Fried Okra

Fried okra has become a fresh, summer delicacy that my son and I fight over we all look forward to.  Our neighbor plants it every year in our shared garden, then we take turns picking it until we have enough for a “mess of okra.”  Once I have a mess, I tell him, and he picks for a while.  I’m thinking he gets the short end of the stick with the amount of okra we can put down…

Fried okra, fried zucchini, sweet corn, and fresh, sliced tomatoes.  Ahhh, a summer garden feast!  What do you most look forward to eating from the summer garden?

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  1. one of my FAVORITE foods! when i was little our “old” neighbor lady was a sweet southern gal and would fry up some okra whenever i stopped by for a visit – she got me hooked. :) makes me miss our garden this year!

  2. I so need to put okra on my planting list for next year! How many do suggest planting?

    • Ours is about an 8 foot long row of plants. I’m able to harvest a handful (5 or 6 maybe) each day and it takes 3-4 days to get enough for a meal. Hope that helps!

  3. I had hoped to get some planted after the move but, alas, didn’t happen ;). I have some Red Burgandy Okra seeds from some I grew couple summers ago. Should still be good. Let me know if you’d like some. The plants are gorgeous and could tell no difference in taste :)…

  4. Oh yum! We didn’t get any planted this year, so farmer’s market for me…going to add to list now!

  5. YUM!!!!

  6. One of my favorites! That’s Southern cookin’ at its finest!

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