Finer Things Friday: She Sleeps

She was the baby who wouldn’t sleep. Fussy, overstimulated, comforted only while nursing.

She slept in our bed for nearly a year.  A survival tactic, it was just easier to roll over when she needed me.

Crying every evening at bedtime, waking throughout the night.  Extra effort went into keeping the house silent when she would finally give in.

And now…

… she climbs into her own big girl bed.

… she whines “nigh nigh” when she gets too tired.


In the middle of the afternoon, in the noisiest room in the house… She sleeps.

Sleep, both hers and mine, is most definitely a Finer Thing.

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  1. So cute. Of course, I am reading this post while listening to Chris rock Grace (over the monitor). Usually she is ready for bed and goes strait to the bed. We don’t rock her. But, she has been talking in her bed for the last 30 minutes THEN she started yelling, “Daddy….rock me, daddy..Rock Me, Daddy..”Well, daddy didn’t need to hear that more than a couple of times. So, there he is.. His little girl is growing up too quick. He takes any chance to rock and hold her ( AND she KNOWS IT!)
    Have a great weekend, Amy.

  2. Don’t I know those children…I’ve got two of my own! It was so bad we had our oldest to a sleep specialist and neurologist thinking something was wrong, she never slept!! Everyones answer: “some kids just don’t require a lot of sleep!”. My answer: “Too bad for that, because their mommy does!!” Yes, sleep is a precious commodity… cherish it when it comes!!

  3. I can only pray that my son will learn to sleep like that… my daughter can sleep through anything, but my son wakes at the slightest noise… maybe soon!! 🙂

  4. Oh how I remember those days all too well. My boys were in my bed a lot.
    Thanks for hosting another great FTF!

  5. Ah, sleep … now that’s always a finer thing!

    Your daughter is a sweetie. Enjoy her now, because they grow up so fast!


  6. I hope Cora turns into a better sleeper! She is our worst sleeper by far! I have never been this tired 5 months after having a baby!

  7. Oh, I have one of those! She’s 3. There was a day when I thought she’d never wean or sleep in her own bed…now she’ll decide she’s tired before bedtime & just up & go get in her bed, all alone! Truly a “finer thing”!

  8. That is indeed a blessing! So sweet!

  9. Sleep. It’s definitely a fine thing. A beautiful thing. An essential thing!

  10. She is adorable and sleep is surely a finer thing!

  11. Sleep is always a finer thing! 🙂

  12. I slept in this morning & gave myself the morning off from walking the dogs…a much needed break.

  13. Ahh, sleep, I almost remember that! A finer thing for sure- I look foward to it myself (in about 4 months, hopefully, darn that teething!)

  14. Yeah once mine mastered the art of sleeping, teeth decided to come in! She too requires silence. Mamas need sleep too!

  15. Naps are the finest thing ever:-)

  16. What a beautiful girl! This post gives me hope that our little guy will be a good sleeper one of these days. Just when he finally began sleeping through the night, he started teething again, and off we go!

  17. How in the world can she sleep in a noisy room?! LOL! Wow!

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