Finer Things Friday: Date Night at the Prom

If you’d have told me 17 years ago that I’d be married, 17 weeks pregnant, and still attending the high school prom at age 35, I’d have laughed.

Joke’s on me!  As is the love of the man of my dreams.

And that, my friends, is truly a Finer Thing!

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  1. Oh Amy! You look so beautiful! And such a handsome “date” too!
    I hope you both had fun at the Prom!

  2. You both look lovely! It is a very fine thing…

  3. You look lovely. I’m sure you enjoyed your night much more with him than your prom date at 17:)

  4. So cute!!!

  5. Wow! You look beautiful! Love your dress! You don’t even look pregnant. 😀

  6. Beautiful picture! And what an excellent way to stay young!

  7. Lovely photo – I never would guess you were pregnant!

  8. Beautiful photos! It’s never to late to go to the prom. Especially if you have a great dress like that 🙂

    ~Aubree Cherie

  9. What a wonderful thing to celebrate! God sends us the mate we need and it is so cool to enjoy and recognize that!

  10. What a gorgeous couple- you look glowing and beautiful, Amy. Makes my heart smile to a happy, healthy pregnant lady. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing the pictures!

  11. What a happy post! Such joy is truly a finer thing.

    I love the color of your pretty dress.

    Annie Kate

  12. Sounds like fun. Hope you both had a great time! You look wonderful 🙂

  13. You look awesome!

  14. beautiful couple…honestly I would love to go to a prom with my hubby. I bet I would have a lot more fun now than I did back in high school.

  15. You two are such a beautiful couple. Love the dress.

  16. You look beautiful! Not even a baby bump yet!

    How wonderful to look back with humor and perspective… I certainly would never have guessed I’d be living in Germany with three kids!

    Thank you for hosting! I love that you take the time to visit all of us!

    • Sigh — I’m trying so hard to visit all the links, but that simply hasn’t happened for a few weeks. 🙁 Will try, try again!

  17. How sweet! I know how you feel being amazingly blessed by a wonderful hubby!

    Prayers for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  18. I never went to my prom in high school, but now I’m 35 too and I think I’d have a better time! Lovely picture!

  19. Amy, you look wonderful!! That is funny attending “your prom” pregnant. Hee hee. Thanks for sharing such a neat moment.

  20. What a sweet post! You look beautiful! Fun Fun! Many prayers for a delightful and healthy pregnancy 🙂

  21. Sweet! You both look just wonderful! And congrats on the pregnancy. 🙂

  22. Amy – I love reading Finer Things Friday at the end of each week – your posts always encourage me to make sure I’m looking for the “finer things” going on in my life!

    Thanks for encouraging us!

  23. Oh, the prom! How fun! 🙂 You look beautiful.

  24. What a great looking couple you are! My husband is a high school teacher, but we have never had to chaperone a prom. If he gets a high school principal job that will undoubtedly change. 🙂

  25. you look great as a prom goer how charming you look as a couple thanks for hosting such a great event

  26. Love the dress! You guys look great!

  27. Wow I love your dress! Both of you look fantastic. How do you keep so thin after 3 kids? I am interested to hear your fitness routine.

    • I try to drink 75 oz. of water daily. I truly drink almost nothing else. That really helps. But, I will say… I can feel my metabolism slowing… I also like to do The Shred and walk whenever possible.

  28. Yes, it is a finer thing and ya’ll are a lovely couple!!

  29. I think it’s fantastic that you and your hubby are still able to share such a romantic and nostalgic experience as the prom. I can only imagine that it’d be even more fun as an adult when you don’t have to be self-conscious about your outfit, hair, and dance moves. 😉

  30. Rebecca Miller says:

    Wow, you look great!!!

  31. What a handsome couple you are:-)

  32. You look super! You don’t even look pregnant–by 17 weeks I was already completely puffed up!

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  34. How fun! What grown up wouldn’t love a chance to ‘re-do’ those prom moments every so often?

  35. That is, indeed, a very fine thing!


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