Finer Things Friday: Jumping Rope

This week our school held their annual Jump Rope for Heart event.  Our Phys. Ed. teacher does a fantastic job motivating the kids and making the two-day event exciting.  So convinced of the importance of her participation, when my kindergartner called relatives for donations her pitch included “The more money you give, the more lives I can save.” Who can say no to that?!


My girl double jumping with a friend. Today's theme was RED, and we went all out with the clashing red combo!

The event itself is a family affair.  I went to twirl some ropes, and my 3-year-old and 19-month-old helped out, too.  I so wish I had a picture to show you of me jumping rope with my toddler in my arms… but, alas, my talent ends at jumping in a chili pepper cadence with an extra 25 pounds strapped to my torso.  I am unable jump and simultaneously photograph myself.  Maybe next time.  😉


Holding steady a Chinese jump rope.

Giving to a worthy cause at any time is a valuable lesson for kids and something we all should strive to do. But you know what?  I am extra proud of our 80something grade school students (K-8) for raising $5,455 for the American Heart Association this year.  According to the P.E. teacher, that is the most they’ve ever raised.  We are a Tiny Town, people, in a struggling rural community.

Giving, especially in a schlumpy (I just made that up in my late-night stupor) economy, is certainly a Finer Thing!

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  1. Schlumpy? I LOVE it! However, I am so disappointed in you for not getting a picture of yourself while jump roping and holding a toddler. How hard could that be?

  2. Oh, your post brought back some memories. I remember jumping double dutch to the McD’s commercial (“Big Mac, Filet o Fish…”). Guess that kinda dates me 🙂

    I agree, it is a “fine thing” to teach our kids the importance of giving. One of our family goals this year is to find more ways to give as a family – finding an activity like “Jump Rope for Heart” or maybe a walk-a-thon fundraiser would be great way for our family to give together.

  3. Holy Cow! I just noticed your son is wearing a Pitt State shirt! You must live close to me and I didn’t even realize it!!LOL

  4. My girls always participated in this and pledged their own money as well (we’re talking change since they were so young, but it def counts!). It always makes me smile to hear of others “doing their part”. Great job!!!

  5. I remember doing jump rope for heart in school. What great fun.

  6. My mom is from a tiny Midwest town called Bloomer and their claim to fame is that they’re the “Rope Jumping Capital of the World”. Your post reminded me of that!

    Great pics! Though I, too, would have loved to see you jumping with your toddler in arms. 🙂

  7. What fun! That is awesome how much was raised and a great cause!

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