Feathered Friends

Look what came to visit while we were planting garden seeds!

These geese have been hanging around Tiny Town since Christmas. I guess they must be making their rounds!

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  1. My kids would have SO LOVED to have those guys visit our yard. Kudos to you for actually getting pictures!

  2. oh those nasty birds came to your door- hope they didn’t leave you a mess

  3. What great visitors! My little ones and I were excited to see the squirrel staring into the window today to beg us to put out his lunch (our pb&j bread crust from our daily sandwiches)! Geese would be such a treat!

  4. Great picture! They’re actually running toward you?!

  5. wow!! We haven’t seen those around in a while. I guess they are all over at your house!

  6. LOL! They are everywhere. I see them over here, too. 😀

  7. Watch you plants/seeds!!!!

    Sounds like the town has pets!!

  8. It looks like the kids may have wanted to go out and join them!

  9. How cool! We have geese all over the place here.

    Happy WW 🙂

  10. Maybe they’ll make a nest in your pool. Sorry, this so made me think of The Sopranos! 🙂

  11. haha, that’s funny. I hear the geese a lot too. So does my cat, who races to the window everytime she hears the squawk – so cute!

  12. Looks like you have a neighborhood pet:-)

  13. How fun, and how exciting!

  14. We have tons of geese here too. The only downside is the goose poop, it is everywhere!

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