Frugal Gardening: Get Started, Already!

Is anyone besides me surprised that there is still nothing planted in my garden No? Good.  Glad we’re all on the same page.  😉

It is super dry in Kansas right now.  Dry enough for out of control grass fires while farmers are burning their pastures.  Dry enough for burn bans, and even dry enough that much prayer is needed for the wheat crops right now.  My little ol’ garden is the least of the weather’s worries right now, but wow… we sure could use some rain!

According to my neighbor, we

  1. need rain
  2. need to till again
  3. need to plant lettuce… um, last week

I did receive an exciting package in the mail yesterday.

Twenty-five packs of random organic gardening seeds!  I couldn’t pass up this deal for $4.99 (all sold out now), and now you all must hold me accountable so that I make use of them.  I noticed several varieties of lettuce, some okra, eggplant, tomatoes, onions, dill, pickling cucumbers, and a host of different flowers.  So much fun!

Perhaps those pretty yellow seed packs will be just the motivation I need to get dirty.  A little rain wouldn’t hurt, either.

How’s your garden growing?  Feel free to link up your progress.

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  • Be sure to check out Smocity Frocks and Getting Freedom to see their gardens!
  • If you don’t have a post to link up this week–you can always link up next week, or share your plans and progress in the comments.


  1. I haven’t started my garden yet-it’s not even tilled! I ordered those seeds from seeds of change too, maybe I’ll get them soon & be motivated. We’re in Kansas too, so I hear ya on the needing rain…

  2. We live in Oklahoma & are very dry as well. Our garden has been tilled & onions & garlic have been planted. We have other plants started in peat pots to get them going since the ground is so dry right now. Tuesday looks like a great chance to break the dry cycle here! Praying it does for everyone!

  3. We bought some kid’s gardening kits last year at Lowe’s for a little bit of nothing. They had everything a child would need to plant a small garden. I was skeptical that it would work this year, but they are growing great. My son has planted green beans and tomatoes so far.

    • How fun is that?! I’ll have to keep my eye out for those when summer’s over. They’d be great for the kids’ Easter baskets next year.

  4. Havent tilled here, either. We have 70 percent chance of rain on thurs and 80 for snow on friday…

  5. we havent got started yet either! the weather here in SW Missouri has been such a roller coaster.. I have 2 grapevines sitting in my house be cause they are calling for snow by the end of the week :/

  6. Sigh… I’ve not done anything yet, really. Of course, our growing season starts late up here in the NE. Plus, I’m not an expert gardener. 😉 And perhaps a touch lazy, too…

  7. Up here in northern Canada, we don’t plant until end of May! We still have snow here :P!

  8. I started my herb garden and I forgot to label them…oh well.

  9. We’re in South Texas – no rain here either!! Everyone’s yards are so nice and green, and the only place I’ll water is the garden 🙂
    We have popcorn planted from seed – it’s coming up nicely. We also have 2 types of bell peppers, 2 types of tomatoes (one has green tomatoes already on it) – both started from plants.
    I never did get the carrots and beans planted, but we’re going to try and do that this weekend.
    I’m not a very good gardener, but I basically plant what I want, when I want and what I think will be a cool experience for the kids. Last year we had baby bush watermelons growing in containers 🙂 Pretty unconventional but it worked for us!

    • “I basically plant what I want, when I want and what I think will be a cool experience for the kids.” So refreshing for me to hear that. Me, too!

  10. I also received my Seeds of Change seeds! Yippee! I don’t think I received any of the seeds you pictured. They sent out a wide variety.

  11. Amanda Y. says:

    I was late starting (in SE Virginia) but got some in the ground last week and hope to finish the rest tomorrow (it’s rainy today). I was excited for my package of seeds too–though I think you might have gotten a more interesting variety, you can’t beat it for the price. I got 7 kinds of lettuce (glad they last 2 years!), 6 kinds of tomatos (I don’t like tomatoes, but will try to grow some to make sauce), yellow watermelon, leeks, celery, a few herbs and flowers!

    • We love tomatoes, but haven’t had good luck starting them from seed. I’m thrilled to have my squash and cucumber seeds, though.

  12. We live in an apartment right now, so all of our plants look kind of like this, though a bit bigger…I’m really curious to see if a squash plant can grow and produce out of a milk jug 🙂

  13. I posted my new garden. All set and ready for planting:-)

  14. So excited about this series (and accountability!) 🙂

  15. No need to link up, mine garden is still full of weeds (and probably cat poop). We’ve been gone all week, but I hear we actually had snow…so no planting.

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