Finer Things Friday: Productivity


Many days I collapse in bed, giving up on my messy home (didn’t I just clean that?!) and wondering “What did I do all day?”

Not this day!  On recent trips to Dillons, I’ve collected bag after bag of reduced apples.  Three pound bags for 99¢ and $1.09 each.  That’s 33¢-35¢ per pound for granny smith apples!  What’s a girl to do with a bargain like that?


Make applesauce, of course!  Well, after making a few pans of apple crisp and some apple muffins, and slicing some to eat with cream cheese apple dip

Using Laura’s simple method, I carved and cooked 27 pound of apples and made applesauce.  And since I was on a roll (and was running out of containers to freeze it in — oh, how I long for jars and a canner!) I made some fruit leather overnight.

And… since my garden is spitting out zucchini with rapid fire motion, I thought I better shred some of that.  Twenty-eight cups, to be exact.

Here’s what productivity looked like at the end of my day:


A productive day is a rare Finer Thing, as is storing up lots of natural (I didn’t add a thing to the apples) applesauce and zucchini for pennies, to eat throughout the year!

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  1. And you know, apple butter is really just applesauce that was cooked longer. I adore homemade apple butter. I have a recipe for it on my blog, too. 🙂

  2. Wow…you get some great deals on apples!! How bout I trade you some peaches for some apples??!! Apple pie…my fave! Peach pie… not so much! Well, beggers can’t be choosers I guess! You’re set for the winter with that “stockpile”!! Great job!

  3. I do that, too. I have 8 or 10 pounds of frozen blueberries and 5 pounds of frozen strawberries. I can’t pass up a great deal when I know we will eat it (eventually!!). My husband even bought me a second refrigerator to keep all my food in…I don’t know if that’s thrifty or not but I love it!

    BTW – saw your garden pics and I am impressed!! Someday the Green Household will have a garden that feeds us and not all the critters.

  4. Wow, you got a good deal on apples. I found strawberries and blueberries this week for .99 at Aldi’s!
    Thanks for hosting another great FTF!

  5. Amy, I have been following you for awhile now(I think you know that). I never took the time to get involved until today. It’s a beautiful thing to realize the Finer Things and I think my blog has some of that on there today! :)By the way, I love me some applesauce… you’ve got me wanting to try it for the first time! Yummy!

  6. Yum! I love homemade applesauce! We should exchange after baking days sometime. 😀

  7. Wow, impressive! Just how long did it take you to do all of that?

  8. You have been busy! You look like your set on applesauce for a while.

  9. What an awesome and yummy day:-)

  10. Hi Amy,
    What a good deal.Since Dave need cook fruits only. The produce manager at my Krogers makes up me bags of fruit like this for 1.00 each week for me to buy when I come in on Monday morning.I get I bag each of apples,pears and bananas.
    This is my first time to join in on the Finer Thing post. I have enjoyed it.
    Have a blessed week end.

  11. Great job! You had to be exhausted, but it will be such a treat to be able to get all of those goodies out of your freezer all year!

  12. Great job! Your hard work and careful stewardship of what you’ve been given will certainly bless your family through the winter. Yum!

  13. OK, I am new to this. Am I reading this right? If I am sticking the applesauce in the freezer, then I don’t need to worry about the canning process? If so, once you take it out of the freezer, how long is it good for? We are gonna be going to the apple orchard in a few weeks and thought it would be great to make some homemade applesauce.


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