Finer Things Friday: Puke Partner

{sigh}  Tomorrow it will be a week. I’ll spare you the details, but there has been vomitting in my house off and on since last Friday.  Ick.

How can I possibly include the word vomit in a Finer Things post?

Well, don’t be too jealous… but it’s all about the Superman I live with.  Suffering from a bout of insomnia, he was awake when it started.  And he handled it!  Me?  I was sleeping.

My husband cleaned up and bathed and held and consoled our two year old all. night. long.

And I slept. (I did get up halfway through the night to take over.  “Go back to bed.  I’m already up.  We’ve got a routine.”  So I did.)

We’ve taken turns since then, but he’s suffered the lion’s share.

Fifteen years ago when I was writing out my Man of God list (the qualities I was looking for in a husband) I didn’t think to add “will clean up puke.”

But he does.

And friends, after a week of this mess, I can think of nothing Finer!

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  1. Jeremy cleans up puke, too. He hops to it. I am SO GRATEFUL because I can handle the other stuff, but not puke. God knew what we needed, huh? 🙂

  2. Isn’t it great when our partners do things for us that we never expect?
    Sorry you have had the “ick” lately. Hopefully it will pass soon.
    Thanks for hosting!

  3. How sweet for your husband to help! Having only been parents for a year, we haven’t experienced much in the way of puking, but my husband has been such a trooper with helping me take care of Katie and it has been such a blessing!

    For the first few weeks of Katie’s life outside the womb, she cried and cried for a good two hours every night (sometimes more!). Ben would send me to bed at around 10 and stay up with her, consoling her. It was so, so nice and definitely a sacrifice on his part!

  4. So sorry about the vomit! Truly you have my sympathies! Praying it ends soon for you.

  5. You got a good one there 🙂 My husband can’t handle that stuff, but he will pretty much do anything else and always puts me first. It is so sweet because he works so hard and has so much responsibility!

  6. Kudos to hubby! And LOL on the Man of God list. How many single women do you think ACTUALLY have that on their list? It really should be #1!

    Having just gone through it ourselves I feel your pain and am glad that you are feeling better.

  7. Now that is definitely a finer thing. Ugh! Hope all of you get to getting better soon! Hugs!

  8. My husband put himself through grad school as an ambulance driver. It wasn’t until we had children that I realized how prepared he was for handling sick and injured children! I didn’t add it to my list of qualities to look for in a husband, but knowing what I do now, it would be pretty hgh up on the list. 😀

  9. Definitely a keeper, that one! It’s amazing how many things we don’t think of as wonderful traits when we’re coming up with our lists of necessary qualities. 😉

    I had the bulk of puke clean-up around here, but I will never forget when C. was still in the hospital and I was in doing kangaroo care with her while my husband sat in the lounge with our son. Our 12 month old was suddenly hit with rotovirus and projectile vomited down the entire front of my husband. He sat calmly like that for 30 minutes until I was done… that made him more of a “tough guy” in my eyes than all his athletic trophies from high school!

  10. We have also had the puke bug around here since Friday. Definitely not fun. But, my husband is also the one who is better at taking care of puking kids and consoling them, and cleaning up their mess 🙂 Praise the Lord for our amazing husbands. God truly knows what we NEED. 🙂

  11. Well, you are correct. Having a hubby who will do all that is a fine thing. My hubby is like that too! 🙂

  12. That is a fine thing!

  13. Ugh, sorry you have had to deal with that! So glad for you that you have a gem of a husband! Don’t let him get away! 🙂

  14. My son just threw up for the first time Weds night. And he’s 5! Boy never wants to give up any of his food. Felt so bad for the little guy because he really freaked out. Glad your hubby is on the ball! It’s so nice when they do these things.

  15. I am sorry you have been dealing with sickness at your house. What a great husband you have! Mine is a sympathy puker, so if he were to have tried to deal with a vomiting child I would have had to clean up two messes. 🙂

  16. Oh to have wonderful husbands like that! Several years ago I found out just how great mine was. My best friend and her daughter spent the night with us and he heard her getting sick and he went running to the bathroom even before her mom woke up. Made me love him more and more!

  17. What a great husband you have there! This is my first time here! Nice to meet you! :0)

  18. My husband did exactly the same thing this last Thursday night, but I couldn’t even think about helping because I had just been throwing up for hours myself. There is nothing in the world as wonderful as a self-sacrificing husband.

  19. That is definitely a finer thing..especially for a mama like me that pukes when I see puke LOL

    • I did that last year when we both were cleaning up after our 3 year old. Had to say “I’ll be back, and RUN outta there!” 🙂

  20. now thats what I call a real man and one thing I need to tell the girls to add to their list of qualities for a good husband LOL

  21. woo hoo! I never thought to add that to my list either—I guess pre-motherhood such a trait wouldn’t even occur to us! ha ha!

  22. I am so sorry y’all are still sick! I have to say, this is the longest running stomach viruses we’ve ever encountered. I’m only thankful that it didn’t happen during Blissdom week!

  23. I was boggled at first, that a “Finer Things’ post would be titled … like that 😉 But a husband who shares the load IS a finer thing! Good one!

  24. What a delightful blog! YEs, you have a husband to be cherished for sure!! This is my first visit to your blog, but I will definitely be returning.

  25. Girl, you and me both. We’ve had the “Puke” in our house for OVER a week, this COMING THursday will make 2 weeks. I tell ya the night my husband stayed up with our 2 year old daughter who was puking so that she wouldn’t gag on puke, ALL NIGHT LONG, I fell in love w/ him all over again. (That wasn’t this week,but he has done it since too). I totally agree, there is NOTHING FINER!


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