Finer Things Friday: Sleepy Snuggles

Standing at the sink at 9:10 tonight, I was preparing this post in my head.  9:15 and all four children were in their beds, the house quiet after a no-school (due to overnight weather that never materialized) day made special with a dessert of homemade donuts.  My Finer Thing for the week would be going to bed early for the first time in nearly 5 months!  The peace.  The quiet.  Almost there… just 3 more dishes…

And then at 9:27 we were summoned to the top bunk by a bloody nose.  She had been reading in her sleeping bag.  Blood everywhere.  Soon after, the baby awoke, and no amount of wishful thinking would coax him to sleep.

It’s 10:00 now.  She’s back in her bed, and I’m finally typing… while the baby nurses.  Again. No going to bed early.  Again.

But sleepy baby snuggles to end my day?  Yeah, that’s a Finer Thing, too.  😉

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  1. Awww, baby snuggles are a finer thing!

  2. I can’t stay up past 9:00 p.m. these days. Baby snuggles are truly the finest things in life. Great post!

  3. I love those baby snuggles, too.

    If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in almost 4 years 🙂

  4. Amy, I miss those moments! I’m glad you are enjoying them.

  5. What an accurate picture of motherhood this post is. Don’t make any plans that can’t be changed . . . ever. In those moments I remember advice that was given to me at a shower for my first baby. “Enjoy every single stage, no matter how hard it is. Don’t wish away even a single moment. It will be gone before you know it.” Though it’s hard to enjoy them, I do try to appreciate those times when I’m the hero in the bloody-nose or thrown-up-on-sheets situations.

    • I truly *dread* the middle-of-the-night sicknesses and stuff, but when the time comes, grace comes out of nowhere and I’m able to just be in the moment and deal with it and it’s not so bad after all!

  6. Baby smuggles makes the whole thong worth it, doesn’t it?

  7. What a blessing to see the good in situations such as these! Finer Things Friday has been such an encouragement to me! Thanks!

  8. Have you ever read Sally Clarkson’s The Ministry of Motherhood?

    I am reading it now (during middle of the night feedings, when the house is quiet and the baby is happily guzzling formula from a bottle), and this post could be from that book. It is really good, if you’ve never read it. I bet you would enjoy it.

    • I’ve not read that one. Thanks for the recommendation! I’m much too quick to pick up my laptop when holding the baby. I need to pick up books more often!

  9. I put a video on my blog, of my son being interviewed in his college Physics class. He is my first child. At one pt. in the video they show hands taking notes in class. I knew instantly they were his hands, because I have kissed those little hands from the day he was born, and as I would feed him in my arms he would reach up those little hands to my lips for lots of kisses. Those hands might be bigger now, but they are exactly the same and I would know them anywhere. This is truely a Finer Moment for me.

  10. Both of my kiddos were not cuddlers as babies but after turning about 18months, both have become great snugglers. I love it!!

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    Thanks for hosting- have a great weekend!

  12. There truly is nothing like baby snuggles. I’m so grateful my youngest (who’s almost 2) always was and still is a cuddler. He will grab my hand and pull me to the couch with a book and lay on me while we cuddle and read. That is one of my most precious moments and I get to relive it almost every single day. I savor the softness of his hair with his chubby hand resting on my hand as I turn pages. There’s nothing more I could ask for!


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