Finer Things Friday: Happy Day

I’m not exactly sure what the appeal of that particular spot on the calendar was, other than

1)  He could reach that height on the refrigerator, and

2)  We had no other plans that day.

Henceforth, the 28th of April, 2011 shall forever be known in our household as Happy Day. (or Haqqy Day if you are five years old and still learning how to form letters.)

“What’s Happy Day, Buddy?”

“It’s a day where everyone is happy.  No fighting.  No yelling.  No work.”

“Sounds good to me!  What are we celebrating?”

“Jesus died for us and rose again, so we should all be happy.”

I like the way that kid thinks.  Now go clear space on your calendar (tomorrow, perhaps?  Every Day, maybe?) and have a Happy Day.  It’s a Finer Thing!

What Finer Things are you celebrating this week? Link up!

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  1. that is adorable! I think we will have a “happy day” tomorrow!!! tell your buddy, thanks for the suggestion!

  2. That is totally precious. What a sweet and caring boy you have. 🙂

  3. How sweet! We could all use more happy days.

  4. Amy, this is so sweet. Seriously. Love it.

  5. That is seriously adorable.

  6. Love the “happy day!” how very cute!! Thanks for hosting Finer Things Friday. This week I’m sharing Hungarian Meatballs with Noodles…it’s quick, easy and a family favorite of my 3 girls. 🙂

    Hope you’ll stop by this week. I just moved to my very own domain so I’m super excited to have everyone over for a “housewarming” party! I’m serving up Grilled Steak Lettuce Wraps.

    Have a GREAT weekend!!

  7. love it!

  8. Happy Friday! I am sharing my recipe for Prune And Sour Cream Muffins. This recipe is gluten free, but it can be made with “regular” flour if you don’t have an issue with gluten.
    Thanks for hosting!

  9. That is one of the cutest little stories I have ever heard! I love his reason for celebrating “Happy Day”. So precious! 🙂

  10. How sweet! I’m new to your blog and linked up for the first time today. Thanks for hosting!

  11. Well I’m excited your happy day is my birthday. Makes it even more happier! Love the day!

  12. That’s my kind of kid too! What a sweetie! I agree, everyone should clear off a day on the calendar to be happy and rejoice for our Savior. AMEN!

    I added two link this week. I wanted to share my 40 blessings last week but you took a well deserved day off. So I’m sharing that post this week as well as my cute Peep cake. 🙂

  13. So cute! We need a happy day around here!

  14. I linked up with a post about our move! We are so excited. I look forward to visiting all of your links. 🙂

  15. Oh Amy, you have to be so proud of your precious boy. What a blessing to experience such maturity; wise beyond his years.

  16. That is very sweet and such a bright boy. I need to have a happy day- day in my household too. perfect Buddy! Thursday Two Questions

  17. LOVE the Happy Day! That little one of yours has a lot of wisdom for his years!

  18. I absolutely love this. LOVE!


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