Finer Things Friday: Progress

This afternoon as I was finishing up some work on the computer, I heard water running.  Turning to glance at the kids (who were playing a card game nearby) I noticed someone was missing.  A 2-and a half-year-old someone.

A missing 2-year-old and running water.  That can’t be good, right?

“What’s going on in there?” I ask in my are you going to be in trouble voice.

“I’m pee-peeing.”

Huh?!  This is the same child who has told me in no uncertain terms that she does not want big girl panties, does not want to pee-pee on the potty, does not, does not, does not.  So I gave up months ago.

Walking toward the bathroom to assess the certain damage, I see her.  On the toilet.  With her jeans and pull-up down.  Pee-peeing!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, glory day!  We have progress!  And that, my friends, is a Finer Thing!

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  1. Yippy!!!! How cute is that story. I wish my girls were that easy. It took a lot of stickers to get my now 3 year old to go potty.

  2. What a HUGE milestone. I was pretty sure my oldest would never potty train, so I know the feeling. You can now do the victory dance.

  3. It’s so funny how when it’s their idea it’s a good one, and when it’s our idea, they don’t want any part of it!
    And funny how they are all so very different!
    Thanks so much for hosting another Finer Thing Friday!

  4. How exciting!!!! I’ve always heard that once they’re ready, they are READY!

  5. WooHoo!! My boys were like that too. I swear one day they just woke up and said they didn’t want to wear pull-ups any more. Maybe she’s just getting ready to be the big sister!!

  6. I remember those days, and feeling that huge sense of relief when my girls finally “got it”! Somedays you think they never will grow up, and then all of a sudden you’re teaching them how to drive! Congrats, you’ve passed another milestone!
    Hope you can stop by for a visit, thanks for hosting!
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  7. Wahoo! That’s fantastic news. Here’s hoping that it continues.

  8. Way to go, little one!

  9. I just discovered you! Thanks so much for hosting!

  10. Thank you for the link opportunity! I am excited to check out some new blogs!

  11. YAY!!!

  12. Oh YAY!!! That is always SO exciting to see them start to do things on their own!!! Great job Mama for teaching her and encouraging her!

    Plus the anticipation of saving money because you won’t be buying diapers — WOOT WOOT!! Our littles are close together so I was thrilled to have only ONE in diapers! 🙂

    Oh – and thank you for hosting!

  13. Awesome! I feel your pain. My 2 1/2 year old also told me in no uncertain terms that she is going to pee and poop in her pull up. Thankyouverymuch. Ugh.

    Mine needs to use the potty only when it’s convenient for her. At bedtime. In the middle of dinner.

    Good luck!

  14. What wonderful timing your little girl has! One of mine trained during my last pregnancy and it was a huge relief to get one out of diapers as I was going to have another one moving into them.

    Now you just get to stock up on those uber-cute little newborn diapers… aw! 🙂

  15. Yep, that is TOTALLY a finer thing! One of the finest.

  16. Karen P. says:

    Thats great! My almost 3yr. old daughter trained herself shortly after she turned two! When she decides something she does it!

  17. Awesome! Such a big girl!! They always do it when THEY are ready! 🙂

  18. So glad she’s making progress!! Maybe she can send some potty motivation our way…Will can definitely use some.

  19. That’s really great. 😀

  20. What a wonderful surprise! It’ll be nice if your girl is fully potty-trained by the time your next little one comes along.

  21. That’s great news. Here’s hoping she keeps it up!

  22. Woo Hoo! I love it when they practically train themselves!

  23. Yay for your daughter! Yay for her pee-pee success!

  24. Thanks for a great chuckle, it brought back a lot of memories. My baby is 30 years old, ouch! am I really that old? Hope she keeps it up and blessings to you!

  25. That’s fantastic!!

  26. Hooray! That is a finer thing, indeed.


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