Frugal Date Nights at Home


Our rarity: This.  It’s fun, for me, and we do it once a year. (And it’s free.  Bonus!)

Our reality: Four children eight and under, a busy schedule, and a tight budget.  That’s us, and those are the makings of some frugal, creative date nights at home!  The truth?  We generally prefer it that way.

The benefit of date night is uninterrupted time together, doing something out of the ordinary.  Connecting with one another.  Having fun. With a little creative planning, or even spontaneity, frugal date nights at home can be just what the two of you need to recharge.

Our date nights look different every time, but here are a few ideas to set the stage for one of your own.

The Food

Not gonna lie to ya.  We like to eat good food.  Take-out isn’t really an option in the boonies, but we’re both fine with that.  Since our date nights don’t start until the kids go to bed, it’s often too late for a full meal deal, anyway.  We generally opt for appetizers or dessert.  Or both. Some favorites date night foods:

The Entertainment

Before we had children, Coach and I would play some mean, knock down drag out 5 point pitch.  Just the two of us.  Whoever won the hand got a 10 minute massage, or something else.  Winners choice.  {Ahem.} And then we’d play another round.  “Best 2 out of 3.  Best 3 out of 5.  Best…”

We still enjoy playing cards, but truth be told, we’re tired. Many of our date nights consist of scoopin’ up some ice cream and passing out on the couch in front of a good movie.  Speaking of movies, we grab a Redbox flick nearly any time we know we’ll be in town two days in a row.  Otherwise, it’s not worth the $6 gas money to return a $1 movie, you know?!

The Un-Date

Truth?  This series is about honoring the man they call daddy.  If we’re really talking about honoring his wishes, we may as well forget the food and the movie.  He doesn’t really want a date.  He wants to go to bed.  Early.  With me. Nothing more frugal than that!

The Most Important Thing

Fancy or simple, pricey or frugal, out on the town or at home, none of that matters in the end.  Date night honors your husband because it prioritizes him in your life.  It honors your marriage, placing time together at the forefront of busy days and weeks.

How do you best enjoy date nights at home?

Read what date night looks like in my friends’ homes:


  1. charity crawford says:

    you look SO beautiful.Love the picture!

  2. Um, that “un-date” section? Spot. On.

  3. This was a good reminder. With a 5 month old who is still nursing, it’s hard to get out of the house on for “date nights.” Although, we did go out for some together time last week after our boy went to bed (yes, of course, we had a baby sitter 😉 ). But mostly we stay at home.

    We’ve done picnics on the living room floor. We found that just changing the location of where we eat every day makes it more special. We read book series together (right now it’s Harry Potter). And really just talk. Talk about important things. Ask good questions. And receive correction.

    Date nights are my favorite nights of the week! 🙂

  4. Free is awesome!!!

  5. My husband and I had the tradition of renting a cabin in the mountains for weekend getaway ‘dates’ until one time when we dropped the children off at my parents’ and went back home . We rearranged the furniture a little, made great food, even went out to eat, all for a fraction of the price of the cabin-in-the-mountains minus stress with preparation and packing. It turned out to be one of our favorite times together and we can’t wait to do it again!

  6. Yep, the “un-date” is my hubby’s vote every time. We go all out once a year for our anniversary (coming up on big ol’ #3 this month), and really that’s enough for us. Living is a relatively big town has privileges such as a movie theater that does $5 matinées, beautiful long rolling roads to take a ride on the motorcycle, and we have a few small towns around us that have sweet stuff like strawberry festivals, blueberry festivals, local art festivals, farmer’s markets, and lots more. We like to take advantage of military discounts and get into the nearby museums for free (we actually have some neat museums around here). We’re not really big on eating out. But if a friend or my MIL volunteer some babysitting we will find $10 to go to a movie together or drive across the bay on the motorcycle. If we stay home we love Redbox too, and your chocolate chip cheesecake pie is high on my husbands list of favorite desserts. Thank you for that one, by the way. 🙂

  7. This is a topic I love. For years I insisted I needed to get out so we did the sitter and dinner and movie thing. After several bad babysitter experiences I gave in. Our son is 11 now but we started this a few years ago. We subscribe to netflix and get him 2 movies a week (way cheaper than a sitter) I make dinner and put it on a special breakfast in bed tray and we send him to his room with one of those car DVD players. It is his favorite night of the week. Even if my husband won’t be home he insists he gets his “date night”. It gives us several hours of peace and qiuet and he is safe and feels like it is his special night too. My husband is charge of what we would do since I make the dinner portion of the date. He has been so creative. We have finger painted, water color painted (niether one of us is an artist, just for fun) we have played board games, had a dance, long talks, occasional movies etc. These have been the best date nights of my life!!! I missed out on so much for years insisting on getting away from home!


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