Finer Things Friday: Fireflies

Our children last night.

Freshly washed. Sun-kissed. Pajama clad.

Visiting Flashy. Flashlight. Kristen. And the others. (Why yes, they do all have names!)

More than an hour past their bedtime.

It’s fun being a Yes Mom! (Especially when they’re all still sleeping at 8:15 this morning!)

Ah, the Finer Things of summer!

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  1. What fun! I remember doing that as a child and putting them in jars. 😀 Gotta love the sleeping late part! 😀

    Thanks for hosting, Amy!

  2. Of course, I had to share about the TWO men in my life this week :o) Thanks for hosting, Amy!

  3. This is one of the reasons I look forward to Fridays. 🙂 FTF, not lighting bugs. Although our family has a lot of fun with those too. Today I am both grateful for my father and being a father. I look forward to celebrating both!

  4. My earliest memories are from when I was 3 and we lived in Ohio. I remember lots of leaves in the Fall and fireflies in the Summer. We moved back to the West Coast a few years later where I’ve lived ever since (California, now Oregon). We don’t have fireflies out here. I’d love for my kids to see them sometime. I’ll have to come up with some kind of adventure to get us to the East Coast.

  5. I’ve always wished we had fireflies in our area! We’ve only seen them once on vacation back east…

  6. I have always loved catching fire flies it is still one of my most favorite and treasured summer memories!

    Love it! Way to be a Yes mom from another “It is soooo easy to say No mom” who’s working on it too!

    Momma to 3
    *Shay B*

  7. What fun! I’ve been working on being a “yes mom” too!

  8. How fun!! It is great when you {I} take the time to allow them to enjoy something so simple. I am trying harder to be a “yes” mom as well. Some days, it’s a bit of a struggle, but the pay off is almost always worth it.

  9. Great fun! So cute that they even named them. 🙂

    Thanks for hosting!

  10. I used to love catching fireflies when I was a little girl! It brings back some great memories for me!

  11. I just had to share my great-grandmother’s thoughts on heritage and passing down memories.

  12. Oh what fun! I have such fond memories of catching fireflies in the summer at Grandma’s farm in NE. I wish we had them here in CO for my boys to enjoy regularly.. but they get extra excited when we’re back in NE for a visit and get to see them then.

    Enjoy! & Thanks for sharing!!

  13. It is fun to be a “Yes” Mom! It is such a joy to see our children enjoying life. Your kids are ahead of me – I’ve never seen a firefly! Although in Australia we did have glow worms (seriously).

  14. One of the beautiful joys of childhood!!

  15. Looks like fun. Love the pajamas!


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