Finer Things Friday: From Daddy

This child is my clone in so many ways.

She gets her athletic ability from her Daddy, though. And that, my friends, is certainly a Finer Thing!  (And the Hallelujah Chorus rings loud and clear from my own family and childhood friends!)

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  1. Athletic ability is definitely a finer thing! Love the pics of your daughter – so cute!
    Thanks for hosting this Amy.

  2. Ha! 🙂 What a wonderful Finer Thing to be celebrating. I bet her skills make Daddy so proud. So far, my son does not appear to be particularly athletically gifted. But that’s ok. As I point out to my husband, we will never be those parents with the boy who struggles to read or solve equations… so if learning how to “stay behind the ball” is a little tougher for him? Well, that’s just life. 🙂

  3. Hopefully, my kids get their father’s athletic ability too. It runs in my husband’s entire family with 2 grandkids on athletic college scholarships. Although we both agree that we’ll let our girls pave their own way.

    thanks for the carnival.

  4. She is so cute! Only one of my boys got my athleticism, but they all got the competitive spirit. I love seeing my husband in my kids too! It is amazing what our kids pick up from us!

  5. I wish the same thing for my daughter… my husband is definitely the athlete in the family!

    Your daughter looks adorable in those pictures- the equipment looks like it weighs more than she does!

  6. Imagination can be a finer thing, when we use it right!

  7. Your daughter is a cutie!
    I can relate! My girls get their “girlyness” from me. They are awesome dressers and love makeup and jewelry. They get some of their smarts from me, too! But their calm resolve, and problem solving skills, and quircky senses of humor – all from dad. (also a touch of sportiness from him, not me!) Thank goodness they got my looks, too!! (lol)
    It’s my first time at your party, thanks for hosting!

  8. She really does have your smile! What a beauty and what fun pictures. Have a blessed weekend, Amy. Glad I had a fine moment to link up, this week. 🙂


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