Finer Things Friday: The Power of Positive Thinking


Earlier this week when I was showing off pictures of our snow on Twitter, here, and here, a few people sent their condolences.

  • Better you than me.
  • Oh, I’m so sorry.
  • What a mess.

As with nearly any situation in life, our late-March blizzard gave us the opportunity to practice the power of positive thinking. Inconvenient?  Maybe, but…

  • We were given ample warning that this storm was coming.  Plenty of time to prepare.
  • School was canceled so no one had to worry about getting caught in the storm.
  • Our electricity never went out.  Woo-hoo!
  • It was the most beautiful snow I have seen in many years.
  • We didn’t even have to dig ourselves out!
  • Our children were delighted!  It was so much fun to watch them watch it snow.
  • I got to play, chasing my children up and down 10-12 foot piles of snow!
  • The day the snow was finished the high was 50°.  We got to play in snow without getting cold!
  • I got a semi-great Christmas card photo, 8 months early!  😉

We can’t control the weather, just as we can’t control a lot of what happens in our life.  My vote is that we control what we can control, rest in His promises, and make the best of every situation.

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  1. Love the picture of the children. We don’t really get much snow where I live in Texas. Looks like the kiddos had fun.

  2. You are so right about how our thinking determines how we experience a situation! I am glad that you guys were able to enjoy the snow!


  3. It looks like you had so much fun with the snow! 🙂 I am ready to move onto warmer weather, but your perspective is so encouraging.

    Michele 🙂

  4. thanks for the reminder to control what we can and to rest in His plan.

  5. Ha, ha. Love your positive thinking! And I love the concept of this mini carnival.

  6. What fun! I love the positive attitude… it’s so much easier to grumble and complain, but, really? What good does it do? 🙂 Great pic of your kiddos!

  7. Great post! We have been working on positive thinking as well with our last blizzard. It really is pretty and it works best to enjoy it!

  8. A great post on being positive!

    There is an award waiting for you over at my blog. Be blessed!

  9. So true girl. We too got stuck in that storm and secretly I love them because I don’t have to feel guilty for skipping the gym…:) gotta love that.

  10. Hey! Question about twitter…is it similar to Facebook?


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