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“We a team, wight Mom?”

For our family, team sports are a way of life. During the school year, we attend anywhere from 1 to 4 Tiny Town games a week.  Daddy coaches at least half of them.  We are so excited for the day when we get to watch our own children participate… well, participate when they are supposed to, as opposed to running out on the court or field at inappropriate times in hot pursuit of the ball, or daddy, or a favorite player…

In the meantime, we have found a way to harness our children’s team spirit.  At home, when a chore or dreaded task beckons, we gather our team.  Piling our hands one on top of the other, the coach (that’s me!) explains what needs to be done and how much time we have to do it.  Then, we “break” in some logical-to-the-3-year-old team cheer.  Yesterday it was a spirited “Go Clean Room Team!”

Family teamwork takes the emphasis off of the job at hand and makes it a bonding experience. A game, even.  We cheer for each other as toys find their way into the appropriate basket.  We encourage each other in a “Daddy will be so proud of us!” manner as the folded laundry is put away.  When the job is done, we celebrate our victory with high fives and crazy dances.  And in random intervals throughout the week, my boy “gives me five” exclaiming “We a team, wight Mom?”  Definitely one of the Finer Things in Life.

Family teamwork works for me!  You can see what’s working for others at Rocks in My Dryer.  Link up back here on Friday for Finer Things Friday!

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  1. I love this idea, both from the perspective of motivating them to get something done and the longer term instilling that a family should function as a team! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good for you. Team Family is definitely the way to go!

  3. Very nice. I think so many times we unknowingly set up our children to be adversaries. This is excellent advice!

  4. Amy – wow – we’re on the same wavelength sometimes! We do this at my home too. Actually, whenever I see my 3 boys fighting amongst themselves, I try to find some excuse for the to be “Team Family” and work together on something. It’s amazing how much the team approach focuses the kids on supporting each other rather than competing with each other! Great post.

  5. Don’t you wish you could bottle the enthusiasm of a little one? Then you could give their preteen siblings an extra dose when they can’t muster any of their own! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. It is definitely important to know that they are helping out the family! We had to talk to our older 2 last week about this as I asked them to help me with doing grocery shopping and got groans. 🙁

  7. what a wonderful post. love it:)

  8. What a cool idea!!! We love sports too. And now that Big Brother is old enough to play it is exciting.

  9. team work begins in the home and makes the child a better person good for you

  10. What a great concept! I am definitely going to implement this in my home:-) Thanks for the inspiration…again:-)

  11. I totally agree with the “family is a team” philosophy. I do this with my boys all of the time, because they think that cleaning is a lot funner when mom puts on music and we all do it together. And the high fiving? I have my entire family doing it. Even my 18 month old son will give me a high five when he does something good.


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