Frozen Pink Lemonade Dessert

Frozen Pink Lemonade Dessert:  Cold enough for when you get back from the swimming pool and the children are starving and dinner’s going to take a few minutes and you really don’t care if they have dessert first.  Pretty enough for a ladies’ tea or bridal/baby shower.  Easy enough to make in 10 minutes or less!

Do you prefer your frozen desserts on the light and refreshing side or the “dang, this is rich but I can’t stop eating it” side?




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  1. The version of this I’ve done is 1 quart of vanilla ice cream instead of the evaporated milk, and only 4 oz. whipped topping. It’s super good. This one looks healthier, though–less sugar for sure.

  2. I’m going to try this! When I’m too lazy to make a Graham crust, I just line the plate with graham crackers and it tastes just as good!

  3. Mama Nellie says:

    i love this recipe and just got done making a tweaked gluten free version.
    i think i’ll call it Summer in a Pan LoL.

    The crust was made from a toasted oat granola
    I used the pink lemonade with red coloring for the first layer
    Then pina colada mixer (made by old orchard) with a couple drops of blue food coloring for the middle layer
    To top it off i used lime margarita with a couple drops of green coloring
    It’s in the freezer now & if my swipes of the bowl for each layer are an indication this is gonna be YUMMY.
    Think i might have a shot of vodka with it.

    • Oh, mercy that sounds fabulous! How was it?!

      • Mama Nellie says:

        It was scrumptious!
        the girls said the layer of granola could have been thicker
        Def making this on vaca for family reunion! (prolly will need 2 shots of vodka with it. LoL)

  4. Mama Nellie says:

    (that’s in a 9×13 btw)
    the GF gran. i crunched up and spread on the bottom

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