Finer Things Friday: They Know Me Well


My birthday is Sunday.  Last night at the supper table, my husband innocently asked (in a get-the-kids-all-riled-up kind of innocent) “Mommy, what do you want to do for your birthd…?”

Interrupted by an excited six-year-old: “She’s gonna sleep!”

After a laugh (because that’s exactly what I plan to do) hubby continued.  “Four days…” (until mommy’s birthday)

Interrupted again.

Six-year-old:  “Yep.  Mommy’s gonna sleep for four days!”

Not quite, but don’t call me on Sunday.  I’ll be sleeping.  😉

It’s a Finer Thing to have a family that knows me so well.  Mama doesn’t need a fancy restaurant dinner, jewelry or flowers.  Just give me some sticky hugs and a 4-day nap and I’m good to go.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Yah for the Scorpios!
    Thanks for hosting!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Mine’s on Saturday:) I hope you have a great weekend being celebrated!!

  3. Postpone the gift of 4 days sleep until after Christmas 😉 Have a wonderful birthday!

  4. To be so well understood by your little ones truly is a finer thing!! Have a happy and blessed birthday, Amy!

  5. Happy Birthday Amy! Enjoy your sleep!

  6. Sleep-one of the finer things in life, especially to a MOMMA!

    Happy Birthday.


  7. Have a wonderful birthday, Amy!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Amy! I hope you get lots of sticky finger hugs AND sleep 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday to you, my friend! (Sunday is my dad’s bday too :)) Enjoy your sleep- I promise to interrupt your nap with baby news this time. 😉

  10. Happy Early Birthday to you!

    I hope you get your sleep. We celebrated our oldest’s birthday yesterday. Popular time of year for birthdays! We know lots of people celebrating right now.

  11. Have a great and restful birthday:-)

  12. Oh, I love this! I’m going to request a four day nap for my birthday too! LOL

  13. My kids always tell me that if I was a Pokemon, I would be a Snorlax. I’m a big fan of sleeping as well. (Well, I actually hate going to sleep, but I also hate having to get up.)

  14. Sorry I’m late. Happy belated birthday, Amy! 😀


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