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First, Gratitude {A Fresh Start}

If we do nothing else this year, if no other improvements are made or habits changed, there is this one thing that perhaps we could all use a little more of.


It’s been proven over and over that those who are thankful for what they have, whatever that may or may not be, are happier.  More content.  Joyful.

We can’t always change our circumstances.  Sometimes the best laid plans never come to fruition.  Some of us are in a season when new habit development isn’t a priority or is just plain hard.  That’s okay.

When life’s moving too fast, slow it down by capturing the moments with gratitude.  When you don’t have enough, turn it in to plenty with gratitude for what you do possess.  When others have more, remember Somebody Wants What You Have.  [3]

When we were holding a puke bucket for our 2yo while opening gifts Christmas morning, we were thankful that we were home and had already celebrated with extended family.  While my husband was cleaning vomit off of the bunk bed ladder at 3:30 the next morning (oh yes, he rocks!), I pulled all 4 kids out of their beds and was so grateful that they could camp out on our wood floors.  After the plumber discovered and cleaned out the tree roots so that we could wash clothes and bedding again, we were grateful for the easy fix to our leaking.  When the water heater went out the next day? (oh yes, it was that kind of week!) We were thankful that our Expect the Expected [4] funds were available for a new one.

The one constant, the one thing we can all have that will make a difference in our situation is gratitude.  Grab it.  Embrace it.  Claim it each and every day.

There is always something to be thankful for!


Source: jaymug.com [6] via Linda [7] on Pinterest [8]

Start a journal.  Make a list.  Write thank you notes.  Tell your favorite people.  How will you make it a priority to give thanks this year?