Finer Things Friday: Six Hours

Three siblings.  No school.  “Nothing” to do.  On our first day of summer vacation Monday, I shooed the kids outside and away from the tv in the morning.  Don’t want to start any bad habits.

They came back in… six hours later!

A couple of potty breaks, a snack to-go please, and a picnic lunch (mom of the year – check) and that was it. For six blissful hours.

No friends to play with.  No planned activities.  No money spent.  No bribing offered. 

Six hours!

What a Finer way to start the summer! What Finer Things are you celebrating this week? Link up and let us know!  (And a special thank you to those who link up with relevant posts each week and follow the simple rules.  I appreciate you!)

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  1. I told you that was a finer thing!!! Love it!

  2. Good move with the nipping bad habits in the bud

  3. Suh-weet! 😀 That definitely is a finer thing!

  4. Oh I wish I was out there with them! How I miss those long afternoons of imagination.

    Sorry my link name is sooo long. I’m used to being cut off before I get too long. After I hit enter I thought Yikes!

  5. So fantastic they play together happily!!!

  6. Our 1st day of summer is tomorrow. I’m hoping for your kind of bliss with my 3 kids!

  7. thanks for hosting another week!!

  8. Oh my goodness, that is definitely a “finer thing”!! 🙂 Makes me wish we had a place where my kids (at least the older ones) could go outdoors without me. Because unfortunately I can’t spend hours outside each day 🙁 🙂

  9. This week I am celebrating the healthy and fine eating of seaweed. It is expensive but very fantastic for you. Thanks for hosting this meme.

  10. I am submitting a comment, didn’t see the last one go through. The finer eating of seaweed, incredible what it offers…Thanks for hosting. Happy Finer T Friday!

  11. Thank you for posting a link to the rules…I was having trouble finding that page last week and wasn’t sure exactly what I was doing! I really enjoy your blog and especially Finer Things Friday – it’s such a great reminder to reflect on the little blessings in life that too often go unnoticed!

    And I’m very jealous that your children have a space to play outside for so long – we’re in a fairly urban area, and I’m dying to have a patch of grass for my baby to sit in!! 🙂

    • Can’t imagine not being able to “shove” my kids out the door. 😉 It’s a wonderful thing, and very worth the inconveniences of living in the boonies!

  12. Awesome. Definitely a Fine Thing.
    My very social daughter is an only child and the self-appointed neighborhood hostess, which means I’m her c0-hostess by default. I hand out the snacks, pour cups of cold water, referee arguments and bring her friends to the pool. Some days are good; some leave me wanting to tear my hair out.

    • With very few children in all of Tiny Town, my kiddos will have to rely on the friendship of each other. A good thing in many ways…

  13. This is my first time linking up, I included some pics as well!

  14. Looking forward to summer with my kiddos as well….have a great summer, Amy!

  15. That is the best thing ever!!

  16. AWESOME!! Hope that will continue.

    • Pipe dream. 😉 Yesterday we had just the opposite. Fussy, whiny 2yo. 7yo who thought everything was the end of the world. Mom rolling eyes… everything was better after nap time, though! 🙂

  17. That is so great! I’m having to train mine little by little, though we have had some “finer” days so far this summer!

  18. Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  19. 6 hours of self-entertainment is amazing! Good for you, Mom!

    Thanks for hosting today.

  20. Enjoy your day!

  21. Oh, I tried so many times when my kids were younger to get them to stay outside. They’d last about 10 minutes before wanting to come back inside. 🙂 Six hours- that’s a blessing for you and them!


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