Finer Things Friday: I Want Some Snow!

I’m living vicariously through Steph this week, because our weather… it’s not so fine.  They have snow, we don’t.  We just have the arctic cold combined with 40mph winds Lovely. Read on to be jealous enjoy Steph’s beautiful, snowy day.

I love the snow…when I don’t have to go out in it. Today was extra special because we were ALL home to enjoy the winter wonderland – even my husband traded with someone at work to have today off.

We have smoked brisket and pork loin with potatoes and peas for dinner, hot chocolate to warm us up each time we go out to catch snowflakes and make snow angels, and warm smiles and laughter as we laze the day away. I couldn’t imagine anything finer than this!

Sweetpea loves it when Daddy gets the mower out and takes her for a ride on her sled!

A quick pose to capture this wonderful day

My sweet little angel keeping warm inside while the rest of us take advantage of her naptime…

Big sister demonstrating that she is quite an angel herself!

Steph shares her problem solvin’ approach to parenting and life management at Problem Solvin Mom. She also writes for Ohio Moms Blog and is a regular contributor to PBS Kids Sprout for Parents page.

Note from Amy: An hour before publishing this post, I heard my 4yo singing… somewhere.  Found him sitting on his 2yo sister’s bed, her tucked in, singing her to sleep.  That’s my Finer Thing for the day!  What are you celebrating this week?  Link up and let us know!  Please remember to follow the rules so your link doesn’t get deleted.

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  1. Love the snow pictures! I wish we would have gotten more than a few “spits.” Now it’s just bitterly cold with wind chills down below zero tonight!

  2. Oh my goodness…PLEASE come help yourself to some of ours. Please. You can have my entire back yard. But, we’ve got all the wind too…so you may not really like my back yard.

    Tomorrow’s high is supposed to be negative something. So thankful for my warm house. 🙂

  3. I love your finer thing, Amy, so sweet! Thanks for having me 🙂

  4. Steph~
    What a great way to enjoy the snow – together as a family! Snow angels made by your own little angel has to be one of the best things about snow!

    WOW!! What a precious, generous, loving way for your son to show treat his little sister! Not only is it a tribute to your son’s character, but also to you! You have definitely been raising him right!!

    You have both been blessed by the Finer Things!


  5. I will share some of our snow too! We have about 16 inches on the ground and 8-10″ more tomorrow.
    Thanks for hosting!

  6. I love your finer thing, this week. Isn’t it wonderful when your children have those moments? We need to savor them when we can! Lol!

  7. How sweet, Amy, I love it! Thanks for having me this week 🙂

  8. Well, if only I could send a foot or 2 your way, then I would be happier. Expecting another foot today and school is thankfully closed.

  9. We finally got some snow (ony about a 1/2 inch) yesterday, but for GA it’s enough to close schools!! It’s not fair though to have cold temps in the teens without snow though!! Hope you get yours soon!

  10. Beautiful pictures of the snow! 😀
    It sure feels like we should have snow. It is so bitterly cold! My hair stands on end inside, and I pop everything with static electricity. LOL!

  11. I am celebrating that it doesn’t snow in Dallas. I’m not one for the cold since I moved south. I can’t wait for the warm weather to come back. Your pics remind me of my childhood – we loved playing in the snow and building big snow forts.

  12. I’m celebrating my children being at home with me (homeschooling) for 16 years now, and the fact that my awesome husband spent 2 days wrapping pipes under our old farmhouse, just so his family wouldn’t have busted pipes. I am blessed!

  13. We got a foot yesterday. Want me to mail you some? I am sorry, I am too exhausted from shoveling three times:-)

  14. Okay, wanted you to know that I was already planning to write my weekend question on my blog about weather and snow and wind chills BEFORE I read your post yesterday, I promise. I was even planning to use the word “vicariously” and everything. Just another one of those “wow, did we just think alike again?!” things. 🙂

  15. OH, goodness, Amy! If you want some snow, you can come here! We had 15 inches before Christmas, then a layer of 2 inches of ice, then more snow! It’s crazy!

  16. I wish it would snow here in north FL. It’s cold enough for it (teens and 20s low). They even rumored it would Thrusday. But it didn’t so we made snowflakes from coffee filters instead and had hot cocoa.

    PS I wanted to link but the tab wasn’t there anymore. My finer thing this week is this Celebration plate I made at MOPS. Sharpies+Plate=Memories

    Keep warm, everyone!


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