title and leave a comment on the actual post.)  I’ll randomly pick 5 winners on Monday, April 25, and we’ll go from there.  This is not a sponsored giveaway, so you’re just going to have to deal with whatever seed-giving method I come up with.  Sound good?  (Oh!  Nearly forgot.  Of course you may gain an extra entry or two by sharing this giveaway on facebook, twitter, and/or your own blog.  Just leave a comment for each.)

Don’t forget to visit Getting Freedom and Smockity Frocks to see what’s growing in their gardens this week.  Phoebe has a great tutorial up for building a Potting Table.  Clever!

What’s growing in your garden? Link up so we can check it out! Please link back here so other gardeners can join in on the fun.

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  1. Hey Amy.. what a cute picture of your little guy. 🙂 My choices are.. Sweet Valentine Lettuce, Integrata De Wild Lettuce and Cinnamon (Mexican Spice) Basil.

  2. Sharing on Facebook 🙂

  3. and Twitter too!

  4. Now I am gonna add it to the bottom of my Gardening Post on my blog.

  5. Eggplant, basil & squash

  6. Joellen Foster says:

    I’d be interested in the garlic chives, Peruvian Purple Chile, and/or the Cinnamon Basil.

  7. I’ll take anything, I’m not picky–I plant a few local favorites, but then I always like to throw in something a little different, just to see what happens. And since none of these sound exactly familiar, I’ll play with anything!

    And by the way–eggplant can be delicious, you just have to let it “sweat”after you slice it–it will form little droplets, which need to be blotted off–otherwise it can be bitter–then bread with egg and Italian breadcrumbs, then fry or brown in the oven. It makes good egglplant parmesan, or we like to have a “fry-day” once during gardening seasoning when we bread and/or batter and fry up everything that we can find–squash, green tomatoes, eggplant–in the south, we’ll fry anything! We excuse it by saying we are eating vegetables underneath all of that grease, plus we make one huge mess once a year, and it satisfies that urge to fry that all good southern cooks are born with!

  8. Sandi Price says:

    I’m wanting to try growing some fresh herbs, so either basil, the chives and the sage would be my choices, but if someone else really wants those I’d be game for trying anything. Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. black eggplant, sweet valentine lettuce, cinnamon basil

    Sounds like you had a fun time planting 🙂

  10. eggplant, peruvian chile, and pentsemon

  11. Have fun gardening! We’ve had so much rain here that we haven’t been able to work the ground, so I’ve started almost everything inside. (I’d love to have the Motherwort, Garlic Chives and Cinnamon Basil!)

  12. eggplant, herbs, and lettuce would be great! Of course any of those would be happily planted in our garden by my husband. He is the one with the green thumb 🙂

  13. Anise Basil
    Cinnamon Basil


  14. Martha Jean says:

    Sweet Valentine Lettuce Garlic Chives
    Cinnamon (Mexican Spice) Basil

  15. ellen tinder says:

    i would like some seeds to have a container garden on my front porch as i have problems walking. any that you could send would be greatfully appreciated.

  16. Amanda C says:

    Garlic chives
    Early Palla Rossa Radicchio
    Texas Indian Moschata Squash

    Thanks for sharing such an interesting variety of seeds.

  17. Rocky Mountain Penstemon (zones 4-9), Victoria Sage (zones 7-10)
    , Sweet Valentine Lettuce . We are starting our first ever garden and not sure what to plant. We have started with the main stuff like carrots, tomatoes, beans, cabbage, and a watermelon that one of the kids got on a field trip. But other than that not sure what to plant or what will grow in Zone 7.

  18. Cinnamon Basil Early Palla Rossa Radicchio
    Black Eggplant
    Integrata De Wild Lettuce

    Thanks! ~Mel

  19. Amanda Y. says:

    I’d love the eggplant and some squash too

  20. Chives, persian basil, and sage!!!

  21. Christie Edgar says:

    I am in Oklahoma (zone 4-6) I believe. I am not picky. I would just like to start to learn how to grow from seed rather than developed. You are such a blessing to be offering this!
    Thank you,

  22. Mary Beth says:

    How fun! Garlic chives, cinnamon basil, & victoria sage (or anything is fine).

  23. Lori Klaevemann says:

    I would love lettuce, chives and squash. Thanks 🙂

  24. Keri Tidwell says:

    The garlic chives, purple chile, and Victoria sage

  25. Keri Tidwell says:

    I posted your giveaway on FB.

  26. Anne Marie says:

    I love the chives, basil and sage – great giveaway.

  27. tracy deluca says:

    I would be interested in any lettuces, the peruvian chile and anything else! My garden is growing well but I love to try new things!

  28. The chile sounds fascinating to me! As do the chives. But, really, I would try anything. 😉 What a fun (and generous) giveaway, Amy!

  29. Hi. My choices are, Persian anise Basil
    Purple Chili and Cinnamon Baisil

  30. I’d love any of the lettuces or the basil. We eat a lot of those in our house during the summer….and pesto that I’ve frozen until it is gone. I’ve been hoarding one last container of it and will probably use it in the next few weeks. Come on summer and fresh produce!


  31. My choices are:
    1. Garlic chives
    2. either one of the basils; you choose!
    3. Black eggplant – YUM!

  32. We are just getting a garden together. I am open to any of them but since you asked me to choose:

    1. Sweet Valentine Lettuce
    2. Early Palla Rossa Radicchio
    3. Cinnamon (Mexican Spice) Basil

  33. Hi
    So glad to hear you had more seeds than you could use
    I would be interested in the cinnamon basil, victoria sage, and the garlic chives
    Thank You for your site
    Mary Ann

  34. WOW…so kind of you to share!! I love container gardening, and just started peppermint and rosemary…actually had to restart the rosemary… it is very sensitive…you have to learn the balance between letting it dry and watering…if it dries too fast you can’t save it…and same with over watering. With only 1 small peppermint plant I have been able to send a small handful home with anyone who visits! ( Does anyone have some extra organic wintergreen or spearmint or Lemon Chives???)

    My choices would be any of the following…

    Garlic Chives
    Persian Anise Basil
    Cinnamon Basil
    Merlot Lettuce

    THANKS for the opp!
    Cathy B
    pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  35. Linda from Georgia says:

    Would love to try lettuces, but we are getting too hot for them now. Maybe next year. I’d like to try the Peruvian Purple Chile, Texas Squash, Garlic Chives or Black Egg Plant.

    One year we planted egg plant — the 0nly thing that grew prolifically! Hubby didn’t like it but I was thrilled. My basil didn’t do well either. Maybe too hot for a good stand. I really wanted enough for pesto.
    By the way some of us novices would love recipes using all these new veggies.

  36. They ALL sound good! I’d like to try both of the lettuces you mentioned, and that penstemon, since I’ve never heard of it before and I’m always game to try something. Or the cinnamon basil – we love basil, so that would be a good choice too. Happy gardening!!! (I have no idea what zone we’re in, so I’ll just take my chances with that, I reckon…what zone is Oregon in???)

  37. What a cute picture of the little one helping, takes me back to last summer when my little one was that age 🙂

  38. Yay – I would love the eggplant, the Purple Peruvian Chile and the Victoria Sage…what a great idea! Thanks

  39. Purple chile, sage, and lettuce, but would be grateful for ANY. My five kiddos (well the 4 that are old enough anyway) and I will be planting in the next few weeks as soon as the last freeze happens!

  40. Hi!
    We have a school garden going at our Primary and Intermediary gardens.
    We’re hoping to get the children started on a garden blog, so it would be a wonderful tie in if we were to get some seeds from a blogger to start in our garden. We’d love some of the lettuce and radicchio, and fun squash,
    but will take what ever you have to send. I think the children would get a kick out of knowing we won seeds on a blog. Maybe we can do a seed saver exchange with you next year!
    These are the top choices for garden- based on season/school calender

    Sweet Valentine Lettuce (Open – you get what’s left that my 3yo did NOT dump out.)
    # Garlic Chives
    # Early Palla Rossa Radicchio
    Texas Indian Moschata Squash (Open – I used a few of these seeds, but don’t need them all.)
    # Black Eggplant (Open – I’ll count on us not loving it enough to be sorry we didn’t plant more.) 😉
    Thanks for the thought!

    • Hi Tina — I taught 6th grade for 8 years before coming home to stay with my children. I’ll find a way to get your students some seeds! Just email me your address. amysfinerthings @ gmail . com

  41. Thanks for the giveaway.
    I wouldn’t mind the squash, lettuce, and maybe chives….it all sounds good and I’m not picky so if I win give me whatever :O)

  42. Facebook fan

  43. My choices would be a lettuce, eggplant, and a basil.

  44. thepricklypinecone says:

    I would love to use the Sweet Valentine Lettuce, Integrata De Wild Lettuce and the Early Palla Rossa Radicchio.

    Thanks so much for the chance!

  45. hippie4ever says:

    Cinnamon (Mexican spice) Basil, Peruvian Purple Chile and Persian Anise Basil.
    silenttributary at yahoo dot com

  46. Lettuce, Chives and Basil (either) would be wonderful to try!

  47. Thanks for the great opportunity!
    I’d love any of the lettuce seeds, and the basil.
    janmessali (at)

  48. What a cute picture! My choices are the basil, lettuce and Chile!

  49. I’d love to try the motherwort, garlic chives and the victoria sage. Great giveaway!
    gingeroo616 at aol dot com

  50. Eggplant, squash and raddiccio!

  51. Awesome giveaway!!

    My choices are:
    1- Sweet Valentine Lettuce
    2 – Texas Indian Moschata Squash
    3 – one of the basil seeds 🙂

    feedingfour at comcast dot net

  52. I would love to win some seeds, any of them would be wonderful. The basil and wild lettuce would be great.

  53. These all look awesome — but my first three choices would be the garlic chives, Persian anise basil, and Early Palla Rossa Radicchio.

  54. Wow! Thanks for the offer!
    Basil and chives are top choices, but both lettuces sound interesting too.

  55. Lucy Norwood says:

    I would love any seeds that you can spare. They are so expensive so we have only few things planted. I am a single mom with a active 8 year old that loves his garden and eat from it. We have a raised bed garden due to my health issues.

  56. Oh wow! Makes sense that you’d have too many…but to share? Yes, please! 🙂 I’d love to have some Cinnamon (mexican) basil, and some sage. Sooo savory and good!


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