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Confession:  I don’t buy cookbooks.  I have a few old community/fundraiser cookbooks and a few that were gifts (and a collection of old Taste of Home magazines that I can’t seem to part with), and that is it.  I figure I can find what I want on the internet for free, right?

Speaking of free… My friend Joy (who helped me set up this blog just under 5 years ago!) and her husband have four free e-cookbooks on Kindle right now!  I snagged them earlier this week, and have already enjoyed browsing the ethnic one.  (I believe they’re free through Friday, so snag ’em quickly.  If you don’t have a kindle, grab the free reading app.)

Tex-Mex Favorites

Food+Heat: Tex-Mex Favorites (Food+Heat Cookbooks)

Food+Heat: Ethnic Dishes (Food+Heat Cookbooks)

Food+Heat: Meats and Sauces (Food+Heat Cookbooks)

Food+Heat: Veggies and Sides (Food+Heat Cookbooks)


Do you have a cookbook collection?  What makes you decide to buy or not to buy?

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  1. Thanks, Amy! I snagged them. These recipes look delicious. With Joy’s fantastic taste in design, I’m sure these recipes taste as well as they look. Appreciate the heads up.

  2. Nancy Thyfault says:

    Just downloaded them! Thanks for the notice. I love cookbooks. I have more than I care to admit, however, I usually get them for a great deal, so I guess that’s ok, My kindle is full of them (I share a prime membership with hubby and son, not sure what they think of all the cookbooks on their kindles!! LOL!!) But, I do cook them whatever they want, so they can’t complain. The 13 year old will find things he wants to try, and show them to me. He wants to learn to cook this summer, and can already grill with the best of them, thanks to my hubby. Have a great weekend.

    • Not that it was intentional, but I think that’s great that your teen has cookbooks on his Kindle! Maybe he can start menu planning for you, too. 🙂

  3. Hi Amy! Thank you for sharing these free e-books! They sound great! Blessings from Bama!

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