Finer Things Friday: It’s a Perk

 finer things friday Introducing Finer Things Friday

One of The perk to being a coach in Tiny Town is a three-day trip to coaching school.  Perk?  Um, yes.  The hotel is paid for (two nights).  Transportation is provided, and a meal allowance given.  Families are welcome. 


Last year we took the kids.  They had a ball splashing around at the hotel pool and exploring the local parks and zoo.  We had a great time.

This year?  Grandma and grandpa offered to keep the kids.


I’ve been shopping clearance all over town (there is a mall here… and Target… and Starbucks… and restaurants!), hitting garage sales (quite successfully), and catching up on my google reader.  All by myself.

I adore my children.  I love spending time with my family.

I also treasure a few evenings alone with my husband and the rare scheduleless/laundryless/dishesless days all to myself: going out for ice cream even though we’re stuffed from a big Mexican dinner, watching cable tv from the bed, and shopping… all by myself.  This coach’s wife thing… there are perks.

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  1. Sounds like a really great time – enjoy life in the “big city!”

  2. Hope you’re having a ball!

  3. That sounds like heaven!!

  4. What a nice break! It’s neat to have time to yourself occasionally! Good luck in your shopping adventures!

  5. Woohoo! Kidless vacation!

  6. Good for you!!!!! Enjoy every minute of it!! Relax!!

  7. Sounds awesome! So glad you are having a wonderful retreat!

  8. That sounds so relaxing. I’m so happy for you! Enjoy!

  9. Amen Amy! Love spending time with the hubby too… it keeps us in love! 🙂

  10. Even moms need a break from their kids once in awhile, so that they can recharge their batteries & not burn out on being a mom!

    It sounds like you’re having a great time – enjoy!

  11. Aren’t those quiet moments priceless? I often think that I take them for granted because it’s quiet around here most of the time. But then, for one reason or another, life gets a little crazy and I’m reminded of the gift of solitude and silence.

  12. It’s been a couple years since I have gotten to go with my hubby on a school trip.
    So fun!

  13. Oh, what fun!! Glad you were able to get away! I say that is a huge perk!!

  14. Amy – we purchased the butterfly garden from It was a lot of fun and once you purchase the cage one time, you can continue to buy caterpillars.

  15. So nice to not have a schedule to follow! And a little jaunt without the kiddies! Enjoy. Thanks so much for this linky party. I just found your blog, and I’ll be back!


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