Finer Things Friday: Skate Crazy 9’s

On Monday night, we got “the call.” The call that initiated a happy dance.  The call that gives us all permission to scrap the daily routine, forget about getting up early, and call it a vacation. Snow days (or in our case, winter weather mix days) continue to be a fun surprise for me even in adulthood, even though I was planning to be at home anyway.

We took advantage of this gift (isn’t the gift of time just the best?!?) and left chores go undone. I slept in until the toddler woke me at 6:47. We fixed popcorn and hot chocolate in the middle of the day.




Our oldest was determined that she would enjoy the snow, so she dragged her daddy outside to go sledding, for about 7.2 minutes. Brrrr! No kidding?!?


After all that, the most fun was yet to come. Our frigid 5-year-old was ready to play some cards. We’ve been teaching the kids some card games lately. Go Fish and Crazy 8’s make the short list. But those card games wouldn’t do. Nope. We enjoyed a rousing game of Skate Crazy 9’s.


I have no earthly idea where she came up with that, but there was a process and rules and everything. Don’t have the card you need to lay in the pile? You sing the ABC’s while pointing at your deck (eenie meenie miney mo style) and which ever one you land on must join the draw pile. When you have one card left you clap three times.  In the end, the lucky player with just the right card to join the pile wins!

Tonight I’m celebrating unexpected vacation days.  I’m celebrating my kids, who are content to get giddy over popcorn and hot chocolate.  And I’m celebrating my child’s inventive imagination.  Skate Crazy 8’s is now on my list of The Finer Things in Life!.

What finer things are you celebrating today?  Be sure to link up and let us know!  Don’t have a blog?  Leave your inspiration in the comments.  Have a Finer Things Friday!

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  1. Made up games are the best! Your snow day looks like so much fun.

  2. Love the post. I guess that is one difference between homeschoolers/ nonhomeschoolers! We never really have a true snow day because the kids still have to do school! They just have an incentive to get it done quicker so they can play in the snow!

  3. Snow days are great, especially when a friend comes to plow our driveway so my schoolteacher husband doesn’t have to shovel! We homeschool, so when my husband’s school has a snow day, we do, too! 🙂

  4. The kids love when we take a snow day or just take off since we homeschool. 😀

  5. We’re on our 3rd snow-day in a row here and, I have to admit, it’s losing a bit of appeal. 😉 But sharing hot cocoa and games with our little ones makes for precious memories! Love the invented game… what great creativity!

  6. Those are all good things to celebrate.


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