Finer Things Friday: Spring Already?!

You know you live in Kansas when last week’s record low temperatures are rivaled only by this week’s record high temperatures.

What a wild weather week!  Last week we were sledding in 8 inches of snow, and this week we’ve gone to the park, taken long walks,

grilled hamburgers, and visited a new baby calf.

No jackets needed.

Our local(ish) weather station reported a 95° swing in temperatures this week!  All the natural vitamin D we’ve been getting, in the middle of February!, is definitely a Finer Thing. (Now watch me report a blizzard at the end of March.)  😉

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  1. I am so ready for spring !!! Enough snow already ! LOL
    Thanks for the linky party !

  2. Happy Friday! This week I am sharing my recipe for Pork Pozole Soup. This soup is a classic Mexican soup that is made with either pork or chicken or both. All versions have hominy in them and are fun to eat because you garnish them with all kinds of toppings when they are served.
    Thanks for hosting!

  3. The weather is like that here in NJ too. We are reaching record high’s of 67…….gotta love it!

    Thanks for the hop, I am your newest follower.

    Enjoy the Sun!

  4. The weather has been so nice lately. I have a feeling that we will have at least one more cold spell before spring. I’m so glad to not have ice and snow for now:)

  5. We’ve had a tempting of spring, also!! It has been awesome!

  6. I have been so loving our “no jackets needed” weather, too!!

  7. I am celebrating the spring weather and non-puking children!

  8. The kids are trying to sneak out of school early. Mommy is driving around with the windows open. We’ve aired out the house. I am ready for spring but trying not to enjoy it too much. March is coming but spring isn’t here to stay 🙁

    • It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if winter came back in March for a bit. My husband coaches track meets in the spring and the first few tend to be cold and windy!

  9. Spring has come early here as well! It’s 65 degrees for the 3rd day in a row – I’m LOVIN this!

  10. I am loving this no jacket weather too – ready for spring! =)

  11. Agreed on the warm weather! But this week I had a horrible hair disaster and am sooo thankful for the stylist for fixing it!! Ladies: do NOT color your hair at home!!

  12. Love your photos! 95 degrees in Kansas is truly amazing! It’s only 78 here in FL. Soak up that sun while you can!

  13. We’re having warm weather too, and it’s blissful. Winter returns tomorrow, though. Sigh!

    Annie Kate in Ontario

  14. We had the same thing here in Wisconsin but the cold is on its way back:-(

  15. We have had one of those winters here in NC too. We’ve had more snow this winter than I remember all of the winters of my childhood combined and the past two days we have been in the 70’s! We have been enjoying it while it lasts becaues I have a feeling we will have a more cold weather before spring is officially here.

  16. Isn’t it crazy? I live in NC and we have been having crazy weather also. Today was beautiful. I hope tomorrow is just as beautiful b/c I get off work at 2:) Have a great week-end.

  17. Kansas winters are definetly awesome! I am so thankful for the BEAUTIFUL days! On the last snow day I was thinking, “they really should have “beautiful day” days off! My wish was answered by having p/t conferences on the most beautiful days! 🙂

  18. We had snow here in Oregon this week! It was fun ♥ the kids were thrilled! Now on to spring, I hope…


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