Fire Safety with Sparky the Fire Dog {and a Giveaway!}

I’m not gonna lie. I’m a worrier. It’s silly, really, but I have to make myself chill out about the fact that three of our kiddos are now sleeping in the basement. Without us. They know fire safety. We’re equipped with large safety windows in their bedrooms. But still.  (I would be a great candidate for the Family Bedroom if not for the fact that I like to sleep.) When I was asked to review the following fire safety videos, I saw it as yet another opportunity to make sure my kids are on board and educated.

It’s amazing to me how quickly children pick up the lyrics and tunes to new songs. Any songs, which makes me thing twice about what station the radio is turned to in the car. The advantage is that they can also soak up the good stuff. I used this strategy as a sixth grade teacher, and I know it works for my own kiddos, too.

My littles still enjoy the free Sparky the Fire Dog app we tried out in September, and now we can add a couple of music videos to our fire safety bag-o-tricks.

I thought Little Rosalie by Steve Songs started out pretty cheesy, but by the end and definitely during our second go around, I was humming along with the refrain, and if I didn’t know them before, I now know the 4 steps to fire safety. Ha!

I don’t think my big kids would admit to it, but What’s That Sound? by Recess Monkey is rather catchy, too. The main takeaway here is don’t hide from the beep beep beep of the smoke alarm! The thought of one of my kids hiding in a closet or something during a fire because they are scared… petrifies me.  I want them to know that the loud beep is a good thing. It’s a warning. Get outta here!

Have a little fire safety dance party with your kids sometime. Watch the videos, sing along, and practice your family’s fire safety plan!

As a thank you to my readers for sharing the Fire Safety love, the National Fire Protection Association has a gift for one of you! To enter to win a $50 Amazon credit, simply tell me something about the videos. What was your favorite part? What did your kids learn? Do they have a favorite character? (Did they totally dance around and do the motions, or did they listen reluctantly with one eyebrow raised? I have both of those in my house! Ha!)

Giveaway ends Friday, March 28, at 11:59, CST. Winner will be randomly chosen and notified by email.

Disclosure: This post and giveaway are sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association and!


  1. Doreen Sowers says:

    The dancing made the kids laugh, I liked the gold smoke detecter bling necklace

  2. My son just kind of looked at me afterwards and wanted to know if we have smoke detectors.

  3. My daughter isn’t yet 2, so she just swayed to the music. But I’ll keep these in my back pocket for once she’s a little older.

  4. Anne Marie says:

    I am babysitting my little grandson and he loved the music – so cute to watch him smile while listening.

  5. Kathleen B says:

    Ha! My kids watched the move very intently…and danced a little. They had lots of questions after about what to do if there was a fire. One suggested we cut a whole in the wall so we can always get out 🙂

  6. Got to love the dancing…great way to teach kids.

  7. Is it lame to say that I just like the fact that these exist? My kids love the music…they are big dancers right now…especially the 2 year old boy in his sister’s tutu, because you know you can’t dance without a tutu! Thanks for a great giveaway, but especially for a great service. I worry about our kids too as they now sleep upstairs from us! And I’ve heard over and over that kids just don’t wake up from smoke alarms…freaks me out!

  8. I love that they are catchy for kids but contain great information! My 3 year old lovea to sing and can remember songs so easily!

  9. I was a little skeptical about this, but my boys loved it! They especially enjoyed hearing Steve Songs since they watch him occasionally on PBS Kids.

  10. I started playing the videos for myself to see what they were about, and my 5 yr old came over to watch too. He said” Hey, that’s Steve from PBS” He kind of watched the videos, I think he would need to watch them a couple more times to get the info out of it. But it did lead to a discussion of what we should do when we hear a smoke alarm -“get outside quickly, but don’t run”, what if you have to jump out your bedroom window (it’s on the main floor)-“well, I might get hurt”, I said you could jump into the bush below your window , his response “well, I might get prickles on me, so no I can’t”. My solution was to tell him to throw a blanket over the bush and then jump on it. He thought that would be ok, I guess we’ll have to work on this. Thanks for the jumpstart.

  11. My daughter came running to the computer to see what I was playing when I hit the play button. She liked the kids riding on the fire alarm. It is important to discuss because you never know when something may happen. We had a house in our neighborhood burn completely down less the a month ago. They lost everything but all family members including the pets made it out safely. Scary to see the house.

  12. Rachel D. says:

    My kids came over when I started playing them and just watched them. Then they wanted to watch them again so they could dance to it. It got us to thinking about what our fire plan is and how we would get out of the house.

  13. A good reminder to discuss fire safety & check those smoke alarm batteries! When my kids were skeptical that anyone would hide from a fire, we discussed the sobering story of how one little girl in our town lost her life many years ago… They did roll their eyes at the videos (aimed at younger audience) but realize that safety IS a serious matter.

  14. Love that the fire fighters are in all their gear. During fire safety month, the fire department shared that kids get scared when they see them in their gear and will hide from them. So, seeing that they are just protecting themselves to help works to alleviate the fear of seeing a “space monster” in case of a fire.

  15. Cassandra Eastman says:

    My 4 year old is all about fireman these days so he loved the videos. Especially “Little Rosalie”, he loved Sparky playing the guitar! I love that it teaches them the importance of fire saftey, and reminded me to have an escape plan!

  16. My daughter learned know 2 exits from every rooom. She picked up the lyrics fairly fast-it’s a great teaching tool!

  17. My kids liked the “beep beep beep”….”beep beep beep”. And I have a fear of fires too – sadly my 5 yr old does too. So we have to be careful how to talk about it and even present the safety issues carefully.

  18. Amy Miron says:

    My 4 year old liked the videos and music, but I’m not sure she got out of them what I would have liked her to. My older girls did the raised eyebrow thing and laughed and their little sister getting into the music. It did start a discussion on to revisit out fire plan.

  19. My 4-year old is all about fire safety these days. We were unable to get the first movie to play. When we watched the second movie, however, he simply wanted to know who everyone was and if there was another movie after this! : ) He also wanted to know why the fire trucks weren’t going anywhere even though their lights were on.

  20. We have 3 boys and they love these videos. Our 6 year old memorized the lyrics to the first one pretty quickly and wanted to draw a fire exit plan for our house. Our 4 year old listened intently and danced along with the second video. Our one year old watched and smiled at Sparky. Thank you for sharing these – I really enjoyed the first one and don’t mind that the song is stuck in my head! Lots of great discussion about what to do in case of a fire.

  21. We love Steve songs! Do you know he has his own CDs? We’ve borrowed them from our library- some silly some teaching songs

  22. Jennie C. says:

    Best part? This sparked a great family discussion. Old hat for Miss 9 1/2 and Mr. 6 1/2, but great for Miss 2 1/2 who is totally getting the idea of what to do if there were a fire. We are in a temp. home for the year and did not have an escape plan, so we walked through the house talking about escape routes, etc. and found a meeting spot outside. Thanks!!!

  23. Sparky in costume is such a favorite in our family. Love the catchy tune and great 4-step fire safety message.

  24. They liked when the guy singing said Boohoo . He is a good singer also very catchy.

  25. Elizabeth says:

    Okay I’m just going to admit I like catchy tunes and Little Rosalie is absolutely stuck in my head now! #4 was a good reminder for me because I’m not sure we have a designated meeting spot in case of fire.

  26. Myeshia u. says:

    My kids loved this video! They danced around just like they were in it! Thank you so much for sharing.

  27. Jessie C. says:

    Love these videos. That is how we teach kids of escape plan, and with the music and rhythm of this video., it makes it easier to remember!

  28. Betty Baez says:

    Its soo catchy “wha’ts that sound, beep beep beep!” Its going to be stuck in my head for days now 🙂

  29. Watched the videos – they are cute and a little corny. :). But they help our kids remember safety tips, so I like them! 🙂

  30. I liked that the firefighters were singing along. They looked like they were having fun. 🙂

  31. My kiddos at 10 thought they were a bit corny, but they stayed to watch the whole thing. Dear Daughter commented, “Mom, we already know all of this stuff.” Made her tell me what she knew–she was correct! Dear Son just smiled. Thank you for sharing the videos. Always good to have reminders about what we should know and do.

  32. The firemen who joined in made the video! haha

  33. My son (6) watched and tapped his toe, but wasn’t nearly as into it as I thought he might be. In preschool, he watched a “Be cool about fire safety” video/rap and sang that song for months! This didn’t catch his attention quite as much, but he liked the songs and wanted to keep watching.

    My personal favorite part was the incorporation of the “sprinkler” dance move– perfect for the video! Also, a nice, simple reminder about basic safety information.

  34. My kids love music of any kind, so as soon as I started listening, they all ran over to see what neat music momma was listening to on her laptop 🙂
    We are very intune to fire safety right now, as our neighbors field burn got out of hand and almost burned our house down two weeks ago. Thankfully God (and our volunteer fire department!) protected us and we only lost our trampoline!

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