Finer Things Friday: Playing in the Snow

Yesterday my friend Phoebe’s facebook status struck a chord with me:  “We complain when the summer heat is too hot, and we complain when the winter is too cold. Are we only content when we are complaining?”

I know that many of you have been “dumped on” in the last few weeks.  Snow and ice that rarely make an appearance have wreaked havoc on many a school day and work schedule.  Mail is late (at tax time!), power is out, we’re stranded inside.  There is much to be desired about the current weather situation.

Three things I know about extreme weather:

  1. There’s nothing we can do about it.
  2. It won’t last.
  3. There are worse things.

May as well buck up and enjoy the scorching highs when they’re high and the sub-zero lows when they’re low.  May as well strap yourself to a car hood and hang on for the ride, right?  (That’s what we did!)

Hold on, Mom!

Find a way to enjoy these Finer Days they won’t last!

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  1. What a good perspective on this weather we’ve been having! Here we thought that when we moved to Texas our days of living through snowy winters would be over! However, my kids are so thrilled that there is snow around (at least for a few days) and they were even able to make a few miniature snowmen.

    Very thankful for how our kids keep things in perspective!

  2. The last 8 months of our {chaotic} lives have taught me oh so much about life! Life is short, Time Flies, we’re never promised our next seconds, and we should be grateful for every, last fleeting moment. We’ve looked back over these last months, wondering where in the world they’ve went, and while they’ve been a mess–we’ve grown so much as a family, and as individuals. You never know what the “hard times” will bring! And to think, these aren’t hard times compared to most!

    And man do I wish we had snow like that here! It melts before we get any substantial accumulation.

  3. After seeing the snow and ice that everyone has been getting, I feel very thankful to be here in sunny Arizona! I can’t imagine dealing with the crazy weather, shoveling snow and driving on icy and snowy roads! I hope that spring comes early for all of you who live where it’s cold!
    This week I am sharing my recipe for Raspberry Curd. It tastes amazing and is easy to make.
    Thanks for hosting!

  4. Nobody complains about 70 degrees though, right? Just give me that! Except actually I live in Texas and when it’s 70 degrees at Thanksgiving people do complain that it just doesn’t feel like the holidays because they’re not wearing a sweater! Love your perspective; enjoy what you’ve got! And that is some awesome snow you guys have!

  5. I usually am the one who feels like complaining in the summer when it is hot….but otherwise, more snow and extreme cold? Bring it on!!! I love it!
    I don’t deal well with heat, but love winter!!! I am so loving the snow and dreading when it starts to melt!

  6. Way to keep it positive! When there’s nothing you can do to change a situation, the next best option is to change how you respond to it.
    Happy Friday!

  7. You are so right! We snowshoe and ski and skate in the winter, swim in the summer, and enjoy bug-free days in the spring and fall. They’re all blessings.

    Annie Kate

  8. Such a great perspective (and it looks so fun!!) I must confess that I’ve fussed more these past couple of months than I can ever remember fussing in winter. I’m a pretty good sport about cold and snow and shoveling and slipping and even power outages. But when our house started leaking all over… and one of our school’s roofs collapsed… and my tires are worn bald from skidding up our steep slick drive… well, I’ve grown cranky. Sorry if I’ve been one of the whiners!

  9. We’ve been having a cold long winter here too but I’m so thankful for a warm house also! Thank you for sharing those fun, winter photo with us.

  10. Looks like a fun & beautiful day! I see the puppy even go to go 🙂

  11. I’m in the South, and we’ve had as much as snow in the last couple of months as I’ve seen for pretty much my entire life. I’ve actually rather enjoyed it. The only problem is that my husband is a car salesman, and nobody wants to test drive a new car when there’s ice and snow on the ground!

  12. It’s a good reminder to be happy in the moment:-)


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