Festive Thumbprint Cookies

These light, melt-in-your-mouth gems are both elegant and so much fun!  Versatile, too, as you can change frosting colors to match the occasion, or even fill them with your favorite jam or jelly.  They’re a bit of work as far as cookies go, but worth it!




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  1. I had to look at the recipe just to figure out what was in the middle, I was thinking sprees? No…my mom used to make these with those weird red and green candied cherries…………

  2. ha ha At first I thought, only 1 cup of sugar in the whole recipe…maybe these will be OK now that I officially have gestational diabetes. Then I got to the frosting part. ha ha!! I’m thinking maybe these would be off-limits.

  3. Nia Hanna says:

    Amy, I am just amazed that you have energy to turn out a plate of cookies like this, while having such a little to care for. That Zumba is really helping. You’ve inspired me to go through with this program for myself. I sure could use some energy to turn out treats and take care of my little one!

  4. Boy this brings back memories! Thumbprint cookies have been a tradition in my family for years. My mom made the cookies, my dad made the print since his thumb was the biggest and we liked more frosting, and we kids made a mess with the frosting. Good times and good memories! 🙂

  5. Hi Amy,
    Just wanted to share my happy mistake. I attempted to make these and the Amish sugar cookies. I wrote one recipe under the other and was reading both recipes while measuring so I ended up using brown sugar and powdered sugar. I realized this after mixing in my sugars so I just went with it. I followed the rest of the Amish cookie recipe but for gluten free purposes used sorghum flour and rice flour, went ahead and rolled them in nuts, added a “thumbprint” with a hand like you suggested andfturned out a cookie similiar in taste to the Keebler pecan sandies. Delicious delicate cookies 🙂

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