Finer Randomness {Finer Things Friday}

We enjoyed a gorgeous Easter day at the farm on Sunday.  Jumping hay bales, hunting eggs, roasting marshmallows.  It was simply beautiful, and my husband’s family was all together for the first time in 2 years.  Perfection.

egg hunt

Three days after that “sunny and 70s” day, we got snow.  All.Day.Long.  The most beautiful flakes.  Craziness!  (It didn’t stick, but it was pretty!)  Snow on April 3.  That’s a first!

One night this week the 2yo was having a hard time going to sleep.  He came out to the living room for one more kiss and hug.  I sent him back to his room (after the kiss and hug… can’t really resist that) and checked on him before I went to bed a couple hours later.  He wasn’t in his bed.  Not on the floor.  Not in the closet.  Couldn’t find him!  Discovered him snuggled in next to his big brother… in the top bunk. 

I made a discovery this week that about had me doing cartwheels!  Last weekend we went to fill the kids’ favorite water jug before the first spring soccer game and saw it was full of mold.  Gross.  We soaked it.  Still moldy.  Ran it through the dishwasher.  Still moldy.  Tried handwashing with lots of soap.  Moldy.  Just before I tossed the thing I remembered that my Thieves essential oil is supposed to remove mold.  I dripped some oil in there and wiped it out.  Mold gone!  Instantly!  And it smelled good!  I have some friends who clean with Thieves all the time because of its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-mold properties, and I believe I’ll jump aboard that happy train.  (As always, feel free to email me about the oils and I’ll tell you what I’ve learned so far!)


Baby girl enjoyed her first park slide yesterday, in her jammies.  That’s how we roll.  (er, slide)  So, yes.  Snow on Wednesday, park temperatures on Thursday.  Gotta love Kansas!  🙂

What Finer Things are you celebrating this week?  Tell us in the comments!  I’m discontinuing the weekly linky for now, due to 1) my own inconsistencies in posting, 2) lower participation ~ likely due to my own inconsistencies in posting ~ ahem, and 3) my inability to “police” the links, resulting in links that aren’t really Finer Things at all.  Feel free to share your links in the comments, though!

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  1. Sounds like a great week! Just to be clear… people aren’t actually jumping over THOSE bales, are they? If so, you’ve got some Olympic-caliber jumpers on your hands!! 🙂

    • Ummm, actually, yes. Not like hurdling over them, of course, but climbing up on them and then jumping bale to bale… having races on the bales… crazy kids. (And yes, it’s one of my own favorite farm memories so I love watching my kids do it!)

  2. Today I celebrate carrying this baby to twelve weeks! And Sunday I will have carried this baby exactly twice as long as my longest pregnancy before this. It’s totally the work of God–there is no natural explanation for it. He worked on our hearts and through that, healed my body.

    The Lord has done great things for us and we are FILLED WITH JOY!!!!

  3. Celebrating getting to spend an entire day with my family. My girls are 14 and 11 and I am so aware that the days are numbered. Thankful for an entire day as a family!!

  4. We had 6″ of snow on Thursday! Crazy weather… There should be a rule: NO SNOW AFTER EASTER!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Today, my husband taught my 5 (turning 6 in 2 weeks) year old son to ride his bike without training wheels!!! So exciting!!

    Ps- new subscriber here and loving your words:) Such encouragement! (fellow Kansan here too!)

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