Finer Things Friday: A Full Bucket

After my son’s fall preschool program at the Community Center last week, we were all invited back to class for about 40 minutes.  We completed a cute pumpkin craft and then sat down for a story.


I’m not sure how many of the 3 and 4 year olds grasped the concept, but there were few dry eyes amongst the parents.  The gist of it is that each one of us carries an invisible bucket around all day, every day.  We are unable to fill our own bucket; others have to do that for us.  We also can’t fill our bucket by emptying out another bucket (hurting someone else).  We have to fill each other’s buckets.

Have You Filled a Bucket Today? Do you speak kindly?  Go out of your way  to brighten someone’s day?  Give of your time, talent, and treasure?  Carry the load of a friend in need?  Hug your hubby and your kids extra long before they leave for the day?  Cut your children’s sandwiches into special shapes just because it’s fun?  Smile often?  Read one more story before tackling your to-do list?  Get up early to make a warm, healthy breakfast for your family? Stumble or otherwise promote a blog post you enjoyed?  Leave a comment on a inspiring website?  Bucket-filling opportunities abound!

As I was tucking my boy in the night that we read the story, I told him he did a great job of filling my bucket.  He’s complimentary of my peanut butter and honey sandwiches “You da best cooker, Mom!” and he loves to sneak up behind me, slipping his hand into mine “You like my soft hands, Mom?” and he asks for bear hugs throughout the day “I need a hug, Mom”.

His response?  “I know that, Mom.”

A Full Bucket is a Finer Thing.  Go be a bucket filler!

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  1. Aw, the sweetest thing ever! Now I want to go read that book! 🙂

    I don’t really “get” Stumbling, but I definitely need to figure it out…soon.

  2. Love this! It reminds me to be more proactive in addressing each of my family member’s “Love Languages” through out the day! 🙂

  3. What a great way of explaining it! Thanks for hosting!

  4. Olathe mom says:

    Great post! I’m going to put this on our Christmas list!

  5. Olathe mom says:

    Oh, and I love your blog! Hope that helps to fill your bucket!

  6. What a great book. I will keep my eye open for it!

  7. My mom is an elementary school counselor, and she uses this book as one of her lessons in her classes. I think it’s such a great illustration of the impact our words and actions can have on other people. Thanks for reminding me to be a “bucket filler”!

  8. That is so sweet! I am definitely going to have to check-out that book!

  9. I have found that the best way to change how I’m feeling for the better is to help someone else. I love that you shared this – and that your kids got to hear it.

  10. What a neat concept!

  11. Great post – as usual! I love the whole bucket filling and teaching it to children. In today’s “it’s all about me” society, this is a great way to get our children to take the focus off themselves and start thinking about others.

  12. Love this post!! Filling buckets is very important!! I have been trying to teach this to my children, but am not sure if they really get it or not. I know that there are many times that I need to be reminded to fill someone else’s bucket. I will have to read this book to my little ones to help reinforce this idea. Thank you!!

  13. When I was a teacher we had a speaker come in for the kids talking about our “buckets” and the whole year we talked with the kids about “bucket-fillers” and “bucket-empty-ers”. I didn’t know there was a book though. Very cool.

    I’ll stumble your post – I think! Do you know why sometimes hitting the thumbs up doesn’t seem to do anything and sometimes it brings up a “stumble discovery”? I feel like I didn’t do it right when nothing happens when I “thumbs up”. ???


  14. Great post Amy!

  15. I posted a link to this on my Facebook account for a friend who had a bad day letting her know she’s one of my favorite bucket fillers.


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