Finer Things Friday: A Pretty Picture

Yesterday morning as I was nursing the baby, I barely took note of my two big kids who were playing together quietly, alternating between PBSkids computer games and their own artistic adventures.  And then my three-year-old piped up.

“Mom, I made you a pretty picture!  Look!” as she excitedly brought it to me in my nursing chair.

“Oh, how {GASP}… lovely.”

Recognize those pretty stickers?  You know, the ones that cost 44¢ eachUh-huh.

In a brief moment of clarity, I refrained from pouting and carrying on like a few wasted stamps were the end of the world.  I managed instead to see the humor, sharing the incident with my Twitter and Facebook friends, and emailing my husband who had a grand time sharing it with his students.

I’m sure I could salvage the stamps, but I think I might save this artwork as is.  It will be a Finer Thing to show her in 10 years!

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  1. My kids, too, don’t get why stamp stickers cannot be treated like any other stickers — you know stuck on their shirts, papers, etc.!

  2. Such pretty stamps! No wonder she chose them!

  3. my three year old daughter tried the same thing the other day!lol

  4. You an take the paper to the Post Office and they should be able to refund you with new stamps. I have done that before with envelopes that didn’t end up getting mailed.

  5. Don’t sweat the small stuff! My daughter wanted some new baby doll stuff very badly. I told her (to teach her value) that she had to sell some of her other toys and save up to buy the new things. Every time we sold one of her toys we put the money in her piggy bank. She KNOWS she is never to take money out of there!…When her new order finally arrived and we oohed and ahhhed over the beautiful new stroller and highchair for her ‘baby’, I asked her to go get her piggy bank. I took out $35 and searched and shook looking for the other $70. Not there!
    My eyes widened, my voice rose, my heart beat faster, “Where is the rest of your money?” I asked. Timidly, hesitantly she replied, “I put it in the collection bag at Sunday School for the little sponsor girl.”
    What do you do??!!!

  6. I love it!! That has happened here before too and its just too hard to crush their spirits with all their excitement.

  7. I no! I would have freaked out!

  8. Oh, I remember times when my kids created similar artwork. It just makes me smile! Down the road you will always remember this special piece of art and tell stories about it too. I remember once my son locked himself into my bedroom with a tube of red lipstick. I had to go outside and crawl through the window, from a chair, all while I was 8 1/2 months pregnant. As soon as my eyes focused in, all I could see was red…literally! He’d redecorated my bedspread (creamy white with pink and now bright red roses), the walls, the door, the tablecloth and his face. I was so mad but then thought to myself, ‘This will probably be hilarioius someday” and I snapped a couple of pics. Years later when we moved from that house I found a big red smudge of lipstick on the closet door that I’d missed when cleaning it the first go around. 😉

    Thanks for sharing this. It made my day!


  9. My kids have done things like that, too. Ah, fond memories…They grow up too fast, so enjoy them now. It’s hard to believe my youngest will be 18 in a couple of weeks.

    Thanks for hosting today.


  10. That is just precious. It is definitely those moments that you have to take a step back and smile. (And maybe put the stamps out of reach for next time ;).

  11. i read that tweet and didn’t get it ’til i saw the picture! oh man, like moths to a flame, those babes and their propensity to wreck havoc with what we had in mind:)

  12. Ugh – my frugal side would have cringed at this too… However, you’re exactly right to enjoy the picture and the love that it demonstrated. Then give a lesson on what to use and what NOT to use later! 🙂

  13. Cut around the stamps and tape them to whatever mail you send next!

  14. That’s so funny! Here in Canada the stamps are actually55 cents. Happy friday :).

  15. It sounds like lots of Moms have had experiences with stamps being used as stickers!
    This week I am sharing my recipe for Coconut Cake that you make in your blender. It is really easy to make- after it is blended you just fold in beaten egg whites and bake. My recipe is gluten free, but it can be made with “regular” flour too.

  16. What a GREAT story (although I’m sure you cringed inwardly when you saw the “art”!) Given the ever-escalating price of stamps, look at it this way: not only did your daughter experience the joy of creativity and givint, and present you with a priceless memory, but that art may actually be monetarily VALUABLE one day! 🙂

    Have a fab weekend!


  17. Oh man! My husband would be pulling everyone of those stamps off!

  18. My finerthing this week was getting to hold and snuggle with my 2 yr old while he finished his nap. He’s the youngest and I know all too soon this will be over. I can’t believe I’m heading out of the baby stage. Sad, crazy, terrifying, and exciting all at once!

  19. I have thankfully caught the children before they ever have used more than one stamp as a sticker. I think it is great that you were able to have such a good attitude about the whole thing. Someday this artwork may be worth a lot of money. 🙂


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