FREE Valentine’s Day Matching Game Printable

Mr. 3 is obsessed with the Original Memory game he received for Christmas this year. Or he may just be obsessed with the competition of it all. “Ha ha, Suckers!” or a taunting, “I found your ice cream!” are frequent living room floor phrases around here.

Download this FREE Valentine's Day Matching Game Printable from Amy'sFinerThings


I thought it would be fun to switch up the game pictures a bit for Valentine’s week. New Season Design created this Valentine’s Day Themed Matching Game for us, and we’re sharing the love! Print it out (if you have cardstock, that works great), cut along the dotted lines, and enjoy! It’s great for beginners, too, as there are 24 pieces (12 matches) in the game.

Download your FREE Valentine’s Day Matching Game here!

What other fun, free ways do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?


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  1. I actually planned ahead for a Valentine’s celebration! We’re going to have a special meal, then move the couch back in our small living room and use all our 4-year-old’s wooden track to make a big train track , get down there with him, and play Thomas!

    My husband and I would much rather watch a good movie than crawl around making train sounds and playing with Percy, Gordon, etc. But my son will love this, and that’s sort of the point of Valentine’s day.

    Baby will be quite happy to lie on the floor, drool, and watch us, maybe have a snooze and a little breast milk.

    And my husband and I will be filled with smug feelings of virtuous happiness, knowing we are being Good Parents and Spending Quality Time with our Children.

    • How was your day? I ended up going to “the city.” Left at 8, returned at 6:30, bought ALL the things for the kitchen, then headed to the ballgame. FULL day!


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